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Pooh Episode Guide
Original Cast and Adventures


This entire guide was prepared for you by Whisper the White Wolf, who lives beyond the North Pole, and beyond the 100 Aker Woods...

Disclaimer: The cartoon series Winnie the Pooh is copyrighted and owned by Disney. This episode guide created by me is for non-commercial enjoyment purposes only.

I decided to make this episode guide, because I couldn't find one on the net. I love this series. It's so adorable! The friendship the characters share is so special and beautiful, for adults and children alike, even if none of the characters can spell!

My favorite character is Eeyore. Every time I see him I want to jump in the screen and give him a great big cuddle, to cheer him up, cheering myself up in the process! Though I adore the other characters too.

Dedicated to:
A. A. Milne, for bringing such wonderful characters to life, light, laughter, love and friendship to the friends of the 100 Aker Woods.

Disney, for giving new life to the characters.

And all the Pooh and friends fans out there. May you find all the hunny your rumblee tumblee desires, may your friends always be near in times of need, may you bounce your troubles away, may your vegetables never wither, may you soar high, may you always find your way in the dark, may your mums not fuss too much, may your children be safe, may you play all you want, and last but not least may you always be loved and your house never fall down. Big 100 Aker Wood hugs to you all!

© 1999 Whisper

P.S. - If you think there are spelling mistakes in this guide, you're obviously not a Pooh fan!

Edited and formatted by Christopher Robin's "Winnie the Pooh Character Guide"

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CharacterVocal Talent
POOHSterling Holloway / Hal Smith
PIGLETJohn Fielder
TIGGERPaul Winchell
EEYORERalph Wright
RABBITJulius Matthews / Will Ryan
GOPHERHoward Morris
KANGABarbara Luddy / Julie Mc Whirter Dees
ROOClint Howard/Dick Billingsley / Dori Whitaker
OWLHal Smith
CHRISTOPHER ROBINBruce Reitherman / Kim Christianson / Jon Wamsley / Timothy Turner
NARRATORSebastian Cabot

Welcome to Pooh Bear's first animated adventure in the Enchanted 100 Aker Wood. Pooh Bear's exercising before his breakfast. He's a hefty happy Pooh. Though he's out of hunny. Oh bother. Pooh climbed the Hunny tree, humming his rumblee tumblee song. But he falls down. Oh Bother. He thinks. Think, think, think. And he thinks of Christopher Robin. Eeyore, who's stuffed with sawdust, has lost his tail. Christopher Robin hammers it back on again, and Eeyore switched the tail, which he says isn't much of a tail, but he's kind of attached to it. Pooh asks Christopher Robin for a balloon to float to the Hunny Tree. But first he went to the muddy place and rolled and rolled in the mud. Now he's a lone black rain cloud. But the bees s-u-s-p-e-c-t something of this little black rain cloud. The bees get mad and push Pooh into the tree, the balloon gets untied and Pooh goes flying. Christopher Roooooooobin! He catches Pooh and they run from a battalion of ballistic bees. But Pooh's not the sort to give up easily. He goes to Rabbit's howse, but Rabbit is not too keen to have Pooh over for lunch. Of course Pooh wants Hunny and eats Rabbit out of house and hunny. But he's eaten so much, he's stuck! Rabbit runs off to get Christopher Robin. Owl and Gopher come by and try to work out how to free Pooh. Gopher tries to dig Pooh out, and figures out that it will take time and... dynamite! Chris and the others are determined to help Pooh. Rabbit decides he has to get used to Pooh Bear's bottom sticking out into his house. He tried a frame, a hunting trophy, but that tickled Pooh and he messed up the mouth... and then a dinner table setting... Kanga and Roo bring Pooh Bring Honeysuckle blossoms. Pooh sneezes and messes up Rabbit's table... Gopher brings some food, but Rabbit is horrified - he doesn't want Pooh to get any fatter. But the next day, Pooh budged. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! The gang all pull him out. When he's free, Pooh goes flying - right into a hunny tree - he's stuck, but he tells them not to hurry.

