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Volume 5, Number 1 Early Summer 2003

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Early Summer 2003 Index

Character Profile: Snap Crackle and Pop
New Invention: "Cereal Thing"
Cereal Review - General Mills Cocoa Puffs
What's New in Cereal?
  • Post HULK
  • Kellogg's Tony's Cinnamon Crunchers
  • Kellogg's Smorz
  • The Tonymobile
  • Kellogg's "Finding Nemo" Game Upsets Hasbro
  • Freeze-dried Fruit-in-Cereal is Hot!
  • General Mills Reintroduces An "Ice Cream Cones" Cereal
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Character Profile: Snap Crackle and Pop
by Topher
Razzle Dazzle Snap Crackle PopThese three little gnomes were the first and longest-lasting characters to represent a Kellogg's product. Artist Vernon Grant drew the early gnomes. They were also the first animated characters to ever appear in a cereal commercial.

Snap! was born in 1933. Snap! is the oldest and is a good-natured leader. He wears a baker's hat. Pop! (1941) is a comedian. He wears an old-style military hat. Crackle! (1941), somewhat of a know-it-all, gets caught in the middle, trying to keep order between the other two. Crackle! wears a red-striped stocking cap.

It is rumored that a 4th, short-lived, character named "Pow" was introduced in the mid-1950's.

In 1949 Snap! Crackle! and Pop! magically changed from gnomes with huge noses and ears to more human-looking creatures with more proportional features. They continue to evolve. As fashions change, so do their costumes. Their hair also grows long or is cut shorter at times.

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New Invention: "Cereal Thing"
by Topher, Editor
Cereal ThingWhat is the "Cereal Thing" you ask? It is a revolutionary milk and cereal container for breakfast on the go. David Ascone, the inventor of "Cereal Thing" has sent me an Artist Drawing and Instructions regarding his cool "Cereal Thing". I want one. In fact, I want a few to give as gifts.
The only problem is that this brand new patented product isn't on the market yet. In fact, it hasn't been manufactered yet. Dave is seeking to sell or license his U.S. Patent on the container. If you are a potential marketer or manufacturer, feel free to contact Dave at the address and phone number listed on the Artist's Drawing. Please remember me when you bring it to market. You saw it here first!

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Cereal Review
by Chris Ellis

General Mills Cocoa Puffs

Cocoa PuffsGeneral Mills Cocoa Puffs have been around since 1958, but I just got around to trying them this week. Of course, I wasn't even born until after they celebrated their 28th birthday. Basically, this is a ball-bearing-sized sugar-frosted chocolate corn puff. However, these bumpy brown spheres don't produce that chalky chocolate taste like you'll find in Post's Oreo-O's.
Indeed, the infused Hershey's cocoa makes for an absolutely inspired chocolaty flavor. A couple of side notes: unlike the highly rated NesQuik, this milk only takes on a slight chocolate flavor and these corn puffs do begin to get soggy towards the end of the experience. Chocolate corn puffs are definitely better tasting than chocolate rice puffs. This has instantly become one of my all-time favorite cereals. I rate this 9 boxtops (A Classic! Belongs On Every Breakfast Table).

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What's New In Cereal?
by Topher

Post HulkPost Hulk
This impressive "Limited Edition" cereal box looks like it's filled with corn pops and marbits. It's one of a number of tie-ins to the Summer 2003 movie release of the HULK.
Kellogg's Tony's Cinnamon Crunchers
What's Tony doing hawking a "crispy, crunchy, cinnamon rice cereal"? Interesting choice of spokecharacter, especially since Tony is so well known for the Frosted Corn Flakes franchise. I would have either developed a new character or brought back Tony Jr who is already known for Frosted Rice. Site visitors report that Cinnamon Crunchers' taste is reminiscent of Quaker Oats' long-retired Cap'n Crunch's Cinnamon Crunch (featuring Jean LaFoote).
Kellogg's Smorz
Kellogg's also released Smorz, a "rich chocolatey graham cereal with marshmallows". General Mills tried this in the 1980's with Smore's Crunch and Rocky Road. Unfortunately, no character is associated with Smorz.
The Tonymobile
The 23-foot long, 13-foot high Tonymobile looks like an enlongated flatbed truck with 3 giant trophy heads: Tony, Tucan Sam, and Dig'em. A cool mini reproduction 5-inch plastic car is available for 3 boxtops, $1.95 postage and handling, and an official order form. Unfortunatley you can only get the order form by visiting the Tonymobile, and it seems to have a real fondness for the Detroit and Chicago metro areas.
Kellogg's "Finding Nemo" Game Upsets Hasbro
Hasbro wants Kellogg to recall all of its boxes of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes which feature a cut-out "Memory" type game on the back of its boxes featuring the characters from Disney's movie. Hasbro says it is infringing on their "Memory" game trademark. While we are not of the legal profession, we are of the opinion that Hasbro's case is without merit. At a minimum, it looks more like Hasbro was looking for some free publicity for its Memory game. This extra publicity can't hurt sales of cereal boxes that may become subject to an absurd recall either. [Editor's Note: the suit was amicably resolved in mid-June after Kellogg's paid Hasbro an undisclosed licensing fee.]
Freeze-dried Fruit-in-Cereal is Hot!
Kellogg's Special K Red Berries Cereal was introduced in April 2001 and has seen soaring sales growth ever since to become the number one freeze-dried fruit-in-cereal cereal in this renewed category. A distant second are the Cheerios Berry Burst cereals from General Mills introduced in January 2003. Also available is Post's Honey Bunches of Oats with Real Strawberries, introduced in late 2002, and two more entires from Kellogg's introduced under the Kashi and Fruit Harvest labels. Reports indicate that Kellogg's now enjoys the #1 spot in the cold cereals category.
General Mills Reintroduces An "Ice Cream Cones" Cereal
In celebration of the 100th birthday of the ice cream cone, General Mills is bringing back "Ice Cream Cones" Cereal. It was last seen in 1987 with spokecharacter Ice Cream Jones. This time around, it's chocolate chip ice cream.
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