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Awards, Honors and Certifications

I am extremely proud to display the awards, honors, and certifications this site has earned.

Digby's 4-Paws Award
This Site was Inaugurated with Digby's 4-Paws Award.
"I congratulate you on your fine craftmanship.
In keeping with the high standards upon which this award is based,
I urge you to keep up the fine work you have demonstrated thus far. Nice job!"

RSAC Rated All Ages
This site rated as appropriate for older children through RSAC, a predecessor to ICRA.

SafeSurf Rated All Ages
This site rated as appropriate for older children by SafeSurf.

CHARMAYNE's Personal Choice 4 Kids
We're CHARMAYNE's Personal Choice 4 Kids.
"Congratulations Topher!"

ACEKids Cool Link for Kids Award
We won the ACEKids Cool Link for Kids Award!
"In recognition of your fine work, we're proud to give you this award."

Family-Friendly Site
We are a Virtuocity Family-Friendly Site.

Zookeeper's Pet Award
We were twice awarded the "Zookeeper's Pet!" Site Award.
Week of April 6 - April 13, 1997: "Your Site is great!"
Week of July 23 - July 30, 1997: "You have been busy!
Everything looks great, and I had a wonderful time visiting.
(Your page will now) be found in the Favorite Sites pages."

Cyber Teddy Award - The People's Choice WebSite 500
We received Cyber-Teddy's Top 500 Website Award.
"Your site has been listed on The People's Choice Website 500."

sophie's cool=site award
We were given Sophie's Cool Site Award.
"Your site is really beautiful, and I enjoyed it very much."

Critical Mass Award
We received the Critical Mass Award.
"A *very* nice site!! Good design, clever graphics and your information
is presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise! Thanks for helping
make the Web a more interesting, *fun* and attractive place to visit : )"

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