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Attention: General Mills, Kellogg's, Nestle, Nabisco, Quaker Oats, Ralston, and Post! Our staff and readers have these ideas they'd like to share with you. Here are our suggestions and ideas, what we'd like to see in a new cereal, and what we'd like to see corrected in a current cereal. (Don't be bashful about crediting us or offering us a stipend for these ideas either, okay?) A form for readers to e-mail us can be found at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

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Cereal Ideas!


"VSCO CHARMS" by Makenna, 11, Texas
VSCO CHARMS is an awesome and bright cereal. There are fun VSCO themed marshmallows in our SKSKSKSK shaped cereal. 11-17-19


"Cotton Candy Puffs Cereal" by Aaron, 13, Massachusetts
It would be so good and amazing. 06-08-18
"Cereal Scented Body Wash" by Josh, 18, NY
The target market would be young kids. Parents can use this cereal scented body wash to wash their kids. I think it would be very cool if Tony the Tiger was on the outside cover of the body wash. This would make it appealing to customers and parents would want to wash their kids with it. 04-11-2018


"Balleto's" by Ashlyn, 11, Texas
A sweet and yummy cereal marketed towards young dancers. It contains good ingredients for young kids. Dance with energy-Balleto's !!! 11-29-17
"Pig-n-taters" by Shea & Mercy, 12, Texas
This cereal looks curly like a pigs tail. It is curled, corny, crunchy, and flavorful. But it is not just an ordinary regular corn cereal --- it has multiple flavors to choose from in different boxes! Pig-n-taters provides the flavors strawberry, Chocolate, Fruit-Tuti, and Coffee Bean for those parents in the morning! We have made Pig-n-taters as healthy as possible by adding Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Cherries, and crushed coffee beans. Pig-n-taters may not have that much sugar (because it only has one cram of surgar) but we guarantee there would be a flavorful explosion in your mouth! We at the Pig-n-tater company believe that we would have more buyers because of the less of sugar and the more fruits put in the delicious cereal. Our cereal is now gluten-free, dairy-free [and allergen-free]. We think kids would love the boxes! Why? Because we have amazing Pig-n-taters jokes on the side and a pig maze! Also after buying all of those Pig-n-taters boxes you might have a chance to win a signed Houston Astros t-shirt or an Houston Astros signed hat! Mr.Chubs is our pig mascot. His catch phrase would be "You'll Crave The Curls". Our company also made our first commercial to go on if we get picked. If this cereal was made to be real our company would sell it to all stores in America. 11-27-17
"Strawberry Shortcake Cereal" by Dwayne, 22
And the milk turns into a delicious strawberry flavored milk from the cereal. 05-08-17
"Banana Cereals" by Nicholas, 72, Massachusetts
I like bananas with my Frosted Flakes or any other cereal, cold or hot. I would like to see any cold cereal with real banana pieces added, similar to those strawberry ones added to Kellogg's Special K. Even little banana-shaped ones would be fun! 02-20-17
"Mini Pop Tarts Cereal!" by Nikolaos, 9, California
Super mini! 02-04-17


"S'More Cereal" by Julien, 11, Texas
It is smore flavored and a premium inside is a Hall of Flamer Card. 11-17-16
"Yummy Tummies" by Elisa, 11, Texas
It has fun colors and has sprinkles and marshmallows. It is a good cereal for kids to enjoy and have a colorful day with the box. 11-17-16
"Hee Bee Jee Bees, with Onions" by Henry, 11 Texas
Hee Bee Jee Bees with Onions for health nerds and adults. 11-17-16
"Speedeos" by Leben, 12, Texas
It is supposed to make you run as fast as the flash. WHO DOESN'T WANT TO BE THE FASTEST? 11-17-16
"PB and C" by Lily, 11, Texas
Peanut butter crunch balls with lightly sprinkled cinnamon on top. 11-15-16
"Rainbow Sparklez" by Holden, 11, Texas
It`s got little rainbow and unicorns marshmallows with chocolate and maybe you could change it from unicorns to little elves. 11-15-16
"Derp Berry Crunch" by Puneesh, 12, Texas
A multi flavor healthy cereal that tastes awesome and looks awesome and cute. 11-14-16
"Wereberry Blackberry Werewolfs" by Daniel, 36, South Carolina
With silver bullet marshmallows. 10-11-16
"Fruitylocious and Cocatastic Pebbles" by Kara, 11, North Carolina
Fruity and cocoa Pebbles combined. 08-02-16
"Twisty O Crunch" by Victoria, 33, Michigan
It will consist of cinnamon twist baked with cinnamon sugar over them. 09-16-16
"Lightning Bites" by Lexi, Minnesota
Slogan: "THEY'll SHOCK YOUR MOUTH!". Lightning bolt marshmallows with red-colored flakes. *Eating caution advised* 01-26-16


"MLGreios" by Sadaan, 11, Texas
It's basically a video game cereal for gamers so they can get vitamins and play video games. 12-16-15
"Cow Doockey" by Parker, 11, Texas
It is the world's first cow based cereal. It is based off of the game cow evolution. They are chocolate puffs with chocolate marshmallows in it. 12-01-15
"Oreo Truffles" by Audrey, 11, Texas
Oreo Truffles is very yummy. Everybody loves Oreos. Right? 11-18-15
"Oreo Truffles" by Bree, 11, Texas
Oreos are the worlds best snack, but you obviously can't eat them for breakfast. So to solve that I came up with Oreo Truffles! They are like Coco Puffs, but are filled with cream in the middle. They go perfect with milk too! I hoped you liked my yummy idea! 11-12-15
"MVP's" by Santiago, 11, Texas
This is the cereal of MVPs Stephen Curry eats this cereal to win all the games and swish all the 3s. 11-11-15
"Burrit-O's" by Dan, 18, Florida
Burrit-O's are Mexican style Cheerios. 05-06-15
"Ebowl-a-Cereal" by Eaven/Ethan, 15, Indiana
Little bowls made of grain, with a marshmallow in the middle that is in the shape of the Ebola virus. I got this idea from my baby sister saying "I want Ebola! Ebola cereal." 04-14-15
"Blueberry Bagel Bites" by Maddie, 17, Texas


