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Pooh Episode Guide
Series 1 Continued


This entire guide was prepared for you by Whisper the White Wolf, who lives beyond the North Pole, and beyond the 100 Aker Woods...

Disclaimer: The cartoon series Winnie the Pooh is copyrighted and owned by Disney. This episode guide created by me is for non-commercial enjoyment purposes only.

I decided to make this episode guide, because I couldn't find one on the net. I love this series. It's so adorable! The friendship the characters share is so special and beautiful, for adults and children alike, even if none of the characters can spell!

My favorite character is Eeyore. Every time I see him I want to jump in the screen and give him a great big cuddle, to cheer him up, cheering myself up in the process! Though I adore the other characters too.

Dedicated to:
A. A. Milne, for bringing such wonderful characters to life, light, laughter, love and friendship to the friends of the 100 Aker Woods.

Disney, for giving new life to the characters.

And all the Pooh and friends fans out there. May you find all the hunny your rumblee tumblee desires, may your friends always be near in times of need, may you bounce your troubles away, may your vegetables never wither, may you soar high, may you always find your way in the dark, may your mums not fuss too much, may your children be safe, may you play all you want, and last but not least may you always be loved and your house never fall down. Big 100 Aker Wood hugs to you all!

© 1999 Whisper

P.S. - If you think there are spelling mistakes in this guide, you're obviously not a Pooh fan!

Edited and formatted by Christopher Robin's "Winnie the Pooh Character Guide"

The information in this guide may be reproduced and posted, provided you include a copy of this entire bordered section on the top of your page.


Notes: * = 1/2 hour episodes / Contains Spoilers!


The very strong wind has a tendency to blow about very small animals. Piglet gets blown about the 100 Aker Wood. He blows into Pooh's house on this incredibly blustery morning. He's blown out of Pooh's house and slams into Rabbit's house, creating a terrible ruckus, and not to mention mess. Tigger goes to Kanga and Roo's house, causing the flapjacks to fly, Tigger catching one in mid air in his mouth. Yum! Piglet decides the safest place is under his chair. Nothing the gang to can seem to get him out. Pooh decides to give Piglet a telegram. The little pink guy has tied bricks to his feet, but still gets blown about. They enlist the help of Gopher, who tunnels under piglet's house, but make a wrong turn and end up directly under a lake... They plan to give a staying inside party... But Piglet doesn't feel like coming out. He's just being afraid. Piglet's wish is that he never has to come out of his chair again. Roo asks if he hides under a chair, can he eat cake all the time. Kanga replies no, he'll have to have ice cream too! Eeyore is missing Piglet too, as are the others. Pooh gives Piglet a pin wheel, as the others leave. They eat outside and swing, Piglet watching them from his window, wishing he could join them, watching the colorous sunset... Pooh comes to see Piglet in the wind, that night. The wind is worse than before. Pooh is blown away and almost off a cliff. His scarf wraps around the tree, but it breaks. Piglet confronts his fears and goes out into the ferocious wind, using his pinwheel and saves Pooh, just before the pin wheel breaks apart and they land on the ground and Piglet isn't afraid anymore

