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Volume 10, Number 1 Spring 2008

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Spring 2008 Index

1. Ralston Buys Post Cereals from Kraft
2. New Book Expected to be Published July 8, 2008
3. "Flakes" (The Movie) Released to DVD May 6, 2008
4. Can You Identify This Rare 1967 Cereal Promotion?
5. Nutritional Comparison of Breakfast Cereals
6. Does This Wheat Hearts Box Exist?

Cereal Reviews:
1. Kellogg's Wild Animal Crunch
2. Post Cinnamon Shredded Wheat
3. General Mills Golden Grahams
4. Kellogg's Pops - Chocolate Peanut Butter
5. Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Gold
6. Kellogg's Special K Cinnamon Pecan

What's New in Cereal?
1. Free Inside: Hot Wheels and Barbie Watches
2. Kellogg's Introduces All-Bran Crackers
3. General Mills Vintage Cereal Tee-Shirts for $5
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Ralston Buys Post Cereals from Kraft
by Topher

Ralcorp Holdings agreed to acquire Post Cereals from Kraft. The deal is expected to close this Summer. The Post cereals business had 2006 revenue of $1.1 billion. The deal was originally announced back on November 15, 2007.

Post's existing sales and marketing team will continue to be based in New Jersey, while research and development will remain in Michigan. Post has cereal manufacturing plants in Battle Creek, Michigan; Jonesboro, Arkansas; Modesto, California; and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Kraft sold its hot cereal business, including its popular Cream of Wheat products, to a subsidiary of B & G Foods Inc. for $200 million in January 2007. With the Post sale, Kraft will be entirely out of the cereal business (although Kraft shareholders will own 54% of Ralcorp).

Interestingly, Ralston sold off its non-generic cold cereal business to General Mills on January 31, 1997. This included its core Chex and Cookie Crisp brands, along with trademark and technology rights for these branded products. Until the purchase of Post, Ralcorp concentrated on making private-label cereals.

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New Book Expected to be Published July 8, 2008
by Topher

Santa vs SatanJake Kalish has a humor book called Santa vs. Satan: The Official Compendium of Imaginary Fights coming out July 9, 2008. It can be purchased at Amazon.

In looking over an advance copy of the book, Jake includes two classic cereal mascot battles in his 285-page book: Cap'n Crunch vs. Tony the Tiger, and Boo Berry vs. Franken Berry. Illustrated by Christopher Frost.

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"Flakes" (The Movie) Released to DVD on May 6, 2008
by Topher

Zooey Deschanel, Aaron Stanford, Izabella Miko, and Christopher Lloyd star in this 84 minute feature about "an old hippie who owns a bistro that only sells cereal and spends his days serving cereal and chatting with the local clientele about the history of cereal and the ideal milk to flake ratio. Suddenly his utopian state is disrupted when a competitor shrewdly rips off the concept and opens his own cereal shop across the street". ~ Yahoo! Movies. We understand that Robb Berry supplied copies of his cereal magazine Planet-Q! for use in this movie.

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Can You Identify This Rare 1967 Cereal Promotion?
by Bubba Boss

Hello, I could use some assistance form anyone who may know about the following Post Cereal Related items, and if there is anyone who would like to have these items.

I found a package which my Dad must have gotten at one time from Post Cereal (a General Foods company at that time) dated 1967, which contains 3 full size lithographs on canvas. The package has the original label from Post, and is in Mint condition. I only opened one end carefully to see what was inside, and photograph the contents.

Apparently from what I could find so far Post only had 1000 of these sets to send out in 1967. Each Lithograph is 1 of only 1000 made and has its own serial number and the markings "D.A.C. NY."

The Lithographs are:

1 - Vincent Van Gogh - Sunflowers - Serial # D.A.C. NY C-511
1 - August Albo - Free As The Wind - Serial # D.A.C. NY C-506
1 - Robert Wood - October Morn - Serial # D.A.C. NY C-510

You Can Download the photos I have on this item here: Please note I blanked out the address on the Post Label with photo-shop for security reasons. The label is in Mint condition too.

I would like to know if these lithographs are of interest to anyone as a collectable item. If anyone can help me with more information, or would like this item please contact Topher.

Thanks - Bubba

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Nutritional Comparison of Breakfast Cereals
by Topher

Breakfast Cereal Compared presents a side-by-side comparison of over 50 popular cereals to see how they all stack up against each other in terms of their nutritional content and ingredients. You know, stuff like which has the most sugar, which has the most fiber, which do and do not contain trans fat, etc.. It then concludes with webmaster Jared's picks for the "best" and "worst" cereals based entirely on nutrition (not taste). The data might surprise you.

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Does This Wheat Hearts Box Exist?
by Topher

Wheat HeartsThere is an active discussion on the CerealBits [2017 editor's note: site no longer active] cereal message board that is debating the actual existance of this General Mills Better Crocker Wheat Hearts cereal box featuring Sherman and Peabody with a free flicker card inside the box. The box appears in an annimated commercial (circa 1960). If anyone has this box, or any similar box, we would love to see a scan. Please contact me or chime in at CerealBits.

