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Awards and Honors - Page Thirteen

I am extremely proud to display the awards and honors this site has earned.

The Web Magazine
We are listed in the November 1997 issue of The WEB Magazine.
Section: WEIRD
Subsection: FEED THYSELF
Issue: NOV97
Review: "If you could never tell Count Chocula from the Cocoa Puffs cuckoo,
or if you've pondered the domestic life of Tony the Tiger, here's a site that'll
make you snap, crackle, and pop with delight. Revisit all your old faves like
the golden-throated (faux Bing Crosby) Sugar Bear, and recall the days of quaint
ethnic stereotyping with the Lucky Charms leprechaun. Hey, want another bowl?
There are plenty o' sugar-coated links here, too."

Content: 3, Design: 3, Links: 4, Overall: 3
GoTo: www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/3278/cereal-guide.html

The Awards Award
Our Awards Have Received An Award.
"You are entitled to the newly redesigned Awards Award, with the new all-chrome
toaster and the cryptic, erudite-looking Latin secret motto".

Awards Sites
Awards Sites

Our Awards Have Received Another Award.
"Good news . . . your award's rating level is a 4.0 . . . All awards rated 3.5
and higher have also achieved SELECT MEMBER status of 'Only the Best'".

Diamond A Quarter Horse Ranch Diamond A Quarter Horse Ranch Kids
Diamond A Quarter Horse Ranch Stampeded Two Awards To Our Site.
"I have just visited your site and yes you do get the award for your site!
I hope you enjoy them and please keep up the good work.
It's sites like yours that makes the net a fun place!"

KidsLink Site of the Week
We Were Selected as the KidsLink Site of the Week.
"Hi. I'm writing today to let you know your home page was chosen as the
KidsLink site of the week for Nov 21 - 27, 1997. Congratulations!"

Growling Grizzlies Worthy Award
Bear Witness to Our Growling Grizzlies Worthy Award.
"Your site is great!!! (Signed) Chief Mike"

Real Estate Library Pure Gold
We won the Gold! Real Estate Library Pure Gold Award.
"Congratulations on a great site. Our site review committee has now visited
your site and have determined that it qualifies for our 'PURE GOLD' award."

Silver Surfer Gold
Dude! We're Hanging The Silver Surfer Gold Award.
"We are proud to have the SilverSurfer on such a page as yours.
It not only reflects your taste, but also ours. We thank you.
Also, we have listed you in 'Lost Souls' under the name of
'Christopher Robin's Winnie-the-Pooh Character Guide'.
You also have a gold star for having an award winning page...*smile*.
Again, we are honored to have this award on your page.
Congrats on a 'GOLD'. You are the best...(Signed) ShadowRun"

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