"Yollos" by Mateo, 12, Texas
My cereal is very affordable and nutritious. It is mostly made up of paper, food coloring and wheat. Yolos helps poor people by giving them money. 12-03-14
"Yummy in the Tummies" by Clayton, 11, Texas
This cereal will have a bear rubbing his head and his stomach as the cover. And it will have a bowl and the cereal box on the side of him. 12-03-14
"Trollios" by Luis, 11, Texas
The idea came because my appetite is as big as a troll's should have. This cereal box will come with a troll inside each box. There will be 7 trolls to be collected. The Trollios are made of delicious cookies & cream pieces, the face of the troll shown on the box. 11-16-14
"Untitled Cereal" by Ian, 11, Texas
There is a prize in each box. Collect all twelve prizes! If you can find the shield in the game find the shield you will receive an out-of-this-world, very awesome, jaw dropping, to die for prize (made out of natural ingredients) It also tastes very good, one taste and your in cinnamon heaven. 11-10-14
"Mini Do's" by Valentina, 11, Texas
My cereal Mini Do's would be a great hit. It wold be little itty bitty donuts in different flavors with a type of grain in a cool shape. Plus it could be glutton-free or something like that. I think it could be a great cereal!!! 11-09-14
"Panda Pops" by Amanda, 11, Texas
Awesome cereal with panda faces with strawberry and chocolate flavors. Super healthy! 11-07-14
"Frosty Crunch" by Shayleigh, 11, Texas
This cereal contains snowman, polar bear, and penguin shaped marshmallows. This cereal will be similar to Lucky Charms, just better! Kids will love it! 11-07-14
"Cherry-O's" by Mafie and Greta, 11, Texas
Cherry-O's is a great cereal that kids and adults can enjoy with delicious cherry flavor and nutrients that they need! 11-07-14
"Creations Creamy" by Zara, 11, Texas
Creations Creamy is an ice cream cereal with tiny little cones with different flavors in each one and each color cone represents a different flavor. The cones are gluten free and delicious! kids will love it. 11-06-14
"Rainbow Yumis" by Allison, 11, Texas
Rainbow Yumis are sweet, salty, chewy, solid, you-name-it little Kawaii Rilakkuma bears that are easy to eat and store and taste fantastic with milk and without. There are endless delicious flavors - creamy birthday cake to golden kiwi to cheddar to toasted marshmallow. The Yumis (means beauty in Japanese) are cute and delicious and come with plushy mini toys of the bears in the cereal boxes, and if you collect all of them, you can take off the tags and turn them in for an epic prize, ranging from a huge Rilakkuma bear reclining massage chair to a flat screen 80 inch TV or other gadgets. 11-06-14
"Strawberry Stars" by Isabel, 12, Texas
Strawberry Stars, the amazing cereal taste exactly like strawberries, and they are in fun star shapes!! 11-05-14
"Cinna Warriors" by Aiden, 11, Texas
Tasty cinnamon flavored cereals shaped like different warriors and their weapons. 11-05-14
"C-C-Cereal" by Shaswat, 11, Texas
My cereal by far is really good and I think Mr. Frank will like it. 11-05-14
"Cronuts" by Nicole, 11, Texas
Go nuts for Cronuts! Think about it what are some things that you eat for breakfast (especially when you are too lazy to make anything) usually something like a donut or croissant... and when you combine the two what do you get? Well Cronuts of course! This delicious cereal contains a nice amount of iron, vitamin a, vitamin c and consists of no artificial flavoring! Healthy and Delicious! 11-04-14
"Mini Do's" by Maria, 11, Texas
Mini Do's are tiny donuts that come with different frostings in each cereal. Our slogan is "Turn your kitchen into a donut shop!" Our mascot is Mr Donut! 11-04-14
"Fruity Rainbow Bombs" by Abigail, 11, Texas
Little kids would love them because they would be many different colors and flavors. 11-04-14
"Dark Chocolate Mini's" by Parker, 11, Texas
My idea is to have a dark chocolate Cereal. They will be shaped like teddy bears. You would get a small teddy bear named Mimi. There would be different Mimi's from the rare gold Mimi to the common chocolate Mimi. There would also be a super rare one and only a thousand are produced. This would get people rushing to buy more cereal. 11-04-14
"Space Asteroids" by Chandler, 12, Texas
Space Asteroids cereal will pop in your mouth like asteroids crashing to earth. It is a really yummy cereal and when you chew it will go CRACKLE, POP, BAM! If you do 1000 box tops of this particular cereal you will get a free 2 in. action figure of a space animal. 11-04-14
"Bits o' Bacon" by Kimberly, 11, Texas
Start o' Wakin' with Bits o' Bacon!' With fun toys and prizes, the tasty deliciousness, who could resist?' So why not start your day with Bits o' Bacon? 11-04-14
"Minute Rice Cereal" by Dan, 46, Pennsylvania
As a kid my mom would sometimes make us minute rice and add butter sugar and cinnamon. I still make this sometimes and it delicious. So Im suggesting a Minute Rice cereal that could be a puffed rice or rice flake coated with the flavor of butter sugar and cinnamon. 11-02-14


"Frosty Franks" by Didi, 11, Texas
Because my teacher's name is Mr. Frank. They are very healthy and have a toy inside with a surprise code to enter to win a getaway with your family on our website! 11-21-13
"Sugar O's" by Justin, Andy, and Ben, 11, Texas
Meant for a kids who are looking for a sugar high. There will be fun things to do on the back of the cereal, like mazes and word games. So good, they'll make your sweet tooth burst! 11-19-13
"Choco Arroz" by Tobias, 11, Texas
A tasty chocolate rice cereal in cookie form with dulce de leche (like caramel) in the middle with chocolate fudge on top with only 100 calories and 45% from fat. 11-18-13
"Animal Krisps" by Theodora, Earllia, and Hannah, 11, Texas
They are little flakes shaped like animals and with each box you buy, you could win a trip to the circus or the zoo! Kids will love them. 11-16-13
"Outfit-Bitz" by Reagan, 11, Texas
Fashionable Cereal! Shopping bag shaped oats and clothing shaped marshmallows! 11-06-13
"Energy Puffs" by Vishal, 12, Texas
Energy Puffs is the best. It has the flavors that no one can resist. It is healthy too and tasty. 11-06-13
"Bulldog Crunchies" by Valerie, 11, Texas
Shaped like bulldogs and taste like berries. Use Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries and Blackberries to make it fruitylicious! And it is healthy too! 11-05-13
"Catching Fire" by Emily, 11, Texas
Catching Fire themed cereal with the slogan "May the odds be ever in your flavor". 11-05-13
"Cran-Bran" or "Craisin Bran" by Quinton, 33, Utah
This is basically just Raisin Bran with Craisins instead of raisins. 09-19-13
"Jalapeno Flakes" by Michael, 12, Florida
Because my teacher's name is Mr. Frank. They are very healthy and have a toy inside with a surprise code to enter to win a getaway with your family on our website! 06-20-13
"Coffero's" by Braeden, 12, Canada
It is a mix with coffee crisps and oreo. 06-20-13
"O's" by Michele, 28, Washington
Coconut Cheerios. Plain and simple. 04-11-13
"Projsheck" by Bethany, 25, Scotland
Made with crunches turtle bites. NOTE they are not really turtle bites they are biscuits shaped like turtles. 02-05-13
"Chocolate-flavored frosted flakes with marshmallows" by Jamee, 19, Texas
I love frosted flakes but making them chocolate flavored with marshmallows would be amazing! The name would be choco flakes! 01-12-13


