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Old Huneynut Bee

(Honey Nut Bee)

General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios
Huneynut Bee
BuzzBee, the Honey Nut Bee (late 1970's/early 1980's), is a cheery bee with small wings, and white shoes on his hind legs. His job is to encourage you to eat Honey Nut Cheerios. “It’s a honey of an O, it’s Honey Nut Cheerios.” An earlier bee design is shown at left, with a more current design at right. He was officially named BuzzBee on April 6, 2000.

In early 2004, Honey Nut Cheerios launched a whole new campaign directed at kids. The bee is no longer tempting peoples' tummys with the taste of nuts and honey. He's back in the hive ("The Hive That's Nuts About Honey") to prove he's the best darn honeybee ever! Vinton Animation did the work on the first spot.

Billy West voices the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee. (Other credits include "Red M & M" and "Philip J. Fry" from Futureama).

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sir grapefellow

Sir Grapefellow

General Mills Sir Grapefellow
"Tally-ho". Sir Grapefellow (1972) is a World War One flying ace who flew for his "grape flavored oat cereal with sweet grape starbits (marshmallows)".

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Baron Von RedBerry

Baron Von RedBerry

General Mills Baron Von RedBerry
"Achtung! Baron Von Redberry iz der berry goodest". Baron Von RedBerry (1972) was also a World War One flying ace, for the other side. He patrolled the skies for his "berry flavored oat cereal with sweet berry starbits (marshmallows)".

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Wendell, Bob and Quello

General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch
General Mills French Toast Crunch
General Mills Peanut Butter Toast Crunch (2004)
3 Bakers
Wendell (1987) is a gentleman of advanced age who wears glasses and a baker's apron. He cooks up the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and French Toast Crunch. Originally, there were three bakers. One tall, one short, and one Wendell. Officially, the other two bakers names were Bob and Quello, although their names weren't spoken in the commercials.

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ChumleyTennessee Tuxedo

Chumley and
Tennessee Tuxedo

General Mills Frosty-O's
Chumley Box
(Circa 1960's) Chumley (voiced by Bradley Bolke) is a walrus. Tennessee Tuxedo (voiced by Don Adams) is a penquin. Frosty-O's was described as a "sugar charged oat cereal" with "goodness shaped like little frosted donuts".

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Hoppity Hooper

General Mills Cheerios
Hoppity Hooper (1964, voiced by Chris Allen) is a frog. His big bear buddy is named Fillmore.

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Twinkles the Elephant

General Mills Twinkles
Twinkles (1960) is a magical, roto-tailed elephant. "The only cereal in the storybook package". She has many animal friends who appeared on boxes with her. Twinkles has the distinction of being the first cereal named for its character (or vice versa). Twinkles were sweetened oat and corn-shaped stars.

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Twinkles Sprinkler

General Mills Sugar Sprinkled Twinkles
General Mills Tutti Fruiti Twinkles
Twinkles Sprinkler (1965) is a fireman who "sprinkles Twinkles with sugar and bright party colors" through his fire hose.

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crazy cowcrazy cow

Crazy Cow

General Mills Crazy Cow
Crazy Cow had two versions of its frosted corn cereal. The Crazy Cow pouring to your left turns the milk chocolate. The Crazy Cow pouring to your right turns the milk strawberry. Crazy Cow was test marketed from 1972 to 1976 and it went national in 1977.

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E.T. (phone home)


General Mills E.T. Cereal
E.T. (1984), the extra-terrestrial, represented his own peanut butter and chocolate flavored crispy sweetened 2-grain cereal, after staring as the title character in Steven Spielberg's highly successful movie.

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lone ranger (hi ho silver!)

The Lone Ranger

General Mills Cheerios
General Mills Trix
General Mills Wheaties
General Mills Kix
The Lone Ranger, dressed in a Texas Ranger uniform and wearing an eye-mask, fought bad guys across the West. His faithful steed was named Silver. He championed Cheerios on radio in the 1940's, then on TV and boxes begining in 1948 and running as late as 1957. Kix (1941 - 1944). He represented Trix ("The Sugar Cereal with the Fruit Flavor") in 1955, and touted Wheaties in the 1950's as well. "Hi-ho Silver, Away!"

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jurasic park - lost world

Jurassic Park T-Rex Skeleton

General Mills Jurassic Park Crunch
Jurassic Park - The Lost World was the Summer 1997 sequel to Jurassic Park. Sweetened whole grain oat and corn cereal with 4 prehistoric marshmallow shapes.

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Colonel Corn Burst and Hattie The Alligator

General Mills Sugar Frosted Corn Bursts
This pair may have appeared as early as 1966. We do not know what became of Colonel Corn Burst. He disappeared soon after his 1969 cereal box appearance atop this alligator.

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Sugar Jets

Major Jet

General Mills Sugar Jets
Space Pilot
Major Jet the Space Pilot (mid to late 1950's) was exploring our universe by spaceship long before NASA. Sugar Jets were like sugar-coated Kix cereal.

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Sugar Jet Kids

Sugar Jet Kids

General Mills Sugar Jet
These Sugar Jet Kids were flying high in 1954.

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MoonbirdJohnny JetGoggol the Alien

Mr. Moonbird

Johnny Jet

Googul the Alien
Goggol the Alien

General Mills Jets
Mr. Moonbird (possibly with a German accent) flew onto boxes of this sugar-frosted oat and wheat puffed cereal in 1958. Johnny Jet (1960) was a high-flying kid with a crash helmet.

"Goggol" or "Googul" the Alien (1965-1966) was a three-eyed alien from the planet Zot. He was featured in a 4-part episode, "Zot" of Total Television's "The Underdog Show" in 1964. Total Television was an affiliate of Jay Ward productions, who had a contract with General Mills in the 60's to match their characters to General Mills cereals.

"Blast off with Sugar Jets" with shapes from space: planes, planets, stars, satellites, and Saturn rings.

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Go-Cart Kids

Go-Cart Kids

General Mills Jets
The Go-Cart Kids and Dog appeared on boxes in 1961.

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Jets Football Players

Football Players

General Mills Jets
Jets Quarterback (#3) and his Jets teammates appear on boxes of Jets in the 1960's. We do not know if this box was inspired by the professional football team. (We do know Joe Namath's jersey number was 12 however).

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