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Awards and Honors - Page Five

I am extremely proud to display the awards and honors this site has earned.

Lost Puppy Award
We found the Lost Puppy Award.
"You got the puppy."

WorldVillage Family Site of the Day for April 12,1997!
Topher's Castle was recognized as the WorldVillage Family Site of the Day!
"Plan on spending some time when you get to this site.
It will entertain both young and old, rich and poor, and both boys and girls.
So if you are looking for a good site to curl up with tonight, I would recommend this one.
This award is chosen by the editors at WorldVillage
in honor and recognition of the web's finest family-friendly sites.
Thanks again for producing a high quality site that children and adults may use!"

Internet Filter Good Site Award
We were awarded The Internet Filter "Good Site" Award for making the net "A Better Place".
"Congratulations, you have won the Internet Filter 'Good Site' Award."

HomeGrown Excellence Award
We were awarded the HomeGrown Excellence Award.
"Topher's Winnie the Pooh Character Guide was great... I loved the bios... especially Tigger's!"

Dragon Weyr Award
We were presented the Dragon Weyr Award for Personal Homepage Excellence on the WWW!
"Congratulations! Your site is certainly worthy to receive the Dragon Weyr Award.
What a 'pooh' of a site! I checked out the rest of your site while visiting Pooh, most impressive!"

Absinth Award of Honor
We received the Absinth Award of Honor!

CAT's Catnip of the Day
We nipped CAT's Catnip of the Day!
"Congratulations, your site is being spotlighted on CAT's Catnip of the Day!"

Passion for Parrots Award
We caught a Passion for Parrots Cool Page Award.
"Congratulations Topher!!!! You have won the Passion for Parrots Cool Page Award!
This Award is presented for the Hard Work and Dedication put into your page.
Best of luck with your website!!"

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