"_______ O's" by Nia, 15, Tennessee
This cereal is interactive. Not having a name gives people a chance to be the creator. The cereal includes individual packets of dehydrated fruit, unsalted nuts, marshmallows, and granola. This lets them create their own unique flavor so that breakfast is fun! The box is also blank and includes non-toxic markers so they can have their own designs! This is a fun and cool idea for kids to want to STAY and eat breakfast. I know that this idea will have boxes flying off the shelves. Please consider it! 12-05-12
"Omega Lightning" by Reagan O, 12, Texas
This cereal keeps you smart with Omega 3. The cereal is shaped like lightning! 11-27-12
"Pinklets" by Kiera, 12, Texas
The mascot is a pig. "Nothing is ever so delicious!". 11-25-12
"Unstoppable" by Christabella and Alexis, 12, Texas
This is a good cereal and they can't stop eating it because its really good! Our mascot is Mrs. Train. 11-14-12
"Banana O's" by Alexandria, 11, Texas
This cereal is like Frosted Flakes, but with bananas! It tastes great and smells fruity! 11-13-12
"Cat Mix" by Ariadna and Kathryn, 11, Texas
A great taste in every bite and the cereal is shaped like cats. 11-12-12
"Choco Wookies" by Larisa, 12, Texas
Chocolate cereal that is COMPLETELY natural. It's for children all ages, fans of Star Wars or.. people that want GOOD cereal. All credits go to Lucas Films. 11-12-12
"Crystal Crunch" by Jackson, 12, Texas
A cereal with those little balls like trix except with some see-through diamond shaped crystals that are coated in sugar! *Please note that the crystals are NOT real diamonds :)* 11-12-12
"Pumreat Puffs" by Hannah S, 11, Texas
Pumreats were "founded" during a word unscramble in class. We thought it was a fruit! It's puffed rice with mini dried pumreat puffed bits. Pumreats taste like pomegranate and strawberry! 11-11-12
"Toon O's" by Brandon, 12, Texas
Toon O's is a cereal all about cartoons! On the back there is a question like "Who is your favorite cartoon character?" Submit to the website on the box and the most popular choice will be the premium in the next box! 11-11-12
"Unique Cinnamon Toast" by Lainey, 11, Texas
Each cinnamon toast is unique. Some are chocolate, strawberry, blueberry and mystery. 11-11-12
"Lucky Flakes" by Blake, 11, Texas
Magical colors and shapes, and made with healthy ingredients to help you start your day. 11-11-12
"Swatsons Cereal" by Nick, 12, Texas
The first and ONLY Baseball Cereal created for the Sugar Land Skeeters in Sugar Land, Texas. The cereal is very nutritious, but warning it may make you itch if you forget your mosquito repellant. 11-10-12
"Wazoo's" by Ted, 12, Texas
It gives you muscles and you get to collect cards and puzzles on the back. 11-07-12
"Monster Bites" by Katie, 11, Texas
The monster bites are full of flavor and look fun to eat. 11-07-12
"Orange Jacks" by Rommy, 11, Texas 11-07-12
"Super Sponge Flakes" by Sarah, 11, Texas
You could make the box blue and cut out green shapes and stick them on the bottom of the box like seaweed and then pick the shape of your cereal and draw it and your done. 11-07-12
"Coco Donut" by Gayoung Moon, 12, Texas
I love chocolate donut but I can't eat them, I decide to make cereal have taste of chocolate donut. And I put marshmallow too. I think it will taste so good! 11-07-12
"Sporties" by Daniel, 11, Texas
It is very crunchy. They are shaped like footballs, baseballs, soccerballs, and basketballs. 11-07-12
"The Cereal" by Rabih, 11, Texas
It is swirled like Trix and is plain. 11-06-12
"Music Note Crunch" by Grace, 11, Texas
Each puff is shaped like a music note! 11-06-12
"Frosty Puffs" by Kyra, 11, Texas
The character for my cereal is Frosty the Snowman. My cereal is corn puffs frosted with sugar. 11-06-12
"UFO'S" by Cassie, 11, Texas
This cereal is outta this world. With cereal flakes shaped as ufo's, aliens, and other planets not including earth. This cereal is scrumshius. You have to buy it. It is also healthy. 11-06-12
"Color Changing Coco Puffs" by Farran, 12, Texas
I love the color pink and purple and I love coco puffs so I came up with pink and purple coco puff that change colors when you bite in to them. They're gooood! 11-06-12
"Apple O's" by Caleb, 11, Texas
I have iPad minis as marshmallows and iPods and iPhones as the crunchy sugar cereal! 11-06-12
"Hoops" by Matthew, 16, Wisconsin
This cereal is about basketball. It will give you a chance to win tickets to a game to whatever team you like. 11-06-12
"Meh-o's" by Aaliya, 10, Canada
For the kids out there who love weird words! 10-14-12
"Mighty Me" by Mary, 56, Colorado
Cereal is an important food to me and I like it to be nutritious as well as taste great. The base of the cereal should be made with whole wheat or multi-grain flour, oat and rice flour, sweetened with raw brown sugar. Flavor #1 should be a combination of grapefruit, orange, and strawberry. These combinations of fruit to enhance the immune system, fight viruses and sore throats. Flavor #2. Pears, grapes, cranberries. These combinations of fruits help the heart and LDL Flavor #3. Tomato, grapefruit, watermelon. These combinations of fruits are cancer preventions. The cereals can be shaped like fruits. Think of the caricature that can be drawn. The world needs to go back to healthy eating and this would be so great. I have a few more great combos... 08-26-12
"Cocoa Puffs Combos" by Philip, 50, Nevada
I love Cocoa Puffs so I'd like two combos with the cocoa puffs... Cocoa and Banana Puffs and the other Cocoa and Strawberry Puffs. 06-12-12
"Rainbow Sprinkels" by Tiffany, 11, Ohio
I like the name Rainbow Sprinkels --- it's rainbow colors with sprinkles. 04-12-12
"Two Cereals in One Box" by Elisabeth, Michigan
How about having two cereals in one box. It's been my 3 boys favorite thing to do with cereal for the past year. I don't remember the last time they had cereal without having two kinds in one bowl. I'm not suggesting having them mixed in the box - but in two sides somehow. Either 2 bags, or a different kind of cereal container. 04-02-12
"Poppers!" by Luis, 10, California
It would be cotton candy of blueberry flavored cereal that pops in your mouth in each bite! 03-15-12
"Pokemon Cereal" by Jordan, 17, New South Wales
BRING BACK POKEMON CEREAL! When I was younger [about 11 years ago] I used to get the Pokemon cereal. I LOVED it and really wish they'd bring it back. After all these years I still remember the taste as if I had last eaten that cereal this morning... anyway, maybe if they bring it back they could do something like what the Smarties company did a few years ago by having each different shaped cereal be a different flavour and having a flavour guide on the box which tells you what flavour it will be if you mix certain shapes and colours (eg. mixing a yellow pikachu with an orange charmander gives a tropical flavour etc.) 03-08-12
"Strawberry Cheesecake Crunch" by Dalton, 18
America's beloved decadent cake, being enjoyed in your daily routine! Know you can start your day off the way it ended and don't we all want that :) This delicious cereal will be enjoyed for generations to come! 01-09-12


