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Breakfast Cereal Hall of Fame

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The on-line guide to Breakfast Cereal Culture
Presented by Scott Bruce and Bill Crawford
America's Premier Cereal Hysterians

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Breakfast cereal is the stuff Americans love to hate. Everyone complains about the high cost and the low nutritional value of cereal. Yet cereal was one of America's original health foods and more people have breakfast cereal in their homes than refrigerators. Like it or not, we Americans are what we eat, and we eat a lot of breakfast cereal.

The Cereal Hall of Fame is your virtual cereal box, bringing you cereal facts, entertainment and more. We are an independent group of cereal enthusiasts who delight in the celebration of America's breakfast cereal culture. From the origin of Tony the Tiger to the explosive properties of grain dust, we will be presenting timely, well researched information on a regular basis. What you see is only the beginning of what we plan to present in the future. Thanks for checking us out. You're GR-R-REAT!

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The Cereal Fashions page made Mirsky's Worst of the Web for July 7th, 1995. and...
The Cereal Hall Of Fame was selected Geek Sight Of The Day for July 13th, 1995.
I guess Andy Warhol was right!
We are also enshrined in the WWW Useless Pages under "Uselessness Of Food". Besides Maypo, nothing gives us that warm feeling inside like immortality.

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