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Pooh Episode Guide
New Cast and Series 1


This entire guide was prepared for you by Whisper the White Wolf, who lives beyond the North Pole, and beyond the 100 Aker Woods...

Disclaimer: The cartoon series Winnie the Pooh is copyrighted and owned by Disney. This episode guide created by me is for non-commercial enjoyment purposes only.

I decided to make this episode guide, because I couldn't find one on the net. I love this series. It's so adorable! The friendship the characters share is so special and beautiful, for adults and children alike, even if none of the characters can spell!

My favorite character is Eeyore. Every time I see him I want to jump in the screen and give him a great big cuddle, to cheer him up, cheering myself up in the process! Though I adore the other characters too.

Dedicated to:
A. A. Milne, for bringing such wonderful characters to life, light, laughter, love and friendship to the friends of the 100 Aker Woods.

Disney, for giving new life to the characters.

And all the Pooh and friends fans out there. May you find all the hunny your rumblee tumblee desires, may your friends always be near in times of need, may you bounce your troubles away, may your vegetables never wither, may you soar high, may you always find your way in the dark, may your mums not fuss too much, may your children be safe, may you play all you want, and last but not least may you always be loved and your house never fall down. Big 100 Aker Wood hugs to you all!

© 1999 Whisper

P.S. - If you think there are spelling mistakes in this guide, you're obviously not a Pooh fan!

Edited and formatted by Christopher Robin's "Winnie the Pooh Character Guide"

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CharacterVocal Talent
POOHJim Cummings
PIGLETJohn Fielder
TIGGERPaul Winchell
EEYOREPeter Cullen
RABBITKen Sansom
GOPHERMichael Gough
KANGAPatty Parris
ROONicholas Melody
OWLHal Smith (Series)
Andre Stojka (Movie)
CHRISTOPHER ROBINJon Walmsley and Tim Hoskins (Series)
Brady Bluhm (Movie)
NARRATORDavid Warner (Movie)


Notes: * = 1/2 hour episodes / Contains Spoilers!


Lightning flashes, thunder booms.... It is indeed a dark and stormy night... Christopher Robin and the gang are hiding in the spooky mansion... Running away from... The Mummy... Christopher Robin, eat your carrots, and then you can go to the movies... Much to Piglet's dismay, they're off to see a monster movie. It's only a movie... It's only a movie... It's only a movie... Piglet watches with his eyes closed, but Tigger isn't impressed. Pooh's worried about his hunnycrunch bars and Piglet helps to find them and gets caught in a web of gum... Chris rescues them both and Tigger switches to Pooh's seat to see if his half of the movie is scarier... and Piglet is still scared. Tigger tried to convince him otherwise. However the usher doesn't like the mess they're making. Back in the Woods they're playing out bits in the movie. Christopher decides to make his own scary movie. Pooh's the hero with a white scarf. Tigger wants to be the monster... Piglet's part is very important... He's the one who gets chased by the monster... Oh d...d...d dear... Tigger's monster is so scary that people will come from miles around just to run away... A humungous carrot! Tigger inadvertently scares Rabbit into never eating carrots again. Tigger tries to convince Rabbit who he is, but he's stuck in the suit and Rabbit thinks it's eaten Tigger. The others are filming when Rabbit runs to them and panics. The others flee and hide from the "monster"...' Tigger wants help to get out of his suit... They can hear him calling and want to help him, and discuss capturing the carrot. Tigger comes to them, and they all panic. The carrot falls into the hole, and Tigger gets free, and they try to bury the carrot, but Tigger tells them it's his costume. Piglet is upset that he was too scared to help. Pooh tells him they were all scared. Piglet is still upset. It's raining outside. Pooh brings Piglet his hero scarf. Piglet is still upset, under his chair. Pooh leaves the scarf and decides to get Chris to help Piglet. But Pooh is attacked by the now stray costume in the blustery night. Pooh screams for help. Piglet grabs the scarf and runs after Pooh, saving him. They're making the movie again and this time Piglet is the hero.