"Butterfinger Cereal" by TL, 31, Illinois
Butterfinger flavored nuggets or rice cereal covered with chocolate. [First suggested by Steven, 2007].12-01-11
"Angry Birds" by Antonio, 21, Illinois
Angry Birds cereal will be just like lucky charms but with the characters from the multi millions dollar game corporation "Angry Birds". This is a great idea because just like the game, Angry Birds characters have different season's. Christmas, Halloween, and etc I think this would be a great idea especially with Christmas around the corner and the huge popularity in the game. 11-22-11
"Crispy Critters" by Dominique, 12, Texas
I think kids will like it because kids like animals. I'm going to put prizes and fun games on the back of the box. 11-13-11
"Mega Munchers!" by Thomas, 13, Alabama
Big puffs of corn shaped like a giant man or dinosaurs. 11-07-11
"Honey Puffs" by Dylan, 11, Texas
It's like Cocoa Puffs but instead of cocoa its honey. 11-01-11
"Super Cereal" by Christian, 11, Texas
This cereal is for kids who like superman. You eat it and you get strong muscles and abilities just like superhereos. So it taste good and you get strong. 11-01-11
"Red Bull Puffs" by Blake, 11, Texas
This cereal would be sweetened, red, round puffs. It would taste like the Red Bull drink,and have the same ingredients. When kids eat it for breakfast, it will give them energy all day for school. Parents can also eat this cereal to get a nice boost for work or their workout. 10-31-11
"Muffin Munchies" by Jack, 12, Texas
Bite-Size Muffins in your Cereal Bowl - They're better than Mom makes! 10-29-11
"Disgu-I-zios" by Bailey, 12, Texas
The cereal that keeps things mysterious! You don't know what it will look like every time you open the box! The perfect disguise to avoid awkward situations .... our cereal comes with a free disguise mask! 10-29-11
"Redbull Puffs Cereal" by Collin, 12, Texas
You eat with Redbull instead of milk to give you energy in the morning. 10-28-11
"Phineas & Ferb Flakes" by Caitlin, 11, Texas
I thought it would be neat to create Phineas & Ferb Flakes. What kid doesn't like Phineas & Ferb? It could be a healthier cereal that would appeal to adults because it's healthy and kids would like it because it's Phineas & Ferb! 10-27-11
"Bull Dog Flakes" by Jacob, 11, Texas
It would be a cereal that represents my school mascot. The cereal would be corn flakes in the shape of bull dogs. Each box would come with a bull dog toy. On the box would have fun facts and information about my school. 10-27-11
"Cosmo's" by Pranay, 11, Texas
I wanted my cereal to be healthy and tasty. This cereal is healthy and made with fruits and wheat grain and tastes wonderful. Yummy... 10-27-11
Cereal Box Literacy by Sherry, 50, Ohio
I would love to see parts of storybooks on the backs of cereal boxes for children to read. I know they are doing this idea in England. My kids love to read the boxes. As a teacher, I do a lot of projects with the boxes and would love the cereal companies to help promote reading. 09-09-11
"Twix Crunch" by Marina, Philadelphia
I am a huge Twix fan and I have noticed that Twix doesnt have a cereal product and I have some suggestions on a new Twix cereal brand. I would appreciate it if I could share my opinion about one of the best candy bars ever made. 06-29-11
"Cocoa Flakes" by Tyler, 11, Michigan
Cocoa Flakes are just like Frosted Flakes, except, they're smothered in rich, delicious milk chocolate. 06-17-11
"M&M's Cookie Cereal" by Kayla, 13, New York
I think there should be a M&M's cereal and it could be kind of like Cookie Crisp. 04-17-11
"Cotton Candy Crunchies" by Kassi, 9, USA
I got my idea by my mom jennifer burry a true genius. 04-10-11
"Cheetah Bites" by Ashley, 17, South Carolina
Each bite makes you faster! They can be round cereal with paw shaped marshmallows! 03-29-11
"Chuck Norris O's" by Topete, 13, California
Every time you take a bite some guy gets round-housed. 03-25-11
"Bugleo's" by John, 49, Georgia
Setting here eating lunch, eating Bugles nacho flavored. Wondered why you couldn't have Bugles for breakfast, a little smaller shaped, call them Bugleo's, "Have a tooting good time for breakfast!" 03-18-11


"Puppy O's" by Saranna, 5, Wisconsin
I think we should make Puppy O's shaped like puppies and kitties! 10-21-09
"Kellogg's Cake Mix Cereal" by Brian, 38, Philadelphia
A great new cereal that kids will love and I can invision a perfect marketing scheme. The name of the cereal is Kellogg's Cake Mix Cereal. 09-01-09
"Pokemon Cereal - The Resurection" by Laura, 15, UK
= I really think that the Pokemon cereal should be brought back! It could have Pokeballs, and the Classic characters such as Pikachu, Squirtle and Charmander. As a free gift you could have finger puppets for all of the trainers, and you could even include a Pokemon fact file, for a Trainer or Pokemon, or a game on the back. Or you could even include tokens to save up for some new Pokemon merchandise. It would be an all round winner, as many people I know are still interested in Pokemon. You can even include different special ranges, such as the 501 series, and then a certain Pokemon series [ie - if you chose a Pikachu series of cereal, inside the box, the cereals could be mini Pikachu's, mini versions of Ash, and lightening bolts or something to show what he can do). As you can probably tell, I would absolutley LOVE this cereal. And I'd buy it all the time. 06-17-09
"Loops&Berries" by Mylynda, 23, Texas
I think it has a wonderful taste to it. I mixed Fruit Loops with Captain Crunchberries cereal and I mean wow! 05-20-09
"Healthy Heart" by Sierra, 13, Ontario
"Healthy Heart" cereal in the shape of hearts and tastes like cinimon. YUMMY 05-12-09
"Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs" by Billy, 14, Virginia
I think there should be a cereal called "Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs" like in the popular cartoon "Calvin and Hobbes". The cereal, like in the cartoon, would have a type with marshmellow bits like in Lucky Charms, and one without. It would be flavored chocolate like chocolate Lucky Charms and not like Count Chocula. It would be frosted a little heavier than frosted flakes. And it would be really cool if somehow, it could turn the milk purple!03-22-09
"TAGGU CEREAL" by Munchi, 12, Australia
It can have colorful cereals in the shape of hearts.01-14-09


