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Topher's Recommended Castle Sites and Books
Welcome to our recommended list of castle sites and books.
You'll find information on everything from "How to build" castles to educational information about castles. We've got links to snow castles, sand castles, and medieval castles.

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Cool Castle Sites
Site Description of Site Link
Castles on the Web This comprehensive site features links to dozens of castle sites and book listings in numerous categories, from designing and building castles to medieval castle life. This site seems to have it all! Medieval Castles
Sand Castle Central Photos, tips, and tricks on sand castle building. Sand Castles
Snow Castles Instructions on how to build a good snow fort or castle, and more fun with snow! Snow and Ice Castles

Our Favorite Castle Book
Stephen Biesty's Cross-Sections Castle Stephen Biesty's Cross-Sections Castle
by Richard Platt

Available only in Hardcover
This is an exceptional book that is intended for young readers, but is fascinating even for adult readers. You get to see, and learn about, a fully functional castle in it's heyday. A grand medieval castle is divided into it's many different subsections. Each part of the castle is shown and described in great detail. Renowned illustrator, Stephen Biesty, brings the castle to life! Its inhabitants, from the Royalty and their residential area, to the toiling peasants and craftsmen, to the military with their weaponry and defenses, are included.

There is also a "Where's Waldo" type "Find the Spy" hidden in each cross section. While the squeamish may have some objection to the miniscule amount of material depicting the treatment of captured enemies, and some potty humor involving the functioning of the castle lavatory, I suggest it's a good opportunity for discussion as it really only enhances the thoroughness of the material. It is a good educational resource and a fun book to "read".

If you are looking for more books than just the one we recommended above, you can search Amazon's entire bookstore for additional castle titles.

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