Rabbit is sick and tired of Pooh Bear borrowing all his honey. He's barricading his house when Pooh comes in trough the back entrance to borrow some hunny. Pooh's borrowed his hunny for eight straight days, you see. Reluctantly, Rabbit gives Pooh the last of his hunny. Pooh's small smackerels are an understatement. Reluctantly, Rabbit gives Pooh the last of his hunny. Rabbit decides to move away. Eeyore says he can't blame Pooh for moving away, but it's just a show. He wants Pooh to think he's moved away. Eeyore tells Pooh that he's been eaten out of house and hunny. Pooh is horrified that Rabbit is worried that he won't come and visit anymore and goes on a search to bring Rabbit some hunny. Tigger pretends to be a bee which he thinks is redickorous. Pooh says he's got the stripes for it and Piglet is dressed as a flower, however Pooh wants Tigger to buzz with more uzz and less jazz. Piglet sneezes - the bees realize they've been had and Pooh gets thrown every which way. They get Gopher to tunnel under the tree. However the bees get to them before they can get and hunny. They decide to loose the bees in his tunnels. It's a dead end and they're trapped like Ratchets. They hit the bottom of the lake to which they the sprint springs up into the tree. Rabbit turns on the tap and Pooh springs out of it. Rabbit is very upset because he thinks that Pooh values hunny more than their friendship. Pooh drops the hunny pot and it smashes and he says he'll get some more hunny right now and he begs Rabbit not to move away. Rabbit is touched. Pooh has a nightmare, promising him in his sleep to get more hunny. Rabbit brings the silly old bear some hunny, which in the morning, Pooh gives it to him and they share.

Eeyore sits atop his hill, one night, alone in a thunderstorm. Piglet feels sorry for poor Eeyore, still sating at the clouds. He calls a meeting and decides to do something. He decides to get the gang together to cheer up Eeyore, who always seems so depressed. Tigger suggests that tomorrow, the whole gang spend the day cheering up Eeyore. Piglet is upset because he can't think of how to cheer up Eeyore. Eeyore thanks Pooh for inviting his over. Pooh says that he's going to cheer Eeyore up. Eeyore says he's already cheered up. Pooh serves hunny, however Eeyore's don't like... Of course Pooh doesn't mind giving his seconds... Piglet looks in and is upset that he won't be bale to make Eeyore as happy as that... Pooh goes into an apple tree to get Eeyore some apples, since he's not all that keen on hunny. After numerous apples falling on his head, Pooh and Eeyore sip atop a hill with numerous apple cores around him. Pooh calls it s happy time, while he says most people call it breakfast. Eeyore wants to call a doctor, not that he's complaining mind you... Pooh says that they still have lunch and dinner to go and Eeyore takes off in horror. Owl ties balloons to Eeyore, making him airborne, but Eeyore has the feeling it's not going to be any fun. Owl assures him that it will be. He pops the balloons, for Eeyore's solo... Rabbit tells Eeyore that happiness is seeing the benefits of good hard work, aka gardening. Eeyore asks Rabbit to put his tail on, if he doesn't mind. He takes off like a shot when the pin is inserted into his bottom. Piglet has a very large list and is still trying to figure out a good way to cheer up Eeyore. It's very frustrating for a very small and uninspired animal. Tigger and Roo are teaching Eeyore how to bounce with springs attached to his feet. Eeyore has decided that this is "make Eeyore miserable day." Tigger and Roo bounce with Eeyore saying he should have twice as much fun, because he's got twice as many legs. Piglet is still trying to find something to cheer up Eeyore, ice skating, roller staking, hiding under the bed... It's his turn next. Eeyore, Tigger and Roo bounce very high. They grab Eeyore's springs to ground him, but they come off. They put a mattress down, however Eeyore falls off the cliff down into the river. Eeyore sits atop his cloud hill feeling depressed. Piglet goes to him and Eeyore wonders what torture Piglet has in store. Piglet says he wants to cheer Eeyore up, but he says he wants to apologize because he can't think of anything. He says that he's always sitting up here so sad and he wanted to cheer up Eeyore and Eeyore understands what Piglet tried to do. Eeyore is grateful. He tells Piglet he comes up to his hill because he's happy, and atop his hill, shows them all very special - cloud painting. Eeyore makes everyone happy, returning the favor. The clouds shimmer and glow brilliant colors. Anybody can do it. Just use your imagination.

