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Unclassified Cereals

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Cereals are listed as "unclassified" until the manufacturer
or character becomes known.

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Here is a list of cereals which may have been produced by Quaker Oats. We know that advertising work was done by Jay Ward Studios, but we cannot confirm the existence of an actual product. Please e-mail me at Topher if you have any information on any of these cereals. Thank you.
  1. Mr. E. "The Mysterial Cereal"
  2. Captain Vitaman #1 (with Iron Mike)
  3. Cap'n Crunch's Low Sugar Cereal
  4. Captain Vitaman #2 (with Lester the Wonder Dog)
  5. Vitaman the Great (with Danville)
  6. Cinnamon Flakes
  7. Crackles
  8. Cinnamon Bear Cereal.
  9. Hi-Lo's (with Officer Hi and Officer Lo). The ad featured the vocal talents of Jesse White as Officer Hi, Paul Frees as Officer Lo, and Bill Scott as the dreaded Hi Lo Munchster. Cereal bits may have been barrel-shaped.

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Here is a description of a character to which we are trying to confirm his name and cereal. Please e-mail me at Topher if you have any information on this character. Thank you.
Date: late 1950's or early 1960's
Character resembles an anteater or aardvark wearing a red bowler hat, a suitcoat and a red necktie. May have gone by the name Norbert.

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Here is a description of a cereal. We have yet to find any proof that it existed. If you have a cereal box image, or video, or any more definitive information, please e-mail me. Thank you.
Name: Kellogg's Disney's Gummi Bear Cereal
Country: May have been Canada only
Date: Circa 1980's
Cereal: Pink puffy little balls (corn-pop shaped). The cereal tasted like a bowl full of Captain Crunch Crunch Berries.
Characters: Gummi Bears. The cereal was based upon the large gang of cartoon characters that apperared on a breakfast cereal in the late 1980s and/or possibly the early 1990s. These characters were bears with blue fur that stood on their hind legs and wore clothing. The blue bear's name is "Tummi Gummi".

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Please Help Us Identify The Monsters and the Manufacturer of This Cereal:

Cereal: Monster Munch?
Character: two monsters which look a lot like Dracula and Frankenstein, may be a single two-headed monster.
Character's Names: Unknown.
Manufacturer: Unconfirmed.
Year of issue: Early 1970's.

Suggestion #1: When no one was looking, these monsters would come out from a kitchen closet and take the cereal. Later they would come out when nobody was around and eat it at the kitchen table.

Suggestion #2: These were a part of Post Pebbles cereal commercial. They were the prehistoric versions of Frankenstein and Dracula (probably Frankenstone and Slagula?).

Suggestion #3: The characters in the cereal ad were joined together by a mad scientist possibly named Frankengoul. It ran in the mid west in the early 70's.

If you know more about this cereal, please e-mail me. Thanks!

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