"Deadly Nightshade Crunch" by Jasmine, 15, Arkansas
For all you Nightmare Before Christmas fans! It's Sally's potion for putting the professor to sleep! Want to go to a party tonight? Give your parents Deadly Nightshade Crunch...Duh.12-09-08
"Cotton Candy...For Breakfast?" by MD, Kansas
I think they should make cotton candy flavored cereal...that would be sweet!12-09-08
"Nike O's" by Katie Rae, 14, Michigan
You could have little puffs that are in the shape of the Nike symbol and have something like Frosted Flakes in it, too.11-03-08
"Super Dipped Marshmallow Toasties" by Justin, 12, Georgia
It's the marsmallow sensation that's sweeping the nation! It's marshmallows dipped in mountains of chocolate.11-03-08
"Credit Crunch" by Catherine, 14, UK
There should be a cereal related to it, both educating and helping society, on the lines of the credit crunch. The actual cereal could be shaped as money or faces and the taste could differenciate. I think this is a great idea, which could make people think twice about the cereals they are actually bying.10-13-08
"Trix Mix" by Paige, 10, Missouri
It would be a 2 color swirl so you can have 2 flavors in 1 Trix.08-23-08
"Space Power" by Chelsea and Sinead, 10, England
We have a packet inside for boys and a packet for girls which are filled with little stars and moons. The cereal is blue and pink colours and both strawberry flavour! Although the boy's is blue, its not blueberry or anything and it comes in an exciting box and we think the name and cover will attract mostly kids because of the bright colour and the dark colour mixed. Also we'll put in cool finger puppets with a range of 6 finger puppets in total to collect! The finger puppets are home made by us so we hope you enjoy them!08-17-08
"Zip Lock Fresh Cereal" by Conie, 49, USA
I came up with the idea to use ziplock bags inside of the cereal box to keep fresh and not spill the cereal. This makes it easier to get to the cereal. 07-03-08
"Li BERRY Ans" by Sam, 13, Iowa
The box would open like a book and the cereal pieces would be shaped as little berry flavored books. Pieces could be little books and when you poor milk on the little books words appear, it could say anything. The slogan could be, "Shhhh, be quiet and eat your books." You could make a commercial too. The scene would be in a library with a librarian telling the kids to be quiet and "eat" their books. 06-22-08
"BERRY Bonds" by Sam, 13, Iowa
The cereal pieces could be shaped as baseball. The slogan could be, "If you want to be like Barry Bonds eat like Berry Bonds." 06-22-08
"Grand Theft Cereal" by Yuri, 16, Canada
This very exquisite and unique cereal should be based on the hit game GTA 4. This cereal should contain strawberry flavors as girls, chocolate flavors as guns, vanilla flavors as cars and marshmallow flavors as cops. These cereals should contain whole grain honey graham cereal as money with an eastern European twist. 05-30-08
"Nilla Wafer Cereal" by Nicole, 20, Florida
Just like Nilla Wafers, except smaller and more in a box, and make them last longer in milk. YUM. 05-19-08
"Platy O's" by Matt, 13, Illinois
They have all the fun of the semi-aquatic platypus in a cereal and it could come in many different flavors like chocolate covered or with marshmallows. 05-19-08
"Ice Caps" by Carissa, 16
They are like frosted flakes but even more frosting on them. Haha that would be really good huh? 04-28-08
"Mocha Munch Cereal" by Pinkster, Canada
It is a chocolate cereal with coffee flavoring. 03-10-08
"Maple Wheaties" by John, Missouri
How about a maple flavored Wheaties? I pour sugar free maple syrup over mine and they are Great! 03-07-08
"Turf Flakes" by Brandi, 15, Oregon
A green cereal with chocolate milk. Lenny the llama would be the mascot. 02-13-08
"Hip Hop Hoopz" by Clancy, 22, Canada
Tastes like Honey Combs but would be in the shape of boom boxes and cars. 02-07-08
"M & M's" by Sam, 13, Port Townsend
Corn-puff-like cereal shells with a colored candy shell and filled with chocolate. 01-26-08
"Puppy Chow" by Kenisha, 19, Michigan
A tasty chocolate, peanut, and powdered sugar-covered treat cereal. Mixing it with milk tastes amazing. 01-06-08


"Smart Start" by Alison, 16, Washington
My friend David and I decided since were both in track to make a cereal called "Smart Start" for athelets that need a big boost of energy in the morning for their big race that day. 11-26-07
"Wakei-O's" by T, 37, Texas
Cereal for Adults! Coffee or Caphuccino or Latte flavored. A way to get our morning coffee AND a pinch of vitamins. 11-14-07
"Butterfinger Cereal" by Steven, 21, California
They have a Reese's Cereal, why not Butterfingers?11-07-07
"Sports Cereal" by Bridget and Nannette, 17, USA
Our idea is to make a sports cereal with the cereal in the shapes of basketballs, footballs, soccer cleats, rollerblades, etc. and have a fruity taste. And put different professional sports players on each box. 11-02-07
"Naruto Flakes" by Miles, 10, Tennessee
It would be shaped like Shrrigan and a nine-tailed fox. 10-16-07
"Bannana Nut Marshmallow Delight" by Stephen, 14, Pennsylvania
It would be a healthy cereal. 09-10-07
"Reese's Peanut Butter Cereal with Marshmallows" by Tanner, 9, Canada
The marshmallows are green, red, purple, and blue. Would also like to see a ketchup-flavored cereal. 07-11-07
"All Charms Lucky Charms" by Dena, 18, Virginia
I agree with the ALL CHARMS Lucky Charms idea. I CANNOT get enough of those things. They taste 100 times better than the marshmallows you buy by themselves in stores. Or at LEAST have MOSTLY marshmallows and a few of the oats. I bet it would be a huge hit. I know I would buy 10 boxes the first time it comes out. 06-16-07
"What's Happened To Me Lucky's Charms?" by Carlos, 37, Wisconsin
The "Oops All Charms" Lucky Charms idea is interesting. However, I'm just the opposite of Kyle 05/26/06, though. I still like sweet sugary cereals; but I don't like cereal marshmallows anymore -- they're desiccated and unpleasant. While Kyle eats all the marshmallows, I'd be happily eating the "What's Happened To Me Lucky's Charms?" edition of Lucky Charms! I love the sweetened oat bits, and that makes Kyle my perfect compliment in this category. 05-28-07
"Fig Mini-Wheats" by Lemuel, 33, Texas
I love Mini-Wheats and I also love Fig Newtons, so why not fill this healthy cereal with such delicious filling, please. 05-17-07
"Danny-O-Sarus Flavor Bombs" by Jenna, 13, Canada
A cereal "anny-O-Sarus Flavor Bombs" with a friendly dinosaur on the cover would be so cute and don't forget to put say they are "DINO-licious". 05-13-07
"Special K with Frosted Flakes Cereal" by Barbara, 39, Maryland
I had a little bit of Special K cereal left and a little bit of Frosted Flakes. So I mixed them together in the same bowl and it was really good combined. The sweetness of the Frosted Flakes combined with the no so sweetness of the Special K was good. Then you have a more healthy and not so healthy combination together. Added no sugar and Voila! 05-05-07
"Playboy Cereal" by Cynthia, 15, Illinois
I think that [Jordan's 2006] Playboy cereal is a pretty neat idea but instead of just Playboy bunnies you should have some of the marshmallows shaped as the faces of: Holly, Kendria, and Bridget, and the Playboy bunnies mixed in. I think a lot of people would totally buy that. That's a good idea Jordan, from Washington. 04-27-07
"Goorazapams Munchies" by Corey, 18, Wisconsin
Goorazapams Munchies would consist of a flavorful assortment of munchable desires. 04-26-07
"Fuel for Athletes" by Bruce, 15, Iowa
Have a cereal that is very high in protein and good for you but still have that great taste! 04-23-07
"Oatmeal Cookie Cluster Crunch" by Jessie, 27, Canada
An oatmeal cookie themed cereal with big oat clusters and raisins (or chocolate pieces) with lightly sweetened flakes that taste a bit cinnamony to give an oatmeal cookie like taste. I also love the other idea already sent in about mini muffin cereal - mini carrot muffins as a cereal is brilliant! 04-22-07
"Ghett-Os" by Mike, 17, New Jersey
Little cans of spray paint for marshmallows and there could be red bricks as the crunchy part. 03-29-07
"Jungle Munch" by Janine & Caitilin, 17, Canada
Jungle Munch will be in the shape of jungle animals. The top will be strawberry's and the bottom would taste like honey! KEWLNESS. 03-29-07
"Dino-Rage" by Alex, 10, New Mexico
Sweet dinosaur marshmallows in delicious sugar-coated flakes! 03-19-07
"Rabbit Munchies" by Janiya, 12, USA
I think whoever likes rabbits whould like the cereal. It whould have carrot-shaped marshmallows that taste like orange. 03-18-07
"Bikini Bottom Blast" by Walter, 56, Minnesota
They could team up with Nickelodeon and have Sponge Bob on the cover and have different sweepstakes on the box. 02-23-07
"Sour Sweets" by Phil, 9, Texas
Delicious sweet marshmallows with puffed whole grain sprinkled with sour candy rocks. 02-04-07
"Morning Bakery" by John, 12, Texas
I would like to see a cereal consisting of mini muffins, sweet butter bites, with nuts and/or blueberries. Also, side products could include Apple Crisp, Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana Nut, and "Original". 02-04-07
"$$$Money Makers$$$" by Aria, 10, Wisconsin
The cereal looks like dollar bills and golden coins. If you have all coins in your box you win $1000. (Aria likes Amy of Ohio's idea submitted in 2004). 01-22-07
"Aces" by Aria, 10, Wisconsin
"Aces" are shaped like cards and there is one real card in a 100 boxes and if you win you get a trip or a prize. 01-22-07
"Random Flavors" by Maddie H., 18, Pennsylvania
Hey, I think that they should invent a cereal that has random flavors in it like roast beef or Chinese. I get cravings for different flavors at different times and that way I would be able to pick out whatever flavor I would want at that specific point of time. Yay! 01-12-07
"Chocolate Covered Strawberries" by James, 26, Texas
I would really like to see a cereal with chocolate covered strawberries in it. Also, there could be sweet flakes along with other dried fruit. A side product could have nuts or even DARK CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES! 01-09-07