Piglet's in nightmare land again running from Heffalumps and Woozles... He wakes up to Tigger and Pooh, who want to take him camping, but Piglet's not sure... eat hunny... roast marshmallows... and eat hunny, but Piglet's scared of the Heffalumps and Woozles... Pooh thought he brought more hunny... Tigger sets up tent and goes off in search of firewood, but can't seem to find any, as it begins to get dark. The forest seems fresh out of firewood. Tigger falls on a log house and discovers his firewood. It happens to be the home of a Heffalump family. Gasp! The gang camp by their fire and Tigger wants to tell scary stories, but Piglet's terrified. The Heffalump sees the logs of their house being burned and rushes to save it. Piglet has run off, not wanting to be scared by Tigger's story and is scared by Junior Heffalump, who's as scared as Piglet is, as they scramble up a tree. Tigger and Pooh are trying to trap the Heffalump and get their firewood back. They lure Mama Papa Heffalump away with their Hunny, however Papa Heffalump is allergic to deep, dark pits and sneezes his way out. Piglet and Junior Heffalump scream for help, atop their tree. Tigger and the Heffalump argue over the wood. Tigger and Papa Heffalump climb, but Papa is allergic to high heights. Achoo! They catapult Pooh to the tree, which bends over, getting the children down, and he falls on Tigger. Pooh offers to rebuild the house, as they toast marshmallows... and guess who's allergic to them...

Dum de dum... Pooh's on his way to Christopher Robin's house. He shows Pooh a red balloon. Pooh asks him if he can take it for a walk, and Chris says he can if he's careful not to pop it, as Pooh goes flying with it. Rabbit's going ballistic trying to scare crows away from his garden. He sees Pooh coming along with his balloon. Rabbit wants the balloon. He bribes him with some hunny.... fresh hunny to borrow the balloon. He asks Rabbit to look after the balloon, but to be very, very careful with it. Rabbit takes it and draws a scary face on it and makes a scare crow, which frightens the feathers off the crows and Rabbit laughs manically. The scarecrow also scares Piglet and he warns Tigger about the big monster... Tigger bounces the thing and Piglet goes flying with the degassed balloon. Rabbit's frantic about the balloon. Tigger catches Piglet and the deflated balloon falls on Rabbit's head, and Rabbit's frantic because the balloon's flat. He, Tigger and Piglet pretend that the balloon's sleeping. Rabbit confesses to Pooh that they popped the balloon. Pooh decides to tell Christopher Robin the balloon, but Rabbit is scared that he'll never talk to them again. He makes them promise never to tell him... Raise your right hand and right legs... Pooh can't sleep and has a nightmare... Rabbit has a big red rock... Piglet is dressed as a balloon, Tigger tries to blow a bubble gum balloon for Christopher Robin He comes to them and they confess. Pooh confesses too, but he says that it's only untied. Pooh rises into the sly, and the others grab on for the ride...

