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Submitted for your approval... You find yourself walking down the cereal aisle of your favorite neighborhood grocery store. A particular box catches your eye and you stop to look at it. You remove the cereal box from the shelf for closer inspection. Suddenly, the bottom breaks, spilling an almost endless supply of cereal all over the floor. It doesn't stop. Before you know it, you're up to your knees in little colored corn puffs. Looking down, you notice the cereal is full of little prizes and you've found them here. These links will keep you busy for months, exploring everything they have to offer, and before you know it, you'll find yourself in The Twilight Zone.

Breakfast Cereal Publications

The Boxtop
A seasonal cereal newsletter written for cereal enthusiasts. Interesting articles, cereal reviews, what's new, and more! Read the current publication and over 12 years of back-issues.
The Freakie Magnet
Cereal Collectors Magazine site features a full back-issue library, Freakies magnets and figures, and a small cereal box gallery.
Free Inside Fanzine
Mikal Vollmer's "Free Inside" is "The Fanzine of Contemporary Cereal Box Collecting". Complete back-issue library!
Cereal Books and Publications
Our recommended list of books and publications featuring cereal characters.

Breakfast Cereal Boxes and Prizes

Tick Tock Toys
Large cereal box archive, along with other fun collectables
Lunch Box Pad
All lunch box. All the time. The history of vintage lunch boxes and over 30 other areas for lunch box collectors to surf.
Spoon Sitters
An introduction to Spoon Sitters, Bowl Hangers, and Spoon Riders.
Van Brode Company International Figurines
A short history on Van Brode Company and their "Dancing Dolls" figurines.
Cereal Premium Archive Index
Information and images for cereal premiums of the 1960s and 1970s, and the cereal boxes they came in.
PrizeNSide Cereal Portal
An archived site for prize info, cereal ratings, cereal boxes, and interesting information.
Time Passages Nostalgia Company
Providing collectors with childhood treasures and memories. They specialize in 20th century pop culture memorabilia and historical artifacts --- including prizes and premiums found in food products.
An awesome French website devoted to French cereal boxes and premiums
Star Wars - Collectors Archive
Food Containers and Premiums
I Love Shredded Wheat
A collectible site for The Shredded Wheat Company

Breakfast Cereal Information

Breakfast Cereal Hall of Fame
This popular 1996 site has been recreated for your viewing pleasure.
Breakfast Food Statistics
Which commercially produced breakfast foods are consumed most often? The results may surprise you.
Breakfast Cereal History
Histories of the great breakfast cereal companies.
Industry Analysis
Here's an interesting analysis of the Breakfast Cereal Industry.
Nutritional Information About Your Favorite Cereals
Check out the nutritional value of your favorite cereals using the NutritionData.com's database.

Cereal Related Information

Grain Gods
These cereal mascots are so popular, they're known as the Grain Gods.
Ebay Auctions
Cereal Related Items: Search for +cereal +box
Cereal Quotes and Slogans
Our favorite cereal quotes and slogans spoken by non-animated characters.
The John W. Hartman Center, Duke University
Features the J. Walter Thompson Company archives.

Cereal Activities

Create Your Own Name For A New Cereal
You can create the name for a new cereal from over One Million possible combinations. Fun!
Cereal Quiz
So you think you know something about cereal? Here's an educational, 15-question, interactive cereal quiz with instant results.
Big G - Box Tops for Education
Accredited K-8 public, private, parochial, and military schools in the United States can earn up to $10,000 by simply collecting General Mills box tops.
Famous Cereal Recipes!
Cereal isn't just for breakfast.

Cereal Related: Vocal Artists, Commercials, and Cartoons

The Toon Tracker
Finder of Lost Cartoons
Vocal Talent
Profiles on the performers who provided the voices for animated commercial characters.
The Internet's most comprehensive source of information about the U.S. toon scene.
Voice Chasers
A database dedicated to Voice Actor recognition.
"The Official Daws Butler Website"
The voice of Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Snaggelpuss and many more. Read about his life, read scripts he wrote for his acting workshop, hear actors performing his scripts, and hear rare sound files of the man himself! All part of Joe Lorie's Comedy-O-Roma.
Charles Ulrich's Frostbite Falls Page
A wealth of information on the Jay Ward Studios characters has been contributed by Charles Ulrich, and "The Frostbite Falls Far-Flung Flier" (FFFFF: September 1993 issue) for which he is the editor. Waffle Wiffer and Crunchberry Beast images were drawn by Richard Anderson.

Cereal Cels and Advertising

Animation Art Gallery
A huge collection of animation cels
Waffle Whiffer Zone
Blog all about advertising characters, and maybe a few tasty waffles.
Jon Bernhardt's Animation Art Collection
Original Quisp cel used with permission
Van Eaton Galleries
TV Commercials (Original Production Cels and Drawings)

Cereal Humor

Cereal Humor
Humorous cereal-related items and "Wacky Packs".
Cereal Fan Art
Cereal boxes created by graphic artists and cereal fans.
Fictional Cereals
Fake cereals and cereal mascots that have appeared on radio and television, and in movies and books.
The Last (Pancake) Breakfast
Here is "The Last Breakfast" by Aubrey Hallis and Dick Detzner's "The Last Pancake Breakfast". These are two works of art lampooning "The Last Supper" by substituting famous breakfast characters.

Breakfast Cereal Company Websites

Cap'n Crunch
Quaker Oats' Cap'n Crunch site
General Mills
General Mills cereals
Cereal Homepage
Nestle Breakfast Cereals site
Post Cereals
Post Cereal Site
Quaker Oats
Quaker Oat's Homepage
The Quisp Website
Quisp Info and Order Cereal

Acknowledgements To Individuals
and Sites Which Are No Longer Active

IceNet Crunchy Stuff
1960's and 1970's cereal box images
Scooter Thompson's Thoughts On Cereal Box Collecting
What more is there to add?
Peter Knowlton
Special Effects/Critter Construction
Chris Bailey's Animation Art Page
Original Quake cels courtesy of Chris
Acme Animation Art Cel Gallery
Large collection of animation cels
Scott Bruce's cereal site
Animation Station
Advertising cels
Toy Museum
Museum of Advertising Icons

Site Honors
Jay Ward Studios
Site Honors go out to Jay Ward Studios, its animators and vocal talent (Daws Butler, Bill Scott, June Foray, Paul Frees, William Conrad, among others), who created many of our favorite characters including Cap'n Crunch, Quisp and Quake, Quangaroo, King Vitaman, Rocky and Bullwinkle, and Dudley Do-Right.
Animators, Vocalists, and Other Creative Talent
Additional Site Honors are awarded to the many other talented animators, vocal talent, and other creative individuals that brought us other fan favorites: Dean Yeagle, Preston Blair, Joe Harris, Alan Snedeker, Phil Mendez, Gary Dunn, David Shea, Dan Winsor...

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Jack FrostGary DeJongBJ EllisAnd you?

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