"Pride of Wisconsin" by Kayla, 85, Wisconsin
Lets have a cereal that is cheese flavored and are in the shapes of cows and corn. 12-11-06
"Vegan-o" by Sarah, 17, North Carolina
"Vegan-o" is an all vegan cereal. Every ingredient inside the cereal, like the milk, would be soy or something that would be acceptable by the vegan community. Some would be chocolate, the others would be plain like the corn pops. 11-30-06
"Worm-A-Licious!" by Andrea, 15, Canada
It's slogan could be, "Delicious and Nutricious!". It could have a promotion were they give away free disney movies for children inside every box! 11-24-06
"Bunny-O's" by Sarah and Angie, 20, Canada
"Bunny-O's" with cute little bunnies all over it. Oh, ya with marshmallows, and the milk turns pink... who wouldn't love it? 11-10-06
"Medieval Crunch" by Timothy, 15, Oregon
A medieval-aged cereal that has marshmellow swords and helms and castles, and have chocolate pieces. 10-25-06
"Pancake Crunch" by John, 34
With cereal pieces resembling the cookies from cookie crisp but would be pancakes with a slight taste of maple syrup. The character for the cereal would be a lumber Jack called Flappy Jack. 10-03-06
"Hatchlings" by Jake, 12, Arizona
A cereal that starts out as an egg, but then changes to different characters once the milk is poured on. It would be fun to watch the eggs turn into something else while you are eating them. 09-19-06
"GOP Cereal" by Travis Roste, 33, Minnesota
We need a cereal with little red elephants and marshmallows in the shape of a bust of Ronald Reagan. 08-18-06
"Choco-Loco" by Ana Luisa, 38, California
"Choco-Loco" or "Choc-o'-Lat". They should create a chocolate ball that is pourous enough (yet crunchy enough to not get very soggy quick) which is filled with powerdered chocolate so that when the milk permeates the outer "crust" the powdered chocolate then becomes liquid so when you bite into it you get a burst of liquid chocolate. The mascot can be a chocolate bunny or bear (like you see in Candy shops) named Choco-Luv. Can be milk or dark! Guaranteed, those of us who like cereals that try to give us rich chocolately milk will be satisfied with this one! 06-16-06
Andrew, 15, Canada
Lucky Charms - Oops All Charms (again). I think you should make your little marshmallows in your cereal a snack. That's the part of the cereal everybody enjoys the most. Put them into little packs of 12 or something. 06-12-06
Kyle, 47, Canada
Lucky Charms Oops All Charms. You need to make Lucky Charms with just the marshmallows. I throw away the oats and eat the marshmallows itself and it's really good. Everyone wil buy it! 05-26-06
"Cinnamon Chocoberry Twist!" by Arooj and Monisha, 11, Canada
It should be a square-shaped cereal with cinnamon on top and chocolate inside with hardened chocolate-dipped blueberries mixed into the box. The prize will be 2 tickets to a basketball game. That would be a yummy, mouth-watering cereal. 05-25-06
"Pop Star Cereal" by Misty, 17, Oregon City
Pop Star Cereal or Rock Star Cereal. 05-24-06
"Playboy Cereal" by Jordan, 12, Washington
With Playboy Bunnies Marshmallows. 05-16-06
"Puffed Rice Fruit Flavoured with Marshmallows" by Tiffany, 13, Canada
I would like to have a cereal I am not allergic to. Somethin that doesnt have milk, wheat, or oats. I would just like to have something that I dont have to worry about to eat.. Maybe Puffed Rice Fruit Flavoured with Marshmallows...yumm 05-11-06
"Prize Flakes" by Karen, 13, Arizona
I think that, in order to educate young children while they still have fun, there should be a cereal called Prize Flakes. In every box there wil be a card with fun and interesting facts on it, to have children learn more. Around the box won't just be word searches, there will be questions to help children learn and communitcate with parents and family more to keep a strong family communtity. The cereal will be tasty, and very healthy for you in order to keep a healthier world. No artificial flavors or colors, but as you grow up, you will see what a prize "cereal name's company" put into their lives by giving them small essentials that helped them a little bit through life every step of the way. And besides, who said that cereal has to be full of dye artificial flavors and SUGAR! 05-05-06
Randy, 34, Illinois
I want them to package the Lucky Charms Marshmallows separately. Those things are addictive. Long live Lucky! 04-18-06
"Fruity Flakes" by Sarah, 12, Wisconsin
In one of my classes at school, we had to make our own cereal boxes. Mine were Fruity Flakes, and there logo thing (like Tony the tiger) was a white dog named Max. Max was loved by all my classmates. 04-13-06
"Pinkaroos" by Jenisal, 15, Canada
I really would love to see a cereal that is bright pink and called Pinkaroos. 04-12-06
"Creepy Critters" by Christina, 13, Utah
We should have a cereal that looks like a bug or an animal and they taste like Trix, called "Creepy Critters"! 04-03-06
"Rainbow O's" by Cynthia, Missouri
I think there should be a cereal called Rainbow O's because it would appeal to small children and the gay community. It would look like Kix but the colors would all be different and the taste would be like orange is orange, purple is grape etc., and it would have little rainbows in it but they would be white and change to a rainbow color when the milk is poured on! 03-03-06
"Ida-Oes" by Vernon, 48, Idaho
Being from Idaho, I love potatoes. A good cereal would be called "Ida-oes", with a picture of a giant cartoon spud on the box. They don't have to be potato based or flavored. Sweet puffed corn would do fine. 03-01-06
"Breakfast at the Table Cereal" by Dennis, 14, Greensboro
There should be a cereal that looks like french toast but tastes like cinnamon, with tasty marshmallow silverware. 02-28-06
"Bens" by Jenny, 15, California
I believe that there should be a cereal like Cheerios but with a chocolate center. We shall call these "BEN'S." (They could be quite tasty). 01-31-06
"Super Heroes" by Kayla, 18, Michigan
Round oat shapes with tons of super hero marshmallows. 01-29-06
"Peanut Crunch" by Marianne, 82, Canada
My grandchildren requested a cereal called "Peanut Crunch". They say they love peanuts and would love to have a good cereal like that. 01-21-06