It is a dark and blustery, snowy night. Rabbit is trying to take care of his carrot. Scarf, check, earmuffs, check. Hot water bottle... Help... Help... though it's not the carrot calling, it's a little baby bluebird being blown about by the wind in her next. Rabbit is frantic and rushes off, despite his suffering carrot to get a ladder. He, gets blown off on his door, crashes into Pooh and Tigger. Rabbit catches the bird just as his door runs outta gas. Kessie all right, the birdy says and says she's sorry for the mess in Rabbit's house. Rabbit decides to take care of her. She'll be no trouble at all. Waaaahhh.... Waaah!!! Rabbit gives her a little birdy nappy, to which she giggles and called him Rabbi. Rabbit gets frantic as the bottle he's boiling on his stove explodes, splattering him with hot milk. Pooh and Piglet come for breakfast... Rabbit lets them take Kessie, but when she bursts out crying and he goes back to comfort her and tells Pooh and Piglet to give her a bath. Piglet wonders why Rabbit is always so grumpy around Kessie, as pooh is poring the soap flakes into the bath, however he uses too much suds, and Rabbit's house fills with them, trapping Kessie in a bubble. She floats up and up and away. Rabbit gets frantic and tried to catch her, slipping on the snow, as Kessie comes down to him. He asks Kessie to promise never to go so high again, although Kessie says likes it. Rabbit holds her and says he doesn't want anything to happen to her. He begins to teach her how to garden. She gives Rabbit the very first carrot she grew. Rabbit is touched, but pretends to get angry about stubbing his toe on the pot. He's bounced by Tigger wanting to take Kessie out to play, but Rabbit tells Tigger that he's teaching her something useful - how to weed carrots. However weeding carrots isn't what Tiggers do best. Tigger takes Kessarino out bouncing and she hugs him, and Tigger suggests a SOTT - Smooch On The Tigger. That's what Tigger's love best! He's bouncing over trees But he'll embarrass the tree if he does it in one bounce, so he does it in three... but the tree tumbles over... and hangs over a huge cliff. Rabbit hears Kessie calling for help and rushed to her, but he's terrified. He gets Tigger to swing Kessie to him, but she slips out of his grip. Rabbit jumps after her, but Tigger catches him. Owl thinks she's diving, and babbles about his uncle Horatio while Kessie is frantically trying to gain some altitude. Rabbit atop the fallen tree trunk is distraught, telling Tigger that he never told Kessie that he loved her. He hears her childlike laugh. Owl brings her back and Rabbit hugs her. Owl wants to teach her how to fly, to fly South for the winter, but Rabbit won't hear of it. (He doesn't want to lose her.) if she were meant to fly, she'd have wings. He promises her that'll have lots more fun than flying. He reads her a story about a pretty little Princess bird, but Kessie wants to fly as she watches the other birds form the window. Fall has come and Kessie sees the other birds flying away and tries herself, but falls into some leaves. She falls on Pooh Bear who says she looks as though she's learning to fall. She doesn't want to know she's learning to fly. Pooh tries to teach her how to fly, but stops them and gets caught in the sling. Kessie tells him that flying means everything to him. Tigger lets go of the rubber band, flinging off the cliff and Rabbit wonders why he didn't stay in his garden with his nice safe carrots. Kessie fonds the courage and flies after him, grabs him in her claws and pulls him up. The others are excited, but Rabbit is sad. He sits at home, cradling the toy bunny he made for her,. Kessie comes to him and asks him to read one last bed time story. He leaves, sadly saying she doesn't need him for anything, Kessie sits in front of Rabbit's fire and cries as Rabbit sits sadly on his bed. The next morning, Owl is telling Kessie how to fly South. She's sad Rabbit isn't there... he's madly digging the snow in his garden. Where is it... Where is it... Bot before she goes, a little SMOTT. Smooch on the Tigger! Rabbit finds her carrot and bolts. Piglet gives her scarf and warns her to be careful in the very strong wind. Kessie asks Pooh to tell Rabbit that she'll never forget him. Rabbit is madly running to the cliff, as Kessie is speeding down the runway. Rabbit runs to them, but Kessie is already gone. Rabbit sits on the ground, brokenhearted, when he hears Kessie's giggle. She couldn't leave without him. Piglet thought that Kessie didn't like Kessie, but Pooh says that sometimes people care to much, a thing called love, but Rabbit already knows.

