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Super Krunchy Maileroos!

Here is just some of the mail we have received. Keep those box-tops and proof-of-purchase seals coming!

jrhancoc sez:
I wonder if you know anywhere I could get "Funny Fringes" to add to my collection. Funny Fringes were little plactic figurines of bizarre creaturs found in boxes of General Mills cereals (Sugar smacks etc) aroung 1971-1972. I think there were about 16 to 24 different funny fringes including "Puddinge" (looked like bubbling pudding -- I need one of these), "Nutinge" (a little guy in a lidded nut), "Kinge", "Springe", etc. You get the idea! Funny Fringes predate Freakies and are MUCH cooler. (I also have the complete collection of Freakies figurines). If you know anything about Funny Fringes please email back to me!
kavanagh sez:
An interesting article, but it all is irrelevent to me. What I would like to see is a breakdown of the selling price of say, Kellogs Corn Flakes or Cheerios - a staple of many families. What does it cost to manufacture the product per pound, how much is packaging, how much profit is being made, etc.,etc.. When I buy cereal, which is rare I certainly go with the super cheap varieties, so I'm not really faced with "high priced cereal phobia" and I certainly don't think you are being paid by cereal companies. If you've done research on cereal prices, I'd like to see numerical data on the justification of the price. Thanks.

If anyone finds out Bill is being paid by the cereal companies please let me know! - Elijah
Marty Hoban sez:
Just saw the quisp movie (of course my fave cereal from the 60s and 70s) but I didnt get any audio through my Sparkle viewer....Is there audio??? let me know....Also...do you have any versions of the commercial contest between Quisp and Quake racing across the US???? Let me know. Excellent website!!!!

Due to bizarre sunspot activity our video wound up as a video with no sound and a sound file with no video. You might try your luck with a multi-threaded operating system and two media players. - Elijah
erc!wvbaker sez:
Do you remember a short-lived rival to Quisp called "Kwangaroos"? Look into it.
farookh sez:
Hi, I was just wondering if you had any info on clackers[sp?], I am 30 years old and have vivid memories of the taste and shape, but I haven't been able to find hide nor hair of them since I was about 5. I hear that there is a commercial on one of the vintage commercial videos that contains a clip from one of their ads, but I'm more interested in pictures I guess. Any info would be much appreciated... Thanks You.
Felix Fuentes sez:
I would partake in a national boycott against the cereal companies,if it was seriously launched. The kids would have to go without......At least for a while anyway :)
Andrew Nash sez:
Bill, one more thing.... I now remember, and I bet I don't still have it, that quisp and quake had a 'premium' in the box once, that was aplastic figure of quisp or quake, that slid onto the end of your spoon. GREAT! what wonderful memories...
Jim Wilson sez:
Very cool page!!! i read your book cover to cover in 1 day. it is grrreat. i made a cereal page. it is gonna get better but i have had around 1600 people visit it as it is since i put it up in mid july. i really love cereal collecting. met a lot of cool people doin this. do you know david gutterman at quake in chicago? dave rulz!!! anyway i hope you will check out my page at http://www.ice.net/~crunch/. if you like it let me know. it would be real cool to hear from someone as famous as yourself. i did meet bill brueggman once to! funny guy! hope you like my pictures.

