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Awards and Honors - Page Seven

I am extremely proud to display the awards and honors this site has earned.

Mum'n Dad's Award of Excellence
We received Mum'n Dad's Award of Excellence.
"You truly do deserve the Winners award.
I found your site to be truly informative and well laid out.
You have obviously spent many long hours creating a wonderful place for the kids to visit."

Kool Kidsite Kup Award!
We were rewarded with the Kool Kidsite Kup Award!

World Kids On The Web
We are listed with World Kids On The Web!
"I added your site to the 9 to 13 year olds listing."

Grapholina's Temple Christopher Robin's Winnie the Pooh Character Guide
We were captured by the Mighty Grapholina!
"A fabulous introduction into the adorable and unforgettable characters of the 100 Akre Wood.
I strongly urge you to visit this site. It is well organized, informative, and fun."

Thomas' Navagational Excellence Award
We steered a clear course to Thomas' Navigational Excellence Award!
"Congratulations! You won!
Since my award is an award for excellence in Navigation you win
because of the choice you give at the first page images or not).
And you also warn about the download time on the other one. All in all a good page :)."

The Mighty Pirate Seal of Approval for Design and Content
Yo, Ho! We earned The Mighty Pirate Seal of Approval for Design and Content.
"(Although) you've done a good job putting the Character guide together, it isn't enough on it's own.
But, it being a part of your whole site, the WHOLE, Topher's Castle, is just enough to get the award :)

Orchid Award for Webpage Excellence
We picked up the Orchid Award for Webpage Excellence.
I am very proud to present the 'Orchid Award for Page Excellence' award to
you in recognition of your hard work in the creation of such an excellent page."

GeoCities Featured Page
We are a GeoCities Featured Page!
"Thank you for your excellent contribution to GeoCities.
We like your site so much that we've decided to feature it on our main page of your neighborhood."

Diamond in the Rough Award
We found the Diamond in the Rough Award.
"You have a very cute and fun site. You have won my award. Congrats! : )"

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