Pooh finds a spring jack in a box. He thinks Piglet will know just what do with whatever this is. Rabbit and Tigger are arguing where to put a portrait of Piglet's family when Pooh visits. Pooh gives Piglet the thingy as a friendship gift. Rabbit and Tigger are horrified when Piglet has given Pooh nothing in return. Piglet wants to give Pooh some hunny. Rabbit and Tigger decide to get Piglet lots of hunny to Pooh. They go into a tree to get some, but it doesn't exactly go according to plan when the bees discover they've been done in. They borrow some from the others in the 100 Aker Wood. However Piglet drops all the pots and gets very upset. Rabbit says for Piglet to get more hunny. Piglet wonder where to get it from and Tigger says the Land of Milk and Honey... (Sounds yummy...) His Mum used to read to him about that place when he was just a kitten. It's where the jungles are, along the trail of the most dangerous adventures - they leave at dawn... Nothing's too good for a friend... They're on their way. On their way, they encounter a hysterical spotted hyena, which annoys them, not being able to give a straight answer. to get some honey for Pooh as a friendship gift. Meanwhile, Pooh's trying to find Piglet. Perhaps he's hiding in the cupboard. He discovers that Piglet has no hunny! Rabbit decides to ask a band of musical monkeys where the Land of Milk and Honey is and again they are overrun by a heard of purple Heffalump like creatures. The monkeys tell the gang that the Land of Milk and Honey is under a volcano. Tigger says that they should've known. These adventures always got volcanoes in 'em... They finally find the place. After being confronted by fierce looking creatures, they discover that they are in face a race of pygmy piglets. Who believe Piglet is their king. They believe Piglet's spring thing is the sacred tail. Rabbit and Tigger proclaim themselves as Piglet's Chamberlain and Prime Minister, respectively. They put the spring in their piglet statue and it starts pouring hunny again. Pooh is horrified when he can't find Rabbit either and thinks that it's hunnynappers... Tigger says that Piglet wanted them to learn how to bounce and Rabbit tells then that Piglet wants them learn how to garden. They also make the pygmies make statues of them. Piglet isn't happy and wants to go home. Tigger takes the spring things... and breaks the sacred tail as the volcano erupts. Piglet takes matters into his own paws. They tear down the statues stopping the lava flow. Pooh is guarding the house when there is a knock at the door, but he's suspicious that it might he hunnynappers, though they come in the back open door. Piglet gives Pooh the hunny and Pooh tells Piglet his friends his is enough.

Twisters wrought the land... They're all being swept away like the Wizard of Oz... So that's where Christopher Robin's mum's fan got to... C. R's Mum wants him to clean his room, (and use soap when he has a bath) particularly under his bed, but like all kids, Chris wants to play! The gang help him clean up... They throw the things under the bed... But the stuff disappears... They throw a shoe under, but it gets thrown back, throwing Tigger and Chris into the closet. Pooh and Piglet are sucked under the bed... Chris and Tigger get out, but can't find Pooh or Piglet... under the bed... very dirty... playing blocks, marching crayons... Chris and Tigger look for them, Tigger convinced they're playing hide and don't speak... Chris and Tigger get sucked in too... Cars, 3 year old cards, shoes... balls... spinning tops and many other toys... And a frenzied fuzzy dust... thingy, Smudge, minion of the evil Crud. Inside the shoe castle, Crud, a green slime ball laughs maniacally... Christopher can understand why his mother wanted him to clean up, but Crud won't have it. The toys under the bed are forced to do Crud's bidding. They're making a reverse vacuum to dirty the world... Christopher Robin vows to clean up Crud. The gang are imprisoned and plan to escape. Piglet discovers that the floor isn't dirty - the dirt is the floor - and they make their escape, but are cornered by more and more crayons... They board a roller skate and crash it... And dress as a crayon. They've trapped Chris under a bed with bars... But the others free him and they flee, right into Crud' palace. Crud grabs Chris, but Chris pulls out the soap. The yo-yo did some rinker tinkering on the vacuum, and they vacuum up Crud and little Smudge. Chris and the others really clean the room up so Crud'll never come back. His mother is surprised that his room looks so beautiful. Chris never wants Crud on his stuff again. His Mum says he can go out and play, but Chris runs off with the others to take a bath... but with the help of his little yo, he manages to escape with Winnie, Tigger and Piglet and clean the crud!