I have met Bill and he is MUCH shorter in person - Elijah
Brian Carter sez:
This must be the place for me! What information do you have on Cereal Box Toy collections. I have hundreds of toys that I have collected over the years. All toys are still in the original package and were collected either right out of the box or via the mail. None of my collection has ever been purchased except for the cost of the stamp. Someone else in the world must collect these things or maybe 25+ years of eating Cocoa Puffs messed up my brain.
Greetings Bill, What a great page. I may be late to the web table, but not that late. We are putting 'Granola' online - for fun, information, posterior (oops, posterity), wholesome business etc. Would love to talk to ya. Saul Wilner, Granola Marketing Institute. More L8R! Be well
Gary Doss sez:
I really enjoyed your site. I run the Burlingame On-Line PEZ page located at: http://www.spectrumnet.com/pez and have been asking collectors of many different things if they would like to share web-page links. Speaking of Rocky and Bullwinkle, PEZ made a Bullwinkle PEZ dispenser but not a Rocky.... and nobody knows why. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.
Matt Youngs sez:
I'm writing to you from Chicago, and while I was delivering pizzas last night(a job I'm working until I can find something in the area of nuclear physics), I heard someone on the LOOP FM , possibly you, discussing the wonders of cereal. During the course of your conversation, someone called asking about Fruity Marshmallow Krispies and how they can't find it anymore. I have a similar dilema with the Kellogg company, wherein I can no longer find Frosted Rice Krispies. For awhile, my mother was commuting regularly to Florida for her business, and would fill an extra suitcase full of this delightful cereal and bring it home, since it was not available in any of the area supermarkets. She is no longer able to do this, and I'm starting to get the shakes. Kelloggs came out with Rice Krispies Treats cereal, but it sucked to say the least. Prior to Frosted Rice Krispies, Kelloggs had Tony the Tiger Jr. cereal which was exactly the same as Frosted R.K., and they pulled that off the shelf eons ago.Do you know if Frosted Rice Krispies is still in production? If it is and just not available in my area, Do you think it's possible that I could order straight from Kellogs? I've got a pallet-sized space in my garage just awaiting that tastey treat if that's what it comes down to. I know that you said that you're not really well versed as to the demise of cereals, but I'm going thru withdrawl, and could really use some insight into the situation. I have included a very small GIF file of "Boney the Tiger". I have been creating band fliers that look like cereal boxes, and I thought you might appreciate it.
Thanks for the great web page!
Amy Casey sez:
Dear Bill,
Your history book is one of the most entertaining things I've seen on the Web. I'm going out to by it this afternoon, so that I can leave it on the breakfast table to peruse as I eat my (sugar coated) cereal in the morning. I look forward to many cozy chats with my husband about the history and importance of such products as "Freakies". thank you for your important contribution to the culinary uniqueness of America.
Dr. Richard S. Matthews sez:
Imagine my excitement when I saw that another cerealogist is plying our trade on the internet. And then! I saw that Quisp was the featured cereal. I must praise you, you are a tribute to our fine art. My own Ph.D. in Cerealogy was earned for my dissertation on the genealogy of cereals. I should like to send it along to you if you are inclined to find it useful.
Donna sez:
Fabulous Quisp graphic!!
Which was featured for a whole week on the trailer for PBS "Frontline". I used photoshop and Asymetrix 3D F/X. Collectivly I've used up 2.5 minutes of my 15 minutes of fame. - Elijah
Kevin Flanagan sez:
Hello, My wife bumped into your cereal space a few weeks ago. We both got a Kix out of it and got some cap't crunch just to bring back memories of childhood. (Quisp as you may very well knowis not around anymore). I linked to your other pages and was very impressed with your work. I just wanted to let you know that you do pretty impressive design work.
Michael sez:
Hi- Like the site. Would be more professional if you spelled breakfast right, though...
A piont well talken - Elijah
Arnking sez:
kaboom? as in 26 colors and grey milk kaboom?!
Krunchy Speaks Out:
The most interesting question I have been asked during radio interviews is what to do about the Cap'n Crunch effect. The effect is that when you eat Cap'n Crunch it rips up the roof of your mouth. Of course, it does no good to let the cereal soak longer. That just makes it soggy. One caller suggested that King Vitaman is a good substitute. It tastes like Cap'n Crunch with no roof of mouth ripping side effect. Another older caller suggested false teeth. It seems that his false teeth cover the roof of his mouth and he never has to worry about Cap'n Crunch. Any other ideas?
Bill "Krunchy" Crawford

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