The gang have organized a play of the Wild, Wild west... The Legund of Sheruf Piglit... Act one, our story begins. Listen to the tale that we're gonna tell... Sheriff Piglet, that's his name... However Piglet isn't too impressed with his role. Water... water... hunny... hunny... The town folk are fleeing the town due to a gang of horse thieves. The Sheriff makes Piglet the Sheriff in accordance to the Legend. Nasty Jack, the world's meanest horse thief trounces the gang. Piglet tries to get rid of the badge, but it's stuck and Jack simply won't be satisfied with a hug... And kicks them into the prison. Tigger watts to stand and fight and teach this here villian a thing or two... Rabbit gets caught by the horse thieves when he runs through the hold in the wall... and make a banana split out of him. They try to rescue him, but it doesn't go according to plan. Please, be reasonable... No... not the whipped cream! Eeyore and Pooh get barrelled, and Tigger gets tied up, and Piglet gets captured. Pooh and Eeyore come back, Eeyore, the Masked Bear and his Faithful Steed... Hello... After an ice cream fight, which Pooh accidentally wins and trounces Jack. Piglet shoos the other horse thieves off. Who was that Masked Bear...? The Gang start to gang clean up the town. Jack in disguise comes up to them with a 'telegram' screaming help for the Masked Bear... But lo, it's a trap! Jack captures them and they get tied up in a mine. Piglet's scared to go out, he's convinced the Masked Bear and his faithful steed will save him. Jack summons Piglet, the Sheriff of Rickety Gulch for a showdown at sundown. Gopher whilst singing with Owl, unhitches mine car, which holds The Masked Bear and his Faithful Steed, which after running roughshod over the Wild West, comes to Piglet. Jack grabs Piglet and the badge falls off and so he can't trounce him because without the badge, he's not the Sheruf anymore. Piglet lets a stoked Jack be the Sheriff and gets awarded a medal! Hi Ho Eeyore, away!...

Oh so allergic Father Heffalump is teaching his son to trap furry woodland creatures, but the inept son can't quite get the hang of it and runs away crying. Pooh and Piglet hear and wonder what it is. Piglet is afraid at first, but then they find it's Junior Heffalump. Thinking he wants to learn how to throw a tea party, the gang gatecrash Rabbit's house, which is made a mess when Father Heffalump bursts in when he sneezes. They escape him by going into Gopher's hole and Gopher thinks that Junior wants to learn how to use TNT. Father Heffalump tried to go after them, but he's too big for the hole and gets stuck, then blown off my the TNT. Junior is upset. Pooh and Piglet decided to help him by pretending to be caught. The father is happy, but Junior accidentally taps him in the trap. Junior is horrified, but the Father is ecstatic that Junior has trapped the teacher and both leave happy, leaving Pooh and Piglet to return home.

Rabbit is happily Spring cleaning his house. He has a bunny book end, and although he adores it, he hasn't got a mate for it and reluctantly takes it to the tip with the other junk. Later on Roo finds it, along with two snow shoes. He gives the bunny book end to Piglet and tells him his snow shoes are tennis racquets. He gives Roo a ball for which Roo trades his Bunny Book end. Piglet doesn't know what to do with it so he gives it to Pooh. Pooh decided to hold the Bunny Book end up with some hunny as she doesn't have a mate. Rabbit comes to Pooh's house and thinks that she's the Bunny book end's mate and desperately offers Pooh five pots of hunny for her. However Rabbit only has 4 pots and goes with Tigger to get some more, finding it's more trouble than it's worth! He finally gets the hunny, gives it to Pooh, gets the book end. The gang arrive and when they're talking, Rabbit discovers it's the same book end, however the gang have made Rabbit a mate since it meant so much to him.

The carriage races across the land... And lo, it's held up by El Tomato!... But behold they're rescued by the Masked Avenger!... Tigger wants to be just like him and wants Christopher Robin to read him another story. Tigger goes to Piglet's house and Piglet helps him to make a costume... he is the Masked Offender, Defender of the Forest! Piglet's his honored sidekick and must promise not to reveal his secret identity and carry his her costume. He goes looking for bad guys and sees an evil doer sneaking up on Bunny Boy... and attacks Rabbit's scarecrow... Masked Offender, Away! And the crows lunch on Rabbit's garden. Masked Offender makes Gopher a hill on his hole so he doesn't flood when it rains... Masked Offender to the Rescue! Now to save Owl... this tree obviously grew up under Owl's house when he wasn't looking... Is Owl planning on moving? Then why is he... The Masked Offender cuts the tree down. The gang have a meeting to stop the Masked Offender... he destroyed Rabbit's Garden and Gopher and Owl's homes... Piglet is worried and goes off to find Tigger... They try to trap the Masked Offender... Rabbit and the gang act in distress... Pooh tells The Masked Offender it's behind there. Tigger attacks it and gets trapped in the glue and molasses too... Tigger is upset and takes off the costume. The gang are upset that they hurt Tigger's feelings, although Rabbit is still angry about his garden. The glue Molasses creature get stuck to them and they almost go off a cliff. Piglet runs to fond Tigger, although the Masked Offender doesn't feel up to it... Piglet goes to save his friends. Piglet Away! The Masked Offender goes off to help the others. Tigger tries to repair the damage he did to his friends houses and Gardens... It was a lot easier when he was the Masked Offender. Tigger decides to stow the costume for a while, but they never know when they'll need The Masked Offender!