The winds are rustling up the 100 Aker Wood. Fortunately Pooh's Thotful Spot was in a rather sheltered spot. Gopher tells him to leave because it's Windsday. Pooh decides to wish everyone a happy Windsday. Piglet loves his house in the middle of a beech tree, been in the family a long time. Belonged to his grandfather, Trespassers Will. TW for short. The winds blow Piglet into Pooh. Pooh catches Piglet, but his scarf unravels. Eeyore's house unfortunately gets knocked down by Pooh, as Piglet flies through the wood, attached by a string. Rabbit is happy when Pooh and the flying Piglet stack his carrots as they fly by. Owl sees Piglet pasted on his window. Owl opens his door. Pooh and Piglet are blown into Owl's house. He reminisces of the winds of 67, or was it 68?... Poor Owl's tree gets blown down. Eeyore offers to find a new house for Owl, while Owl tells the gang about his Uncle Clive. The blustery day turned into a blustery night... Where strange growly noises are heard... Pooh peers curiously into the night and gets bounced by Tigger. T-i-double-ga-er. Tigger scares himself in the mirror. Tigger decides he doesn't like hunny and scares Pooh by telling Tigger that Heffalumps and Woozles steal Hunny and Pooh decides to guard his Hunny. The blustery night turned into a very rainy night. Pooh fell asleep and began to dream. Heffalumps and Woozles... Heffalumps and Woozles... steal hunny... Beware... Beware... They're far, they's near... Poor Pooh Bear wakes, his house flooded. Raining and thundering all over the 100 Aker Wood. Piglet's house flooded too. Frightened he sent a SOS in a bottle and started bailing. Pooh rescued his 10 hunny pots... So the 100 Aker Wood got floodier and floodier. The gang gathered at Christopher Robin's house, apart from Eeyore who was still looking for Owl's house and Piglet who still needed rescuing and Pooh who was still stuck in his hunny pot. Owl starts to tell anecdotes, however, Pooh and Piglet are approaching a w... w... waterfall... The two slip to the bottom. Pooh gets fished out and Piglet is in the hunny pot and Pooh is hailed as a hero by Christopher Robin and throws a party. Eeyore comes to them and tells them that he found a house for Owl, but he's found Piglet's house. Piglet is upset, but he doesn't want to tell them it's his house. Pooh says that Piglet can live with him and Pooh want the hero party to be for Piglet too.

Pooh is thinking and he is bounced by Tigger. He has to go because he has a lot of bouncing to do! He bounces Piglet too, scaring him! Though he's saving his best bounce for 'ol long ears... He bounces Rabbit and his vegetable garden! Rabbit complains and wants Tigger to stop bouncing, but bouncing's what Tigger's do best! Their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs, but the most wonderful thing about Tiggers, is he's the only one! Rabbit calls a council, complaining about Tigger's bouncing. Piglet has to wake up Pooh who has fallen asleep. Rabbit decides to take Tigger out into the woods and lose him, but find him the next day... They set out that morning, Pooh with a supply of hunny. Tigger bounces further into the mist. Rabbit decides that this is a good place to lose Tigger, and then the gang decide to return home. They hear Tigger. Rabbit and the gang hide in a hollow tree trunk. When Tigger goes off, they decide to go home, however, the gang gets lost themselves. Rabbit assures them he knows the forest well, but they keep on ending up at the same sandpit. Rabbit goes off, while Pooh and Piglet wait in the sandpit. Pooh is thinking of his hunnypots back home. They decide to find their way home, convinced that his tummy would find the way home. Just when the mist clears and they begin to know where they are, they're bounced by Tigger. Tigger goes off to find Rabbit, lost and afraid in the forest. The forest noises get to him... Rabbit runs in terror and he in bounced by Tigger, who takes him home. Tiggers never get lost! Now... This is the first snowfall of the 100 Aker Wood. Tigger is going to teach Roo how to bounce. Who hoo hoo hoo! Rabbit is ice skating on the lake, peace and quiet... Tigger proves to Roo that Tiggers can ice skate... but he trips and collides with an unfortunate Rabbit, the bunny crashing into his house. Tigger decides he doesn't like ice skating and they look for something Tiggers do best. Climbing trees... Tiggers bounce trees! He almost bounces clear out of the book! Tigger bounces so high, he's terrified to come down. Roo is up with him too. Meanwhile Pooh is tracking... something. Piglet follows. They follow what they think are four sets of tracks. Piglet is rather scared. Helooooooo! Tigger calls out. Pooh thinks he's a Jagular. Roo calls out to them. Pooh sees that they're not Jagulars at all. Christopher Robin and gang try to get Tigger and Roo down from the tree. Roo jumps first to a relieved Kanga, but Tigger's don't jump, they bounce and they only bounce up. Tigger promises never to bounce again once he gets down. Rabbit is ecstatic. Tigger even begs the Narrator to help him down. The Narrator tilts the book, helping Tigger down the page. Tigger is so happy, he kisses the snow. He's so happy he wants to bounce, but Rabbit reminds him that he promised not to. Tigger is heartbroken that he can never bounce again. He sulks off alone. But the gang decide that he likes the old bouncy Tigger best. Even Rabbit repents - and Tigger bounces him happily! Tigger says Rabbit has the feet for bouncing and Rabbit discovers that bouncing is cool!

