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Aloha Award Sample
Welcome to our Aloha Award guidelines page.
This award is not given by request. It is awarded by committee based upon merit, as outlined here.

Aloha Award Guidelines

The Aloha Award may only be displayed on sites that have been officially notified by Topher.

Sites that meet these nine guidelines will be considered for the award:
  1. The site has no adult themes, language, or sexually-explicit text, images, photographs or adult links.
  2. The site has original material.
  3. The site does not take "forever" to load on a 28.8 modem.
  4. The site should look nice and be well laid-out.
  5. The site's graphics are not linked to images residing on other websites.
  6. The site must not contain invalid (broken) images or links.
  7. The site should be FUN to visit.
  8. The site should appeal to all family members, especially young visitors.
  9. The site must not offer anything for sale.
    (Exception: off-site links and banners are not applicable to this guideline).

Note: This award is subject to a strict set of "Family Site" guidelines.
Sites with ANY adult images, links or language, or ANY references to sex,
drugs, drinking, smoking, gambling or non-cartoon violence are rejected.

You cannot apply directly for our Aloha Award.
It is only granted to the top websites which win our Pau Hana Award.
(Only about 5% of Pau Hana Award-winning sites go on to win the coveted "Aloha Award").

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