Hunny pots are mysteriously emptied all across the 100 acre wood - first Pooh's, then Roo's... Pooh goes to borrow some more hunny from Rabbit. Roo thinks they're monsters under his bed. Then Piglets and Rabbits and ever Gopher's. At first Pooh Bear is blamed, but he can't remember taking any... But Rabbit has a few problems of his own. His hunny's been eaten too. But Pooh can't remember taking any. It was those bed bouncing mice... They set mouse traps around a hunny pot and keep watch. The gang get tired and sleep... Although it's not mice, it's those all too elusive Heffalumps and Woozles. But even after they were trapped, they still managed to make off with the hunny. The gang decide to trap the really big mice. The trap works, but it gets Tigger instead, and they discover who the hunnynappers are... The Heffalump is scared of Roo, thinking he's a giant mouse... The Heffalump and Woozle threaten to come back with friends... Rabbit isn't impressed with Pooh's security. Pooh asks why they don't share with the Heffalumps and Woozles. But Rabbit and the others aren't for that. The Hef and Stan go after their large friend Wooster, telling him that they know where there's some Hunny to steal... Gopher's built a wall that no one can get through, but they can get around it... Gopher builds a fortress around Pooh's hunny, but Pooh can't get to it either... Rabbit's made a sign to confuse the Heffalumps and Woozles. Wooster and the others come crashing through the woods... Tigger tell Wooster to follow them to the Hunny. Pooh has set out a Brunchfast table... Pooh gives Wooster the hunny telling him there's a better way to get hunny than to setal hunny. Friends share... Wooster asks to please have some hunny and Pooh is happy to give them some. Stan still isn't happy, and he leaves with Hef, but Wooster is happy with his new friends...

Rabbit decides to force Tigger to have a bath, being sick and tired of him being dirty all the time whence jumping in muddy puddles. However something strange happens - Tigger's stripes get washed off too - and the Gang wonder where Tigger has gotten to - because this newcomer surely can't be Tigger, because he has no stripes and Tiggers have stripes - they do you know. Maybe Tigger's a Rabbit? Rabbit teaches Tigger how to garden and tells Tigger to guard his tomatoes... But a sad hungry bug comes along and he lets him have a tomato... But soon Rabbit's prize winning tomatoes and beautiful garden gets munched and Tigger discovers he's not a Rabbit. Tigger wonders if he's a bear. He's going to get some hunny. Eeyore seems to be the only one who knows he's Tigger. Tigger can't see with his bee protection mask on and is attacked by bees and Tigger decides he doesn't want to be a bear. He's too big to be a Piglet and Piglet's dressing him up as a Christmas tree. Eeyore thinks he's a Tigger tree. Tigger wonders if he is indeed a Tigger... but Tiggers have striped and he's the only one. The gang paint stripes on him, but they wash off in the rain... He leaves sadly into the night. On the inside he feels the same... Eeyore comes to him tells him he's still Tigger on the inside. It's all in the stuffing... Well of course he's Tigger... He bounces in surprise and his stripes start appearing when he discovers his inner self and he has a lot of bouncing to catch up on, right into the muddy puddles! Who ho hoo ho hooo!

The gang think it's Christopher's birthday. They haven't got him anything and so they get him themselves. Christopher Robin gets a new toy. "The Best Toy kid could get." The gang is upset about his new toy. unwraps it, a wind up Monkey, Bruno. He laughs at the others and challenges them. The show-off ape outbounced Tigger, out gardened and out honeyed Pooh. The Gang watch Christopher to have the best, and so they sadly the woods with their things. Chris comes to them telling the gang he loves them for who they are, not for what they can do and doesn't want them to leave. Bruno is upset and feels unwanted. Chris tells them that Bruno is a present for his friend and the Gang stays and Bruno leaves, He takes out his wind up, feeling no one wants him. The gang find him and crank him up. They tell Bruno that they were worried about him. Chris tells Bruno that he'll be his friends special friend, and Bruno feels happy that he's wanted and they wrap him up again for the birthday party.

