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Awards and Honors - Page Eleven

I am extremely proud to display the awards and honors this site has earned.

Tim Grobaty
We were written up in Tim Grobaty's "WWWhat's HOT" Column at PT Connect.
08/29/97 - Labor Day Weekend

"Topher's Castle isn't summer camp, but it'll kill the better part of an afternoon for the
K-3rd-grade set. We, even at our advanced age, were diverted for a handful of minutes by
Topher's (he's an elementary-school student in Hawaii) collection of breakfast cereal
characters, with their little pix and bios. We were alarmed to learn that Snap!, Crackle!
and Pop! are well into their 60s, and that the Trix Rabbit is 43."

"Elsewhere in the castle, kids can click over to a Winnie the Pooh character guide,
'neat corporate sites,' such as Disney, KayBee Toys and Crayola, and gather links to such
areas of interest as Goosebumps, Godzilla, Star Wars and TV cartoons."

Site of the Week at Stephen's World
We were named the "Site of the Week" at Stephen's World.
"We thought that Topher's Castle Homepage was a very good homepage for kids. He has Comics,
and other Kids stuff on his site. We also thought that his page layout was excellent,
and that the colors for Links, and Vlinks were nicely picked and that they went well together.
The graphics are wonderful. Some kids homepages aren't that great, but Topher's is!
Why don't you visit it and see what Topher has for you to explore. GeoCities rated
his page so good, that they put it on the A-List."

Tigger Award
We won the Tigger "That's T-I-double Ga-er" Award.
"Hi, you have a great page and I loved it."

Canuck's Choice Award - World Class Site!
We were awarded Canuck's Choice Award for a World Class Site!.
"We look for honest HTML and sites that are a welcome to the Internet!
You've done a great job!"

Maggie's Award for a Cool Page
This award won by Christopher Robin's Winnie-the-Pooh Page
for an excellent and child friendly site!

Whoa, dude! We picked up Maggie's Award for a Cool Page
"Congatratulations!!! I adore winnie the Pooh. I also adored traversing your site.
You have put in so much work. What an excellent job you have done on your page.
I am so impressed. Well done!"

The Giffit Society Plaque dOr
Our site has been awarded the Plaque d'Or by the Giffit Society!
"We have reviewed the site very recently and we are impressed !
You have a great site out there and we take pleasure to confirm you have been granted
The Giffit Society ‘ Plaque d’Or ’ Award for a cool and absolutely fabulous site."

The Mining Company
We received a nice mention in Shana Priwer's
Mining Company Feature on Winnie-the Pooh
Dateline: 09/22/97
Winnie the Pooh Character Guide
"A terrific site suggested by a Mining Company reader, Topher's Castle
has a really cool layout with multiple versions for different resolutions.
Each Pooh character is illustrated and described, more thoroughly than
I have seen elsewhere. Great site!"

USA Today Hot
We were written up in USA Today's Hot Sites.
Tuesday September 23, 1997
"Cereal Heaven
If you're almost 10 years old, you naturally want to build a Web site about something
near and dear to you. Like breakfast cereal characters, of course. It's grrreat!"

DJ Bill's - Pick of the DAY
We were mentioned as DJ Bill's "Pick of the DAY".
Wednesday, September 24, 1997
"Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide
Hundreds of friends of...Snap, Crackle and Pop..."

Dragon's Award
We were honored by QuocTran with the Dragon's Award for Excellence in Web Design.
Your site is more than worthy...I think your site is the best.
I would like to take this moment to honor you with my Dragon Award.
You had done a great job. Keep up the good work!"

Golden Donut Award
We were fed The Golden Donut Award for the Best Site On the Web.
"Hi, I would like to inform you that your site has just won the
Golden Donut Award! Thanks so much and keep up the great work!"

Funky Kid Page Award
We're a Funky Kid Page Award winner.
"Congratulations! Your site has been scanned over and selected for
our Funky Kid Site Award! This award is given for great kid's pages!
Please accept this award with our compliments!"

The Lighthouse Award
We steered a clear course to the Lighthouse Award.
Vision Scan has awarded your site the Lighthouse Award for Web Excellence!
We will add a link to your site to our list of sites to recently receive this award.
Thanks and keep up the great work!"

Eye Candy HM Award
We were sweetened with Eye Candy WWW Site Reviews Honorable Mention.
"Your site was visited today by Eye Candy WWW Site Reviews and your fine work has
earned you HONORABLE MENTION status with Eye Candy. Only 1 in 100 nominations
score high enough to receive this award placing your site in estimated top 5% of
all sites currently on the Web. This year we have reviewed over 130,000 sites, and
as you can see, the winner's list is pretty short. From an artistic standpoint
the Eye Candy Awards remain the most prestigious form of recognition on the Web."

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