The gang are playing on a swing, having fun, even if Piglet is a little scared... They play all day, and into the sunset, and decided to go to sleep. Eeyore is upset that he didn't get a turn. Rabbit wants to come back first thing. Early bird sucks on the worm... Eeyore thinks the worm will get a turn before him as the others leave. Night falls on the woods. Yaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaooooohhhhhh... Yaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaooooohhhhhh... The moon's got termites, or is it Spookables? The gang wonder what's going on. Or is it something else... Piglet is terrified. He covers himself so he can't hear it, although he can see it's shadow... and it looks suspiciously like a donkey on a swing... Yaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaooooohhhhhh... Piglet goes in search of Pooh... He's covered in a pillow case and Pooh thinks he's a ghost... Piglet runs off in terror and the gang go in the woods and go to try to catch and surprise the ghost... Eeyore falls onto Tigger and it is indeed Eeyore taking a midnight swing... He tells Tigger he's learning how to swing. Tigger tried to teach the donkey how to swing. He puts glue onto the swing... but it doesn't work ... Tigger says it's not Eeyore's swinging that's a problem, it's his landings... Piglet is still donning the pillow... They go into a hollow log, as does Piglet, and the gang flee thinking he's the ghost... They tumble around and Piglet falls out of the pillow. Pooh asks him what he was doing hiding in that ghost. Rabbit declares he knew there were no such things as ghosts all the time... Piglet says he heard the ghost. But they hear the 'ghost' and go to investigate. Yaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaooooohhhhhh... Eeyore thinks he needs his stuffing examines, but Tigger says he needs head protection as he's tied and bound to the swing. Hold onto your hooves... Tigger charges the swing and Eeyore and the wing go flying. The gang hear the screaming Eeyore... Tigger lands in Pooh and the gang see Eeyore flying through the air, as he falls to the ground, all the stuff coming out of the backpack on his back, as he falls, the others thinking he's a ghost... The backpack turns into a parachute and the gang realize he's Eeyore. Eeyore's parachute catches on the tree and he begins to swing! Tigger explains Eeyore came out at night to swing and adds proudly that he was Donkey Boy's coach... and there was no ghost after all. Eeyore's parachute breaks free and he floats upward, with the while gang catching onto him as they float high above the 100 Aker Wood into the sunrise.

Rabbit is admiring himself in a mirror when Tigger bounces in on him and breaks the mirror. Rabbit tells Tigger that he'll have seven years bad luck. At first Tigger is horrified, but then says that Rabbit will have the bad luck because it's his mirror - now it's Rabbit's turn to be horrified Tigger swears to protect him from the bad luck, however that turns into a disaster. Rabbit remembers that it is in fact Pooh's mirror and Pooh will have the bad luck - however Tigger wants to help. He has Pooh and Piglet swap clothes, to confuse the bad luck, but both of them receive bad luck and poor little Piglet is reduced to a gibbering mess. Rabbit discovers that it's Tigger's bad luck that's following everyone around. Tigger realized he's right and sadly leaves the 100 Aker Wood. The Gang look for him at night and want him to come back with them because they miss him. Atop the hill near the big tree, Christopher Robin tells Pooh that breaking a mirror is a silly superstition. Pooh said he knew, but was only playing along so that bad luck wouldn't feel left out. He fishes around in a bed of clover and finds a four leaf one... Just in case.

