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Pau Hana Award Sample

Application Deadline!

Due to heavy time commitments, the "Pau Hana Award" suspended taking applications effective September 30, 1999.

Sorry, but all applications received after Thursday, September 30, 1999 will be discarded.

We may still award Pau Hana Awards to worthy sites we visit in our daily internet travels, but we do not currently have the time to properly follow-up in a professional manner on applications.

We have suspended the appliation process for our Pau Hana Award indefinitely. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you have interest in applying for our distinctive Pau Hana Award?

Please read ALL of the guidelines and instructions below.

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Pau Hana* literally means: "Finished Work".
It's a time when Hawaiians reflect back with pride on the a day's hard work.
It's a time for celebration!

This is not to say you have finished work on your web site,
for we feel a great site is always a work in progress.
It is to celebrate the hard work you have already put in on your page,
and to reflect upon that hard work with pride!

All sites that win the Pau Hana Award are reviewed for our premier award: "The Aloha Award".
Only about 5% of Pau Hana Award winning sites actually go on to win an Aloha Award.
(Sorry, but you can not directly apply for our Aloha Award).

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Pau Hana Award Guidelines

This award is not given by request. It is awarded based upon merit, as outlined here.

The Pau Hana Award may only be displayed on sites that have been officially notified by Topher.

Sites that meet these guidelines may be offered this award:

  1. The site has no adult themes, language, or sexually-explicit text, images, photographs, or adult links.
  2. The site has limited broken images or broken links, and are quickly repaired upon notification.
  3. The site does not take "forever" to load on a 56k modem.
  4. The site has original material, and is not just a bunch of links.
  5. The site must be considerably more than a personal shrine. There must be a useful public purpose for your site.
  6. The site must impress us.
  7. The site must be in English, have an English language option, or include English translation. (Our sincere apologies to those great sites which are not written in English. Really! It's not your fault that we are "foreign language deficient").
  8. Your site does not have any pop-up browser ads. (See our note at bottom of this page).
  9. You must link the Pau Hana Award to my homepage:

Yes, commercial and non-commercial sites that meet the above guidelines are eligible for this award.

Note: We don't just hand-out awards to sites that apply. We visit your site and take a good look at it. If your site has any problems, we might be able to give you some ideas on how to improve the site from a visitor's point of view.

Note: This award is subject to a strict set of "Family Site" guidelines.
Sites with ANY adult images, links or language, or ANY references to sex,
drugs, drinking, smoking, gambling or non-cartoon violence are rejected.

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*For help with the pronounciation of this award,
Pau rhymes with "Cow". Hana rhymes with "Donna".

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© 1997 Topher

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A pop-up browser ad is simply an advertisement which appears in a small browser window on top of your visitors web browser. It typically blocks the view of part of your site until this annoyance is closed by your visitor. Nobody likes them. We won't award the Pau Hana to sites which have them. It shows sloppy work, or lack of caring for your visitors. Lots of "free page" suppliers like GeoCities and Tripod sport them.