The crims are escaping! After them! They hop a train, driven by Christopher Robin... The train speeds off, and they try to slow down... and crash into... the bedroom floor. Christopher Robin gives his Babysitter hell, jumping the bed, playing pirates in the bedroom, Ahoy, me Mateys! Fire when ready, first Mate, Pooh Bear! Shiver Me Tiggers! Hand over your Hunny or walk the plank, says Long John Tigger! Fire away! Quick, we need more pillows! We've saved the hunny. Thank goodness. he never manages to save hunny at home... Oh no, they're sailing off the edge of the bed! Feathers cover the bedroom floor and the unimpressed baby-sitter starts to vacuum... while Chris and the others sneak down for a midnight smackerel... Oh quickly, Piglet, the cake... Piglet goes ballistic thanks to a canister of whipped cream... Again the baby-sitter isn't impressed... Chris apologizes... and goes back to him bedroom and tries to get to sleep. The baby-sitter falls asleep and drops her book. Thud. What was that... They sneak downstairs and find a dragon in the living room... A vacuum cleaner... But the thing sucks up Pooh. Tigger attacks it and puts it in reverse, creating a hell of a mess... His mother isn't impressed, the baby-sitter is very apologetic and Chris tries to explain... The dragon, the whipped cream rocket, Long John Tigger... How could he make such a mess? Hey, it was easy! The Gang have fun playing in the first Winter's snow. Kanga asks Christopher and the gang to baby-sit Roo. They make snowmen - indoors, and then when they melt, Christopher has to clean up the mess... while the others play snowball outside. The gang play baseball with snowballs... Roo whacks it with his tail. Home run! Chris has to retrieve Roo from atop a high tree trying to retrieve the perfect snowball... He never realized babysitting was so much work! Roo gets his ball and then the Gang play hide 'n seek. Pooh, Chris and Piglet count, but Tigger and Roo can't find any good places to hide inside. Tigger and Roo run off outside together, leaving the gang to search for them. Roooooo, Tiiiiigger! They hide as snowmen. Pooh and Piglet are following their own tracks. Roo and Tigger slide down the hill. Weeeeee! They go back into Roo's house and find the prefect place. By nightfall, Kanga returns and she's very worried about Roo. They start to look for Tigger and Roo outside. Tigger and Roo are asleep when they come back. Kanga starts to cry, very worried now. Roo and Tigger feel guilty and emerge from under the bed. Roo lets his mother find him, whilst Tigger yawns. Oh, finally find us, ah? The next time Chris is baby-sitter, he and the gang actually goes to sleep for her... Christopher Robin...?