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Cereal Reviews
by Barbara Ellis

Kellogg's Wild Animal Crunch

Wild Animal CrunchThis January 2008 release features four different, very cute, animal box covers (panda bear, polar bears, seals, and meerkats) and is a tie-in with Animal Planet, that will have your kids grabbing boxes off the cereal shelf. The cereal itself is self-described as a "naturally and artificially flavored vanilla-chocolate whole grain cereal" which comes in three animal shapes: dolphins, elephants, and turtles. The cereal is very crunchy and it floats in milk. Unfortunately, it doesn't have much flavor. If you want a cereal for your kids and you want to get them an unflavored one, then this is the one to get. While I rate the box and cereal shapes an "8", I rate Wild Animal Crunch cereal at 2 Boxtops (Why Bother. Leave It On Your Grocer's Shelf.)

Cereal Reviews
by Topher, Editor

Post Cinnamon Shredded Wheat
High in dietary fiber (6 grams / 24% USDA allowance), this whole grain shredded wheat cereal is tightly wound. It is very crunchy. I prefer the texture of the more loosely wound Mini-Wheats. Out of the box, there is no discernible cinnamon scent, but it does have a pleasant cinnamon taste. I rate Cinnamon Shredded Wheat at 6 Boxtops (Middle Of The Road. You Could Do Worse.)

General Mills Golden Grahams
Golden GrahamsGolden Grahams is a honey graham ridged cereal made with whole grain wheat, sugar, corn meal, and brown sugar syrup. Out of the box, it is very crispy with a distinctive honey flavor, but it begins to soften quickly when immersed in milk. Each successive bite is softer and less crunchy than the last, and is mushy before you finish the bowl.

Golden Grahams has no current mascot on the box and apparently a marbit-sized advertising budget. This cereal used to have some great catchy songs like "Oh, those Golden Grahams, crispy Golden Grahams, graham cracker taste in cereal, the taste is such a treat. Oh those Golden Grahams, golden honey, just a touch with grahams golden wheat. Try those Golden Grahams and have a golden day." The songs are better than the cereal --- which has pretty much been ignored by General Mills and the public. I rate Golden Grahams at 2 Boxtops (Why Bother. Leave It On Your Grocer's Shelf.)

Kellogg's Pops - Chocolate Peanut Butter
Kelloggs Pops - Chocolate Peanut ButterThis is Kellogg's answer to General Mill's Reese's's Peanut Butter Cereal. The cereal looks like Pops rolled in a chocolate-peanut butter mixture, which it is! Peanut butter and semi-sweet chocolate are prominent ingredients. They smell great right out of the box, and taste good with or without milk (where they can be found floating). There was an interesting fact on the side of the box: "The first patent for making peanut butter was owned by john Harvey Kellogg and W.K. Kellogg". I rate Kellogg's Pops - Chocolate Peanut Butter at 8.5 Boxtops (Very Good! Recommend Purchase. Almost a Classic.)

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Gold
Frosted Flakes GoldFrosted Flakes Gold has a real cool high-gloss box featuring Tony the Tiger. The "crunchy flakes made with whole grain and bakes with honey" are indeed very crunchy and pretty sweet (too sweet for me). The sweetness is even imparted into the milk. I would love to see some crunchy nut and oat nuggets either loose or baked onto the flakes. Gold is low in fat (2g) and high in dietary fiber (12g). I rate Frosted Flakes Gold 6 Boxtops (Middle Of The Road. You Could Do Worse.)

Kellogg's Special K Cinnamon Pecan
Special K Cinnamon PecanSpecial K's "crunchy rice and wheat flakes with pecans and cinnamon" is very crunchy with cinnamon flavor and a thimbleful of dinky little pecan pieces. The flavor gets monotonous after a while and some sogging occurs before completely finishing the bowl of cereal. Our highest rated Special K cereal remains "Red Berries". I rate Special K Cinnamon Pecan 5.5 Boxtops (Middle Of The Road. You Could Do Worse.)

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What's New In Cereal?
by Topher

Free Inside: Hot Wheels and Barbie Watches
Kellogg's is offering two different Hot Wheels sports watches, and two different Barbie sports watches, made of thermoplastic rubber, free inside specially marked boxes of Frosted Flakes, Cocoa Krispies, Honey Smacks, Mini-Wheats, and Rice Krispies cereal.

All-Bran CrackersKellogg's Introduces All-Bran Crackers
Kellogg's has extended its All-Bran cereal into a new line of crackers, and it works! These crispy crackers with a high fiber content are downright tasty! All-Bran "Garlic Herb" Crackers are also availble. Since Kellogg's owns Keebler and their kitchen elves, a new line of crackers under the Kellogg's brand isn't a stretch.

General Mills Vintage Cereal Tee-Shirts for $5
Retro boxes of General Mills cereals are showing up on shelves at Target. Each box has an offer to buy tee-shirts featuring vintage cereal logos from Wheaties, Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Kix, and Golden Grahams. You can find the offer at Each T-shirt is $5, plus shipping and handling. You can order up to five T-shirts per day, while supplies last, through January 8, 2009.

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