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Our Advertising Policy

Topher's Castle - A Great Site for Everyone! believes in a very strict code of ethics and privacy. Our site is family-friendly and unobtrusive. We have built a great reputation which we wish to maintain. Our advertising terms work towards this end.

We participate to a limited extent in "Ads by Google", and allow some placement advertising, as a way to help offset our costs of running this educational site. Only about 15% of the 350+ pages on our site have embedded ads. "Ads by Google" are clearly marked and are fairly consistent in size and shape throughout our site.

Most of the non-Google ads will be clearly labeled as an advertisement. However some links to commercial sites within text are paid placements, wherein an advertiser has paid us to link to specific words in our text. If it is important to you to know if any specific text link is a paid placement ad, please contact us and we'll be happy to disclose to you whether or not the text link is indeed a paid placement.

We trust the ads will be non-intrusive to our site experience, while hoping that visitors will see a targeted product or service they actually find worthwhile checking out. "Ads by Google" are only suppose to deliver family-friendly advertising related to the content on the page being viewed. Other advertisements are carefully placed on relevant pages. We do not directly endorse any of the "Ads by Google" sponsors, or other advertisers. While we have no control over their site content, we do have control over which advertisers we can exclude. We will not tolerate any false or inappropriate advertising and we actively encourage visitors to report any violations.

While we will perform due diligence on placement ads, visitors must still evaluate the advertising claims themselves. Please be aware that we have no control over the practices of the advertised web sites. Computers may receive cookies from Google, Yahoo/Aabaco/Verizon (our web host) and other sites. Visitors will not be protected by our privacy policies when they leave our site. Be sure to review the privacy policies of any other sites you visit.

Terms for Ad Placement Advertisers:
(This information pertains to advertisements contracted directly with this website. If you wish to advertise through Google's ad blocks on our site, click on an "Advertise on this site" link found on some of our larger "Ads by Google" and follow their instructions. Thank you).
  1. We will research the proposed company or site being advertised in an attempt to check its business and consumer-friendly reputation. If we find anything we don't like, we will not accept the ad. The advertiser must accept sole responsibility for its ad content and the content of the site it advertises and links to.
  2. We only accept clean, passive ads. We will not, for example, accept pop-under ads, pop-over ads, floating ads, cursor ads, video ads, noisy ads, nag ads, false or misleading ads, or any other advertising gimmicks most folks would find annoying or intrusive. To avoid any confusion, placement ads cannot resemble or mimic "Ads by Google".
  3. We will not accept ads with images or text which in our opinion are not family-friendly G or PG rated ads, nor can the ad link to a site which is not G or PG rated. We do not allow links to sites with adult images or inappropriate references to sex, drugs, drinking, smoking, gambling, sweepstakes, religion, weapons, or hate speech.
  4. We will link from any placement ads on our site to the advertised site via a new window or tab. "Ads by Google" open in the same window or tab.
  5. We can set up the placement ads as a text-link or image. If an image is used, we will maintain the ad image on our server (currently Yahoo) to speed the generation of the image to the page and to prevent the image from being changed without our knowledge.
  6. We promise to keep our page active (not delete the page or change its address) and to keep the ad active on our page (not delete the ad or change its location on the page) for the duration of the agreed upon running time of the ad.
  7. We are paying Yahoo/AAbaco/Verizon to host our site. They have a very good reputation for uptime. Therefore the advertiser agrees we are not responsible for any downtime, unless it is a coding error on our part.
  8. Ads may be placed for terms of 1 month to "permanent", and can run for a defined period of time or month-to-month. Permanent is defined simply as "for as long as the page remains active, but not less than 2 years".
  9. All advertising is to be paid in full, in advance, except month-to-month ads which are paid before the first of each month in which the ad is to run. Any advertising not paid on time will not be run and will be removed from the site without further notice.
  10. Terminating the advertisement: The advertiser can choose to discontinue their ad at any time, simply by notifying us. There is no refund if the advertiser terminates the ad. We reserve the right to terminate any ad at any time, especially if we receive complaints about the ad, linked site, or business practices. If we terminate an ad for any reason we will issue a prorated refund for the remaining term that the ad was to run, not to exceed a 75% refund. For purposes of "permanent" ads, prorated refund terms are based upon a period of 2 years. (If the ad has run for 2 years or more, there is no refund).
  11. Advertisers agree to hold Topher's Castle, its webmaster and its employees, their families, friends and heirs, totally harmless for all actions regarding advertisements on this site.
  12. Our advertising policy may be revised periodically. When we make significant changes that affect our advertising policies we will update this page. It is the advertisers' responsibility to check this page for updates.

Please e-mail me if you would like to advertise on our site, or have any questions concerning our
family-friendly policies at Topher's Castle. I would also appreciate any comments you may have.
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