(Ending from the Disney Classic "The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh)
Christopher Robin likes to go to the Enchanted Place and do nothing. He promises Pooh he'll never forget him, not even when he's 100 (Pooh will be 99 then). Whatever they do, wherever they go, in that Enchanted Spot, a little bear will always be waiting.

The beautiful stream flows through the 100 Aker Wood, where it becomes larger and thus a river, which an old familiar wooden bridge crosses this river. Pooh would often wonder there, doing and thinking nothing in particular, but this occasion, something took his mind of nothing. A lovely fur cone and he makes a rhyme. He trips and tumbled to the old wooden bridge and drops the cone. He wants to find another one, but is taken by the peaceful river as he looks over the bridge and sees the cone float by. He wonders if the same thing will happen with the other cones and it did. Pooh watches with interest and which ones came out the other side first - and this was the beginning of a game called Poohsticks. Pooh invites his friends to play and they drop their sticks! They see a greyish one coming out - a large grey one. But it's not a stick, it's Eeyore, floating with his legs up in the river. He's not fishing, or sailing - but he is wanting someone to help him out. Maybe dropping stones will push Eeyore over to the other side... Pooh gets a stone and asks Eeyore to stop turning, but Eeyore he likes it. Rabbit counts down. Now! Pooh drops the stone, right onto Eeyore. Eeyore slowly crawls out of the river. They ask him how he got into the river and he says he was bounces, and the gang suspect Tigger. Tigger says he coughed, but Eeyore argues bounces. The narrator goes back to the top of page 245, where it is indeed discovered that Tigger leapt from the tree and bounced Eeyore. Tigger says it was a joke and bounced off. Rabbit is cross, but Eeyore is gloomy wondering why anyone would think of him and walks off sadly as the others wonder what's upsetting him. Eeyore sat by his gloomy spot in the rain, which became even gloomier than usual. He looks at his reflection thinking no one cares, as his personal rain cloud follows him. He tells Pooh it's his birthday, with no presents, no cake, no candles... Pooh hurries home and finds Piglet at his home and he tells Piglet about Eeyore. Pooh wants to get Eeyore a present and thinks of Hunny. He asks Piglet what he wants to give Eeyore and Piglet says he has a balloon at home. However, Pooh eats the hunny on the way. Oh bother. He goes to Owl. While Owl is bragging about his family, Pooh asks Owl what he's giving Eeyore. Pooh tells Owl that he's giving Eeyore a useful Pot and wants Owl to write happy birthday on it. HIPY PAPY BTHUTHDTH THU HDA BTHUTDY. A very Happy Birthday with love from Pooh. He thanks Owl and leaves as Owl flies to Christopher Robin to tell him of the news. Many happy returns of Eeyore's Birthday. On the way to Eeyore's birthday with a big red balloon, but he trips and the balloon bursts. Sadly, he goes to Eeyore, sitting gloomily by the stream. Good afternoon, if it is a good afternoon which Eeyore doubts. Piglet says he brought a present and Eeyore thinks he heard wrong. Eeyore falls to the ground when Piglet says he brought him a balloon. Red's Eeyore's favorite color. Pooh arrives with his useful pot. Eeyore puts Piglet's balloon into the pot and all are happy. Eeyore sits with Christopher Robin, Pooh, Kanga, Roo, Piglet Rabbit, and Owl, blowing out the candles of his iced chocolate cake. Tigger bounces Rabbit and is excited about the party. Rabbit is cross about Tigger bouncing Eeyore. However Christopher Robin says they all should play Poohsticks and they played for many contented hours, and Eeyore, who had never played before, wining more times than anyone else, but a cross Tigger didn't win any. The gang starts getting tired and congratulate Eeyore on a wonderful Birthday. As Tigger and Eeyore walk off, Eeyore tells Tigger his winning secret. Let your stick drop in a twitchy sort of way and Tigger bounces Eeyore again! Happy Birthday Eeyore.

There is also a one hour BBC Release Video, by Jackanory called "Winnie The Pooh, Told By Willie Rushton." It's a narrative of chapters from the original Pooh stories by A.A Milne, showing original pictures from the books. It's set in the actual 100 Acre Wood, exploring original Pooh country and the bridge where the first game of Poohsticks was actually played.

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