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Volume 12, Number 1 Winter 2010

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Winter 2010 Index

1. Quisp Has Returned!
2. Winarsky Cereal Company
3. Breakfast of the Gods (The Graphic Series)
Cereal Reviews:
1. General Mills Wheaties Fuel
2. Kellogg's Special K Blueberry
What's New in Cereal?
1. Post Cupcake Pebbles
2. What Should I Eat? Cereal Flowchart
3. Fast Fact

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Quisp Has Returned!
by Topher

Quaker Oats Quisp
Quaker Oats Quisp Quisp first arrived on earth in 1965. After an almost decade-long run, Quisp all but disappeared from America. He would occassionally and sporadically turn up at stores predominately in the northern midwest and was available by mail order.

Quisp is one of the most popular animated cereal characters of all time. He is a pink-skinned propeller-driven alien who wears a green jumpsuit. His eyes are permanently crossed. Quisp and Quake fought over whose cereal was better, and who could "save the day" in a series of commercials. Quisp was voiced by Daws Butler and the commercials were produced by Jay Ward Studios.

Now he's back! Quisp is available in select grocery stores in the South. The new boxes feature a side-kick named Quunchy (below, right). We caught up with Quisp and asked him a couple of questions. (Ok, the questions and answers were given to us on the side box panel).
Us: "Hey Quisp, where have you been?"
Quisp: "I was on Planet Q gathering the necessary supplies of Quisp cereal for consumption on Earth."
Us: "Is it true you're back to stay?"
Quisp: "Only if earthlings want me to. In fact, it's getting tough to find a place to park space haulers carrying such vast quantities of Quisp cereal."
And then he sped off.
Quisp is a crunchy sweetened corn cereal in the shape of little flying saucers. A bowlful of Quisp will bring back memories of the mid-to-late 1960s when you were fighting with your sibling for the prize in the bottom of the cereal box, while the two of you were wearing your Quisp beanie and Quake miner's helmet. 8 boxtops ("Very Good! Recommend Purchase").

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Winarsky Cereal Company
by Michael Davis

I happened upon your "Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide" website while searching for possible sources of historical information about a family cereal business dating from the about 100 years ago in Brooklyn, NY.

My great-grandfather, Solomon Winarsky, operated a grain-cereal marketing business in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn which existed from before World War I through the mid 1920s at least. I believe that the name of the company was at some time either "Winarsky Cereal Company" or "Winard Cereal Company". He apparently purchased large quantities of various grains wholesale, repackaged them and then sold the cereals retail. The sacks of grain were stored in the basement of the family house, and the family members all pitched in to sift, measure out and repackage the cereals in small boxes which Solomon and his sons sold and distributed. The business seems to have been quite successful.

A family story about my great-grandfather Solomon was that he wanted to increase his repeat business. According to various elderly still-living family members, Solomon had a very original idea with this end in mind - he changed the packaging of the cereals, and advertised that in exchange for certain numbers of collected "box-tops" of his cereal, he would provide free prizes!! How cool - if this is indeed true - great- grandfather Solomon might have himself been the originator of the ubiquitous cereal box-top phenomenon!

A son opened a spin-off business in the late 1920s which was called "Polar Bear Cereal", the boxes of which featured a picture of a polar bear. This son was apparently sued for copyright infringement by a company in Texas with a similar name.

If any of our readers happen to have any information about this early cereal business, please contact us.

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Breakfast of the Gods (The Graphic Series)
by Topher

Update: for those of you that didn't check back occassionally for each new page of the satirical serial comic adventure "O Cap'n, My Cap'n", the entire installment is now available for you to enjoy.
Breakfast Of The Gods Brendan Douglas Jones, the very talented and creative writer and graphic artist has completed two installments of his graphic series featuring dozens of your favorite cereal characters like you've never seen them before.

If you are new to the series, you should start at the beginning with "The Last Good Morning".
Breakfast Of The Gods

Book Three: "Apocalypse Yum" is due to begin "sometime in early May" 2010.

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Cereal Reviews
by Topher, Editor

General Mills Wheaties Fuel
General Mills: Wheaties Fuel General Mills: Wheaties Fuel is a lightly sweetened, crunchy, cereal with whole wheat flakes and crisp rice with real honey and cinnamon. It comes in an imposing black box with a closeup of an athlete's face (Peyton Manning, Kevin Garnett, Albert Pujols, Hunter Kemper, or Bryan Clay) with a group shot on the back.

I'm obviously not the demographic they are trying to appeal to since it took me several weeks to figure out that the face on my box was Kevin Garnett (a basketball champion). I could only recognize the champions of baseball (Pujols) and television advertising (Manning).

Pouring a bowl, you quickly notice the cereal is a mass of browns and tans glistening with honey --- sort of reminds me of my favorite beach. I love the crunch. It's very crispy and crunchy. It's definitely sweet, but not overpowering. This is one of the better new cereals that isn't a ripoff of another cereal. Wheaties Fuel "For Your Wins" garnishes 7 boxtops ("Very Good! Recommend Purchase").

Kellogg's Special K Blueberry
Kellogg's Special K BlueberrySpecial K first appeared in 1955. It took them 46 years to add dried strawberries and create their best tasting Special K ever --- "Kellogg's Special K Red Berries". So what do you do when you have a very successful cereal franchise and too much sweet blueberry jam left over from the Pop-Tarts factory next door? Simple! You bake up a batch of extra thick Special K flakes and spray them lightly with the blueberry Pop-Tart jelly, add some oat clusters and christen the cereal Special K Blueberry.

Wow, what a miss! The clusters are good but few in number. The cereal is okay at first but gets sickly sweet and mealy as you progress. Don't drink the milk either. It takes on the same blueberry flavor. Quickly, you're getting bored and your mind will begin to wonder. After a while the flakes begin to look like speckled Frito's Scoops. Wait a minute, doesn't Pepsico own Frito-Lay? And Quaker Oats? While the answer is "yes", it really doesn't mean anything of consequence here. And either does the cereal. 3.5 Boxtops ("We Have A Spill On Aisle 4. You Can Do Better.")

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What's New In Cereal?
by Topher

Post Cupcake PebblesPost Cupcake Pebbles
In early 2010, Post extended its Pebbles lineup with Cupcake Pebbles featuring Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm on the box. It's essentially puffed riced topped with colorful candy flecks. The serving suggestion on the box features a cupcake with the pebbles sprinkled on top.

Cereal FlowchartWhat Should I Eat? Cereal Flowchart
Frank Zimmerman from Bacon And Egg Design sent me this item he found on the net. It was created by the clever folks at Top Cultured. If you can't figure out what cereal to eat for breakfast, check out their Cereal Flowchart. It features over 50 cereals, but a few are only available if you have access to time travel. [October 2014 Update: page no longer available].

Fast Fact
The Charlotte Observer reported that former Panthers football star Julius Peppers' favorite cereals are "Fruit Loops and Corn Pops - with soy milk though."

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