Rabbit's madly trying to shoo crows out of his beloved garden and he's made a barrel scare crow... Piglet comes and wishes him a good morning, and watts to borrow a cooking pot, but Rabbit's upset that Piglet's only come to borrow something and not to see him. He's bounced by Tigger who's come to borrow a... thingimibob, much to Rabbit's dismay. Rabbit gets into his barrel scarecrow and goes after the crows with a vengeance... He chases them off and falls of a cliff into the river. Why does this always happen to him? Rabbit's trying to fix his barrel crow while Pooh comes to borrow Hunny, amongst the crows who've come back for more. Pooh's hunny hand sticks on Rabbit's calendar, pulling the days off... The Crows scatter when they see Pooh coming out of Rabbit's house, covered in calendar pages... Rabbit thinks he scared them off all by himself! He goes to tell Pooh, but he's upset that there's no one else to tell him. Pooh's eaten all his Hunny... Rabbit sees it's the 30th - his birthday! He thinks they're planning a surprise birthday party and goes off to peek at what the others are planning... Piglet's cooking something scrumptious... His clothes. Rabbit goes to Tigger. He thinks Tigger's hiding a surprise present in the tree... Calender Pooh is still trying to get the hunny pot and calendar pieces off him and Owl thinks he's a monster... Rabbit sees them and thinks Owl is decorating Pooh... He goes back home... But no one comes out... He thinks they forgot his birthday and is upset that they don't seem to appreciate his friendship. He packs some carrots and leaves to find a place where he's appreciated. Eeyore goes to tell the others. He gets picked up by a junk dealer and placed in a shop with a SPECIAL tag on him and is placed in the window. Rabbit's happy that he's officially special. The other three toys, an evil Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger plan to take the special tag form him and get bought first. Eeyore finds them that night, hunting flutterbies... Christopher Robin, Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore go to find him. Tigger finds him in a shop and Rabbit tells him why he's angry. When Tigger turns around, Rabbit's jumped by the other bad toys. Chris plans to come back tomorrow and buy Rabbit back. The bad toys try to get Rabbit's tag, because they've been in the store a long time. Rabbit tricks them and flees. The tag, landing on a doll. Chris can't sleep and hopes that his saved pennies are enough to buy Rabbit back, while Rabbit's being chased by the baddie toys and gets trapped, but they find that the doll's got the tag. The three bad toys fight over the tag. Rabbit is very upset. The bad toys split the tag. Rabbit feels worthless and realizes the tag didn't make him special. Chris goes back to the shop and tried to buy Rabbit back. The shop keeper tells him that he doesn't have enough to buy the special Rabbit. Chris goes out of the shop, and converses with the others. He gives him Hunny from Pooh, and thingimibobs from Tigger and Piglet. Chris leaves sadly, then Pooh tells him the biggest thing of all, and Chris adds a while bunch of love. Now he's talking business and he gets Rabbit back. Rabbit tells the other three toys that they're special too. They give Rabbit a surprise party. He thinks it was last week, but his calendar was missing a whole week. There's a knock at the door, and a crown comes in and dives into his cake. Rabbit goes for his broom, but the crow gives him a piece of cake. Rabbit thanks them all for making him feel so... special. Note - Ken Sansom also does the voice of the shop keeper.

Pooh wakes at sixteen o'clock... Piglet visits him and he's just in time for a smackerel. Pooh finds a tooth amongst his marbles. Piglet and Pooh go to Rabbit. It's not an eye tooth or a nose tooth - Rabbit tells him it's his sweet tooth! Pooh is horrified - he can't eat honey without his sweet tooth. Rabbit tried to tie the tooth to Pooh... He plants it nest to his sweet potatoes and sweet peas... But he digs to deep and it falls into Gopher's tunnels. To make matters worse, the tooth is taken by Packrats, along with some of Gopher's tools leaving their trademark walnuts in place. The robbers are making their way through the 100 Aker Woods, and try to take a sundial. Owl comes to them and talks about yet another member of his family and takes the pretty doorbell (Pooh's tooth). Pooh goes to Owl and sees his familiar looking tooth, but it' taken by the Packrats again. Rabbit accidentally drops Piglet into the Packrats loot sack. The rats take off with Piglet, Pooh's tooth and Gopher's goodies. They run into their lair and place Piglet in the armor of a night. They place Pooh's tooth in their chattering Tooth toy, but are disappointed that it's too small. Pooh is looking for Piglet. Gopher gets Piglet out of the knight and they are upset that they can't seem to find the tooth. The Packrats want Pooh's watch. Pooh says he'll trade it for his tooth. The Packrats huddle and then say that if Pooh can guess where his tooth is, he can have it. Pooh says the last place he would look is behind the Packrat Leader's back because that would be cheating, and that's just where it is! The Rats give pooh back his sweet tooth. Pooh tells Christopher Robin his story. Chris tells him that Pooh bears don't have teeth and if they did, Pooh's sweet all over! He tells Pooh that the tooth is a baby tooth he hid with his marbles. He gives it to Pooh and the Tooth Fairy gives him a pot of hunny - much better than walnuts!

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