"Christopher Robin, you know you can't skate without your earmuffs..." his Mum calls. He rushes out to play. Piglet is making a snowman, as the others whiz by on a snowboard and pick him up along the way. Gopher's ice fishing and Roo wants to play a game of Ice Cookie - (they don't have a real hockey puck) Piglet doesn't want to play - he can't skate and is terribly embarrassed. Christopher Robin gives Piglet his earmuffs and tells Piglet that he can skate with them and Piglet thinks they're magic. Eeyore is goalie, and eats the puck as it's hit toward him. He's knocked on his back, then gets up and walks off. After the game, Pooh goes to retrieve a hunny put and the gang go with him. The ice on the lake starts to crack. Piglet sees and is horrified as they're heading toward a waterfall. He puts on his earmuffs, grabs the gang's skates, and starts skating from ice piece to ice piece. He hurls the skates to the gang and tried to skate to safety, but the earmuffs come off and Piglet loses confidence. Christopher Robin tells him that the skating is in him and Piglet narrowly manages to escape. He is glad he learned to skate... Though just as the Spring thaw set in...

Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin are stargazing and Pooh asks Chris about a wishing star, with the wishing spell.
Flap like a bird
Jump like a fish
Sit down, stand up
Wish, wish, wish!
Pooh wishes for Hunny and Christopher Robin gives him one. Pooh wishes for more Hunny and Christopher Robin tells him he can't make too many wishes because he'll wear it out. However, the next day Pooh forgets the spell and goes to Piglet who's trying to build a snowman, but he cant and wishes he could. Tigger is playing and wishes there was another Tigger to play with. Rabbit is making vegebibble soup, but is attacked by a bunch of ballistic caterpillars. Rabbit wants to wish for no more bugs in the world. They all try to help Pooh getting his memory back, by scaring him, turning him upside down, putting a hot water bottle on his noggin, and finally when Tigger and Rabbit are arguing he remembers at half past dark. Pooh tries to wish for another pot of Hunny, and the star is covered by a black cloud. He sees a shooting star and thinks he wished the star out of the sky. Pooh is determined to make everyone's wish come true, a snowman for Piglet, another Tigger for Ti-double-g-r and getting rid of Rabbits's nemesis bugs. However it gets very tiring for Pooh running from place to place. Pooh feels terrible about losing decides to the star and decides to one himself, or his name isn't Winnie the Pooh... which it is. Christopher pretends not to know it's Pooh. Christopher shows Pooh that the star is still there and he thanks the star.

The Packrats are back again, replacing things they pinch with walnuts. However they get into a spot of bother when they puncture their own wall with a thimble and spring a leak. They rush into Pooh house and he decides to shelter them until the rain stops. He tells them that not everyone is happy with walnuts in return. The whole gang is hard at work bailing out water. The Packrats steal pots form the others and give them to Pooh. Pooh tells them that it's better to give than to take and puts them to sleep. However, the Packrats take Pooh things and put them in Piglet's house. Pooh can't understand why. The Gang tries to capture them, though Pooh says they're confused. The gang finds that all the other houses are bare too. Pooh doesn't want to believe that they're thieves. However, the Packrats had taken all the things to Owl's house for safe keeping from the floor and the gang thank them with a cake!

Christopher Robin tells Pooh that he's related to a bear/ Tiger looks through the pictures, and gets upset that he's got no relatives. Eeyore tells him that he's not related to a donkey. Tigger things he might be related to a lion, who's king of the beasties. To prove himself he attacks a pretend Jagular. Tigger proclaims himself Kind and wants to called the 100 Aker Wood Tiggeropolis and paint it stripey. And now he wants everyone to bounce! Rabbit finds out it's a fake Jagular and teaches Tigger a lesson. Upset, he confesses to the gang. Piglet wants to forgive him and they have a kind un-crowning and he feels like a new Tigger! He thinks he may be related to a snake or shark or a hippopotamus, octopus or an elevator... But then he is the only one.