"Lovely Leaves" by Corey, 5, Ohio
It's a cereal and, instead of marshmallows, little bits of lettuce and sprinkled with dressing YUM. [Editor's Note: We like the sound of the cereal name --- not the ingredients.] 11-02-05
Melissa, 13, Virginia Beach
Please make a glow-in-the-dark cereal. 10-21-05
"Kool-Aid Krunchers" by Destiny, 18, Virginia
I think it would be a great idea to make a cereal with Kool-Aid flavor. It would be shaped into little balls or like the Kool-Aid man. I did a project last year in High school where we had to invent a cereal that did not exist. My cereal was called "Kool-Aid Krunchers". We then took a survey between 8 class to see what cereal they would buy and mine won with 75%. So you see that would be a profitable product if you where to have a Kool-Aid cereal. Hey, who doesn't like Kool-Aid? 09-17-05

Rahia, Illinois
I use to love Trix cereal. Since the change in flavor and texture I am no longer interested. Where can I find the old Trix cereal (original flavors and the round balls). I feel that you should find out if people like the change. I know that I along with A LOT of friends are very upset about the new Trix. We ate this cereal FAITHFULLY EVERYDAY!

[Editor's Note to General Mills: We have received a number of similar emails from site visitors who have given up on Trix. Idea: reincarnate the old raspberry red, lemon-yellow, orange-orange, flavored-ball cereal and call it whatever you like. There is already a demand for this cereal!] 05-04-05

"White Chocolate Reese's Puffs" by Andrew, 16
A special edition cereal along with the new white chocolate Reese's Cups naming the cereal "White Chocolate Reese's Puffs". They would still have the peanut butter balls but they would also have white balls which would taste like white chocolate! 03-16-05

"Cotton Candy Crunch" by Frannie, 13
An awesome name for a cereal would be Cotton Candy Crunch and it would taste like cotton candy of course. 03-06-05

"Drunk O's" by John, 12
I think you should have a cereal called Drunk O's for adults --- that way they can get drunk before noon. 02-11-05

"Cheerleading Cereal" by Aisley, 13
I am a cheerleader. I myself would like to see "Cheerleading Cereal" please. I mean they have baseball cereal breakfast(Wheaties) but yeah with marshmallows please thank you! 01-17-05


"Krispitie-Krunchities" by Bryan, 24, Wisconsin
They should make a cereal called Krispitie-Krunchities. 12-13-04

"Banana Anna" by Anna, 14, Canada
There should be a cereal that is called Banana Anna because it would be filled with bananas and also banana-tasted marshmallows. 11-27-04

"Hungry Hungry Hippos" by Cameron, 13, Wisconsin
You should do a cereal called "Hungry Hungry Hippos" and have little hippo marshmallows inside. 11-11-04

"I Love Peanut Butter" by Jamie, 23, PA
I love peanut butter, so someone needs to make either a peanut butter Life cereal or a peanut butter Rice Krispies cereal. 09-23-04

"Polly and Ponchos Pieces" by Dylan, 12, CT
It is different colored parrots (except white is a toucan) flavored like fruits (except white is mystery). Red is cherry, pink is strawberry, orange is orange, black is black cherry, blue is blue raspberry, purple is grape, yellow is lemon, green is sour apple, and brown is pineapple. It also makes the milk turn green: like a jungle. 08-19-04

"Ugly Duckling" by Amy, 12, Ohio
My idea is that you have this cereal that is brown and ugly. When you pour on the milk, the cereal then turns into a bowl full of rainbow colors, each nugget tasting like its own dye (orange tastes like oranges, blue tastes like blue raspberry or blueberry). 06-30-04

"$$$ MONEY MAKERS $$$" by Amy, 12, Ohio
Money Makers are fun to eat. They look like little dollar bill money signs and golden coins. On the back of every box are money making tips for kids young and old. If your box contains all dollar bills (no golden coins) then you win $1,000. 06-30-04

"M&M Cereal" by Ahmad, 24, Illinois
Since many people love M&M candies, they should have a cereal with chocolate dots that look like M&Ms. Crunchy balls covered with chocolate milk. 03-20-04

"Half-Pipes" by David, 16, Texas
I think yall should make a cereal with little skateboards or skateboarders with the fruity taste of fruit loops, or the cinnamony taste of Cinnamon Krunchers/Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 03-03-04

"Treehouse Munchies" by Cuttie, 12, Santa Barbara
A combination of tree shaped mellows with animal crunch bits. 01-19-04

"Oops I Did It Again" by Brandy, 50, Connecticut
I think we should we should do a Brittney Spears cereal! The [slogan] could be "Oops I ate it again!" omg it would be awesome! I'd eat it any day!! YUMM. She's my role model. 01-06-04


"Harry Potter Cereal" by Topher Ellis, Editor
It's a rich, chocolate-dipped oat cereal in the shape of H's and P's, with Snitch-, Bludger-, and Quaffle-shaped marbits packaged separately inside. Here's the clincher: each box includes 1 of 8 spoon sitters, including Harry, Ron, Draco, and Hermione. Slide a couple of the characters onto your spoons and play Quidditch! "Why are the marbits separate?" you ask. Half your target market hates marshmallows in their cereal, but they might still like to play Quidditch with the marbits! 04-29-03

Topher Ellis, Editor
With all this hubris about the French, would it surprise anyone if General Mills renamed "French Toast Crunch" as "Freedom Toast Crunch"? 08-01-03

"Evan's Gems" by Oui, 32, Missouri
"Evan's Gems" is a "Joe Millionaire" breakfast cereal! Collect all six toy gems, and win a million dollars! 02-24-03

"Muffin Munchies" by Christopher C, 18, Arkansas
My idea is for muffin munches. I know it sounds vulgar if you think of it like that, but it would be a very good idea. What child wouldn't want a bowl of muffins in the morning? It's great. There's so many places this cereal could go, it would be shaped just like a muffin with just as much Chocolate. Then you could have off brands like muffins with nuts who knows. I know that I would love a cereal where your theme could be "muffins with a crunch!" 02-20-03

"Canned Cereal" by Topher Ellis, Editor
I'd love to see a shelf full of canned cereal --- large single-serving poptop cans (similar to personal-sized Pringle cans, only wider). Pop the top and pour in the milk! Just picture full color labels featuring the Cap'n, Lucky, and the Honeynut Cheerios Bee sitting on your shelf awaiting your beck and call. As a "premium", the cans could be made of heavy molded plastic and double as cool kids cups. 02-16-03

"PB&J Crunch" by Nicole, 18, NJ
It's time for the world to invent a peanut butter and jelly cereal. The peanut butter tasting ones can be shaped like mini pieces slices of bread. The jelly can be either grape flavored with a round shape (just like peanut butter capt crunch) or strawberry flavored like the berry shapes in Trix...ohhh my mouth waters at the thought! 02-02-03


"PEPPI-PUFFS!" by Sparki
Light, crunchy frosted puffs of corn, rice, and oats, flavored with peppermint and tinted a Molly Ringwaldian Pink. Instead of marshmallows, the confectionary add-in will be miniature air-puffed mint candies. 08-19-02

"Pro Football Wheaties" by Ron, Ohio


"Smart" by Pajama Pirate
I have an idea for a new cereal called "Smart". The slogan will be, "You are what you eat!" It will have crunchy eyeglasses and marbits of the following shapes: a brain, the symbol for pi, a microscope, and chess pieces (knight and bishop). On the back will have Steven Hawking, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Davinci, and other various geniuses from history as cartoon characters asking fun I.Q. questions. Smart cereal. 04-30-01


