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Awards and Honors - Page Twelve

I am extremely proud to display the awards and honors this site has earned.

Star Tribune Online Idea
We are listed in the Star Tribune Online Idea Hot Links.
"Idea" stands for Instant Digital Education Assistant.
Our Winnie-the-Pooh Character Guide and FAQ is listed
as an "Early Childhood Education" Hot Link.

Computerize Picks of the Week
We were included in "Computerize Picks of the Week"
for the week of October 12 to October 18, 1997
"Our first stop today is Christopher Robin's "Winnie-the-Pooh Character Guide",
where we'll re-familiarize ourselves with all the characters before embarking on
our Pooh odyssey. This site offers three different versions, so you can choose between
a low graphics version, a high graphics version with classic illustration or a high graphics
version with Disney illustration. Christopher Robin's Winnie-the-Pooh Character Guide
offers a detailed description of all the characters, from the infamous Pooh to the Heffalumps.
There is also a FAQ, so you can bone up on other Winnie-the-Pooh factoids."

Cache Design Excellence Award
We were awarded the Cache Design Excellence Award.
"We have reviewed your site and granted you our middle award: 2 Stars."

Must Bookmark Page Award
We plated Tom C's World's "Must Bookmark Page Award".
"I took a look at your site today...It looks excellent !! Very interesting site...
Nice layout, graphics and nice topic..Well done !!!"

Internet Magazine
We were favorably mentioned in Internet Magazine.
"A new addition, as of October 97, this site is a labour of love with images and inside
info on all your breakfast favourites such as Tony the Tiger, Trix and Cap'n Crunch.
Snap, crackle and pop along!"

Starbase 28 Gold
We beamed up the Starbase 28 Gold Honor Site award.
"I will add you to the list of winners of the Gold award."

We earned Neil Katie's 4-Star Award for Website Excellence.
"I had a good look at your site, and was very impressed. You obviously know your HTML,
and have good layout and design, and great content. 400 hits per day and 1000 on weekends,
pretty cool, how did you manage that!? Anyway, your site is definitely a positive
contribution to the web! I have decided to award your site FOUR Stars of Excellence.
Please remember that I am a V.tough judge, so this is something to be proud of."

WebFlyer's Wings Award
We took flight and earned our WebFlyer's Wings Award.
"Your web site has been chosen by our staff as useful, fun, exciting, looks great,
or is just plain good to know about. As a result, we have chosen to put a link to your
site from ours. We have also AWARDED you the WINGS award!"

Children's Choice Award
We won the Mary Law Elementary Children's Choice Award.
"Mary Law Elementary Want's to say: Congratulations!
Your site has been chosen as the children's choice at Mary Law Elementary.
We recognize Web-Sites that has the most educational information and who
accomplish something extraordinary."

Flung of the Day
We were the Flung of the Day for November 3, 1997.
"Thanks for...putting together such a cool site - for the kids as well as the kids at heart. : )
Each day (just about) we choose a site-of-the-day and your site 'Topher's Castle' has been
chosen the 'Flung of the Day' for 11/03/97!"

Ab's Grabs - Best WWW.Sites
We discovered we were one of Ab's Grabs - Best WWW.Sites.
"If you're like me, you have trouble distinguishing Snap! from Crackle!, and you
occasionally forget just what cereal Dig'Em Frog represents. With the discovery
of this site, you can stop running to the grocery store whenever you need a refesher
course (including graphics and character histories) on cereal mascots."

Abby Fifer's column "Absolute Abby" appears in The Roanoke Times.

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