Piglet rips through the air whilst attached to a kite. Tigger is also screaming for help, thinking he's drowning. Piglet falls in on Tigger and Tigger proclaims Piglet an his k-night in shining armor. Tigger decides to become Piglet's servant. Piglet wakes up to an enormous break-feast in bed. However Piglet says he has to clean his house and Tigger says that's servant work, however Piglet isn't too thrilled with his servant. Piglet tried to escape, but Tigger washed him with the shirts. Piglet manages to escape to Pooh's place. He hides in Pooh's shirt. Pooh can't help giggling when Tigger bounces in, because Piglet is tickling him. Piglet tries to put himself in danger so Tigger can save him and they'll be even. The whole gang ends up saving each other. Eeyore is happy that someone bothered to save him. However Tigger is still Piglet' servant. Owl calls for a celebration for all this heroism. Piglet is bringing a huge hunny cake to the party. The bees come after him. Piglet really screams for help now! Tigger saves him and he doesn't have to be his servant anymore. Piglet is ecstatic, but when Tigger still offers to be his servant and Piglet runs off in terror.

The gang is finding feathers, over 140... Piglet tries one of his magic tricks, and tries to pull a Rabbit out of his hat and pulls a Gopher instead. Owl is over run by a flock waterfowl. They think that the feathers are Owl's. Owl thinks it's nonsense at first, but then realizes that they may be right and gets extremely depressed. Owl says he's too depressed to be cheered up and Eeyore says he knows how he feels. Piglet tried to cheer him up with a magic trick and Owl gets stung by a bee. The Gang watt to help Owl. Pooh puts badminton racquets onto Owl to help him fly... Tigger gives him stilts, but he trips in Gopher's hole. Piglet tries to make Tigger disappear though it doesn't work. Eeyore tries, but he says Own's too depressed and Eeyore says he hates being around those gloomy types! Owl says he'd rather stare at nothing that Piglet's tricks. Pooh helps Piglet to get airborne with the aid of a rope. It helps Owl to fly. He had it in his all the time. Christopher Robin tells that Pooh that the feathers are from his pillow from the pillow fight last night . Piglet tries to pull a Rabbit out of his hat, but pulls out a Piglet instead... and says he's going to try something a little less... confusing...

The setting is at a picnic, and Christopher Robin is showing Piglet an ant under a magnifying glass. The ants are making off with the food. A crow takes Piglet when he tried to save the cake. The crow drops it, and Piglet is sad that such a very small animal has made such a very large mess and gets depressed about his size. The Gang gets an idea and tinkers and makes Piglet stilts and he thinks he's very large. He goes walking amongst mini trees and things he's humungous. They help him to believe he's large. Piglet tries to frighten some crows off, but they attack him and demolish his stilts. Piglet is sad that he's too small and decides to leave the 100 Aker Wood, to the sadness of the gang. Piglet gives some ants a berry. The gang try to cheer up Pooh by making Eeyore into a Piglet. However Piglet's aren't so round. Piglet catches some ants falling from a tree, still feeling depressed as the gang try to shrink Eeyore and they decide to have a welcome home Piglet party. Still depressed, Piglet helps some ants escape a really big bug. The ants give him a cup cake to help him. Piglet tells them he helped them because they were very, very small. The gang is depressed because Piglet's not here, but Piglet shows up realising that it doesn't matter how small you are. It's the size of your heart. Hooray for Piglet... Whoo hoo hoo hoo!!

Eeyore sits atop his hill, wishing to be a cloud, whilst a large school of trout rush by. They scare Piglet too, and crash through Rabbit's drain and through Gopher's tinners, by dingy! Rabbit chases them out and Gopher decides to move in until the annual migration. Rabbit wants to clear the trout out of Gopher's tunnels to Gopher can go home and leave his house alone! They try to trap the trout, but trap themselves whilst the trout push up out of the tunnel. The gang decides to make it rain and put poor old Eeyore on a kite and tell him to pour water into the clouds because he knows more about clouds than anyone. The water lands on Rabbit's head. Eeyore finds that the clouds are more springy that he'd imagined, rather nice he says. Rabbit is frantic to get rid of Gopher. Poor Eeyore's caught in a thunderstorm and thinks the clouds are mad at him. The gang is worried about him. He wants to get down, but the balloon on his tail keeps him up. Pooh decides to get the cloud down. A very good idea, says Piglet. Eeyore lands on the kite, and falls down Gopher's tunnel and says he's okay for someone who just fell off a cloud. The tunnel fills with water and the trout finally start heading upstream. Rabbit goes insane when Gopher says it'll be fine until the Trout head back downstream!