"Jack Nicklaus Cereal" by Glenn Wobbly
I think that Jack Nicklaus cereal is a long-overdue idea. (Of course, Jack Nicklaus' beautiful mug will grace the box.) I propose the cereal be grainy, yet oaty, with green and brown marshmallows to represent the greens and sand-traps of a golf course. Also, there should be slightly-bigger oat or marshmallow golf balls. Perhaps every box could come with a golf club-shaped spoon for the kids to enjoy. Also, there should be a free "tee" inside every box. The back of the boxes will be filled with fun golf facts for the whole family to quiz each other on, and it will encourage a learning and golfing environment in the average American household again, as once was before in a more innocent time. I LOVE JACK NICKLAUS! I also think that there should be some catch-phrases to go along with the cereal. For example, Jack Nicklaus could be hitting a golf ball into a kid's (or his) mouth, while he is saying "Make a hole in one." Also, he could be shouting, "Four...Bowls, that is." 11-05-00

"The Big Crunch" by Pajama Pirate
I thought of a cereal called "The Big Crunch". It's based off the end of the universe, you know, the big crunch (opposite of the big bang). It would have things from outer space in it like stars, comets, planets, satellites, and whatever else is in the outer space. I guess it would just be a rip off of Magic Stars, but it would be a lot better. More like an update of Magic Stars. Celebrate the end of the universe by eating a bowl of "The Big Crunch"! I would also like to express how much I enjoy this newsletter. I just discovered it today and I'm very happy that I did. I look forward to reading news about one of my favorite joys of life: cereal. Thank you. 10-02-00

fortune cookie crisp"Fortune Cookie Crisp" by Dennis Ludlow
Here's a cereal box I have just designed. I always had a cool idea for a different kind of cereal that used fortune cookies instead of regular ones. I was like "well if they can use cookies, then why not fortune cookies?" They are sweet and tasty and I think they would be a big hit here in the States (but probably short lived like Ice Cream Jones cereal). The writing on the monkey's rice hat reads "fortune monkey". "Artificially sweetened rice cereal" is right underneath Fortune Cookie Crisp, and my last name "Ludlow" is written underneath the mock logo in the upper left corner. If it really did exist, I would eat it with every meal. 04-25-00

"Peeps Cereal" by Topher Ellis, Editor
(This idea came from the alt.cereal newsgroup). I think the idea of a Peeps cereal is not only hilarious, it's inspired. It would sell great around Easter, and if it hits, could be a year-around winner. It would be important to use "real" miniature soft Peeps, and not a hardened marshmallow look-alike. (That would kill it instantly). I can picture a bowl of Peeps now... with the little yellow and white Peeps floating around on top of the milk kind of looking up at you... As for the cereal grain content, I'll take oats. 03-24-00


"Cereal Box Bookcovers" by Topher Ellis, Editor
Near the beginning of the fall school year, which usually begins in August or September, cereal companies should give away book covers that look like cereal boxes. Picture our kids toting their math, science, and grammar books around campus disguised as their favorite cereals. Lots of great exposure! 11-01-99

"Pokemon Cereal" by Topher Ellis, Editor
My kids would buy a good-tasting "Pokemon Cereal with Powerballs!" Design a box with great graphics and include a Topps Foil Pokemon card or a small plastic/rubber 3D Pokemon figurine or spoon sitter free inside each box. Hey Everyone! Collect all 150! Boy, talk about a huge marketing opportunity! 09-01-99 [Editor's Note: Kellogg's has finally picked up on this idea. See the April 2000 issue for more details].


"Cereal Combinations" by Topher Ellis, Editor
Quaker Oat's Kretchmer Wheat Germ and Post Grape Nuts (one of the few nonsugar-infused cereals in Post's lineup, and one which actually needs to get a tad soggy in milk before you can enjoy it) make for a great combination. If you like either, you'll love this. Pour yourself a bowl of Grape Nuts, spoon on 2 or 3 large tablespoons of Wheat Germ, mix, add milk, and enjoy. Not only will you get a better tasting breakfast, you'll get more nutrition as well! 05-01-97

Carlos, an industry insider from Wisconsin, has suggestions for everyone submitting cereal ideas...

"Since we all would obviously like our earnest suggestions to be considered and implemented if possible, there are a few things you could do to make your ideas more usable by those of us working for the cereal companies, and hence more likely to be used!"

"First, think about how someone you've never talked to is going to imagine your new cereal idea after reading only what you type. Were you specific enough -- as specific and explicit as you wanted to be -- about your idea? Very new flavor ideas will probably stand out on their own, and might be considered solo. Otherwise, it doesn't hurt you to be as complete as possible. If you can give a lot of specific details, defining important aspects of the cereal and things that would be used for advertising, go ahead. We can always use some parts of your idea and leave out or change others if we feel we need to."

"Some people are only suggesting NAMES. If that is all you are submitting, ask yourself if the name is the only thing you care about in your new cereal. If you really will eat anything called 'The Cereal Name I Love', then by all means hit send."

PRIZES - is it part of the cereal idea, or just the prize you like? Several people suggest prizes (or other promotional items) to be included in the boxes, as they describe a new cereal. A) It is true that prizes do not always relate to the flavors/characters/ingredients/back-story/names/whatever of the cereals in which you find them. But the best ones, for promotional purposes, do. So if you are suggesting a prize for a new cereal you are suggesting, pick a prize that has something to do with the cereal. For example, "a watch, in TimeKeepers Cereal" is a better match-up than "a squirt-gun, in Barbie Dolls Cereal"; I'm not saying that one prize is better than the other, but that first pairing is better than the second. B) If you have a cereal idea, and you also want to suggest a certain prize that you would be happy to see in any cereal, just suggest both, but in separate posts.

I'll make up a good example right now. It's specific with name, mascot, storyline for the mascot, flavor suggestions (what I like and don't like, since *I* am making the suggestion), prize ideas that tie in to the cereal's theme, and more.

"I would like to see 'TimeKeepers Cereal' produced. The cereal would be puffed corn (or oats or both) pieces shaped like watches and grandfather clocks and hourglasses and sundials (maybe other timepieces?). It would be lightly sweetened (like Honey Nut Cheerios, rather than like Frosted Flakes). The mascot would be a brown-haired boy with glasses and his friends, who travel through history saving time and important events from going wrong. I see the boy wearing like a safari outfit, because he's exploring (time), and maybe because it's practical for some places he goes. But maybe some other costume(s) would work well, too. Is there a regular boy's name that deals with time? That would be cool. Commercials and box backs could show some of his adventures. Promotional items could deal with different parts of history and the future, too. They could also deal with the mascot and his friends once they are popular. I don't know if he'd use a time machine, or something magic like a magic time-piece to travel through time. I'd like it better if they actually traveled through time, instead of just dreaming about it and waking up to have the cereal after a dream. You could make other TimeKeepers varieties by later coming out with some that have soft marshmallows (not marbits), and later some with fruit flavors or chocolate flavor."

"You don't have to have this much detail, but this is a great communication of the picture in the writer's head, and ideas that help the cereal company sell the new product are necessary for the cereal to be successful."

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