Rabbit is mad. He bashes on Pooh's door, to get his shovel back. He needs it to plant his carrots at the stroke of twelve so they will grow up to become midnight snacks. He gets the shovel amongst a closet full of stuff. Rabbit trips when he's planting his carrots in the dark and borrows Gopher's light helmet so he can see to plant his midnight snacks... In the morning, Gopher thinks he's been robbed. He's embarrassed to admit he's scared of the dark. Tigger makes it worse by suggesting that there may be Jagulars, Woozles and Heffalumps living down there. Pooh thinks he may have lost Gopher's helmet. Rabbit runs off ti get it and realizes he buried it. Pooh wants to go down to down into the tunnel with a candle to find Gopher's helmet which he can't remember taking Gopher's helmet or losing it, because if he did remember, it wouldn't be lost. Now which way would a lost helmet go? Gopher and Piglet are freaking out. Rabbit, Tigger and Eeyore go down to help Pooh in the d... dark... They gang get frightened by each other. Piglet decides to go down and so does Gopher. Terribbible... lost in the dark gazillions of miles away. Rabbit confessed and Pooh says it's all right - he's feel bad in the helmet lost itself. They find their way to Rabbit's house. Rabbit tells Gopher and finds the helmet under his pillow. Gopher says he's not afraid of the dark, however poor Piglet is! Rabbit doesn't want Pooh to borrow his honey after all the kerfuffle, so he gives it to him.

Tigger starts the day doing what he does best and what he must - bounce! Rabbit is planting cabbages and doesn't want Tigger to bounce him. He gives Tigger the challenge of bouncing Castle Ridge, an extremely high ridge. Tigger is upset that he can't even make it with his bestest bounce. He begs Rabbit to help him. Rabbit says he's related to the best bouncer in the world, Awesome Bunny of Upsy Dasia and agrees to 'help' Tigger. He gives Tigger the 'shoes' of the 'awesome bunny.' He gets Gopher to help him, however he quits when Rabbit puts metal and heavy thingies in them. Tigger tries to use them to Bounce. Rabbit says he just 'has to get used to them.' Rabbit is upset when no one thinks his joke is funny. Piglet misunderstands Tigger and thinks it's the 'awful bunny.' Tigger is sleep bouncing in his house and Rabbit tried to find the shoes. Piglet is scared when he thinks the awful bunny is in the woods and thinks he wants the shoes back, but Tigger doesn't want to give them back until he bounces to the top of the ridge. Piglet, Pooh and Rabbit camp at Tigger's house. Pooh has his pop gun to scare the awful bunny. That night Rabbit gets the shoes off Tigger's feet, but when he tried to get rid of them, Tigger sleep bounces him and bounces off into the night. Pooh and Piglet think the awful bunny took him. Rabbit throws the shoes down a hold - Gopher's hole. Gopher comes up with them and lets the cat out of the bag. They discover that Rabbit put thingies in the shoes. Tigger is happy because he thinks that Rabbit helped him build up his muscles. Tigger says he had heard about a cow who jumped over the moon. Rabbit faints. Nuff said?!

The setting is at a party and all are having fun, bobbing for apples, pinning the tail on the donkey. All having fun, except for one lonely grey Donkey. What's the point of a pin the tail on the donkey party without a Donkey. Tigger's orders are to get in there to get in and have some fun and say hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello! Eeyore gets bounced into the apple bobbing barrel. Eeyore tried to get used to saying Hello. Tigger tried to teach Eeyore to smile and laugh, whilst tickling him. So... Eeyore gets a Tigger costume and tried his luck at bouncing. That's what us Eeyore's do best. Hoo hoo hoo hoo. Rabbit is frantic that there are two bouncers in the wood. Tigger tells Eeyore he needs speed and grace, so Eeyore tries roller skates, but they get out of control and the woods tried to stop a ballistic donkey. Eventually he crashed into Rabbit's house. Tigger is horrified when Pooh says that Eeyore is bouncier than him. He's created a donkey monster. The gang avoid Eeyore like a Jagular. No one wants to play with Eeyore now that he's popular, but he's more depressed than ever. Rabbit is determined to unTiggerize Eeyore. The gang try to find him to wash the stripes off. Piglet is caught on a fence. Eeyore helps him, though the gang is terrified that he'll bounce them. He decides that he was too lonely being popular. he realized that his friends like him the way he is. It's important to be yourself. And Eeyore learned to say Hello. Hello.

It was a dark and Blustery night... The Glockenspiel diamond has been stolen... But before Owl can finish the story, he says he loses his glasses... Tigger points to then on his head. Owl is amazed - he lost his glasses two weeks ago. Tigger proclaims himself "Private Ear" and goes in search of Mysteries. He decides to make a mystery and solve it when none comes to him. He sneaks into Piglet's house and steals his nose warmer, then alerts Piglet to the theft - and he promises to find it. That morning, he calls Pooh and Rabbit to the scene... Piglet was dreaming about Daffodils, which Piglets are allergic to so sayeth Tigger, and he points to the ceiling where the nose warmer was 'sneezed' off. The next thing he decides to do is take Pooh's Honey... he breaks one and takes one from Rabbit. In the morning, Tigger 'finds' Pooh's hunny pot. Rabbit runs to Tigger and begs him to find his hunny. They 'find' the hunny at Piglet's house. Now Rabbit and Pooh think Piglet took it. Tigger wants to set things right. Poor little Piglet is on trial. Gopher is judge. Tigger is the defence, Rabbit the prosecution. Tigger calls a surprise witness - himself. Does he have some trying to hide... And he confesses and throws himself at the mercy of the court. Rabbit hopes Tigger never tries the Private ear stuff and decides to become a lawyer...

Rabbit is going through his morning schedule and freaks out when he discovers he has to prepare for a party of all his 500 little relatives coming at 6.00! He makes an air tight schedule and gets the gang to help him. Tigger says that when a Tigger gives a party he just opens the door and hopes for the best, but Rabbit says who said anything about fun... Pooh is to bake the cake... two egg whites... but they're all white... one cup of flowers... Now was that one dash of salt or one dish?... Piglet the decorations, Tigger the cleaning... But everyone is running behind schedule! Rabbit has to tell Piglet it's not a Halloween Party, or an Easter party... or a Christmas party... Oh my, it's them! Rabbit's cute albino relatives come bursting through the door, but Rabbit wants them to go away and come back in two hours, but the happy bunnies are jumping all over the place... But the schedule says the party starts at 6 o'clock! Rabbit lets the Piglet read some of them a story while he finishes preparing. Pooh's cake explodes all over the kitchen and Rabbit wants him to make another cake and Gopher is sent to get some more hunny. Piglet's story about the giant eating the village upsets the bunnies and their crying vibrations messes up the house... Bunnies crying is not on the schedule! Rabbit wants the gang to take them for a walk... or something while he cleans up for the next hour. Gopher is having a hard time getting the hunny... As Rabbit cleans up himself in a timely efficient manner as Pooh and the other take the Bunnies through the 100 Aker Wood... Pooh doesn't want to go to too far in case they won't be back in time for Rabbit's party... But the bunnies have gone down Gopher's hole... Rabbit is done with 2.8 seconds to spare. Let the party begin! The problem is no one's there... He goes to Pooh while Gopher tries to dynamite the bees. The bunnies aren't at Piglet's either, as the gang search down Gopher's hole. Here, bunny, bunny bunnies... Rabbit is angry that they're not stickling to his schedule, as the bunnies go out of Gopher's. Rabbit has made a pretend Pooh, Piglet and Tigger, but no one's having fun like it says on the schedule. Gopher's dynamite blows the bunnies back into Rabbit's house. The others and bunnies are upset that they ruined Rabbit's party. Who needs a schedule for a party, parties are supposed to be fun and you can have fun whenever you want.

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