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Pooh Episode Guide
Series 1 Continued and Series 2


This entire guide was prepared for you by Whisper the White Wolf, who lives beyond the North Pole, and beyond the 100 Aker Woods...

Disclaimer: The cartoon series Winnie the Pooh is copyrighted and owned by Disney. This episode guide created by me is for non-commercial enjoyment purposes only.

I decided to make this episode guide, because I couldn't find one on the net. I love this series. It's so adorable! The friendship the characters share is so special and beautiful, for adults and children alike, even if none of the characters can spell!

My favorite character is Eeyore. Every time I see him I want to jump in the screen and give him a great big cuddle, to cheer him up, cheering myself up in the process! Though I adore the other characters too.

Dedicated to:
A. A. Milne, for bringing such wonderful characters to life, light, laughter, love and friendship to the friends of the 100 Aker Woods.

Disney, for giving new life to the characters.

And all the Pooh and friends fans out there. May you find all the hunny your rumblee tumblee desires, may your friends always be near in times of need, may you bounce your troubles away, may your vegetables never wither, may you soar high, may you always find your way in the dark, may your mums not fuss too much, may your children be safe, may you play all you want, and last but not least may you always be loved and your house never fall down. Big 100 Aker Wood hugs to you all!

© 1999 Whisper

P.S. - If you think there are spelling mistakes in this guide, you're obviously not a Pooh fan!

Edited and formatted by Christopher Robin's "Winnie the Pooh Character Guide"

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Notes: * = 1/2 hour episodes / Contains Spoilers!


Roo bounds through the 100 Aker wood, terrified. His mother wants to give him a b... bath... Tigger and Roo hide out in Piglet's house. Kanga comes to borrow some bubbly bath, which she puts in her pouch, and she finds Roo in the flower pot. Tigger gets Pooh to help him save Roo from this terribbibble fate... Tigger plans to distract Kanga with the help of Pooh and switch Piglet with Roo. Oh dear... Tigger snatches Roo from Kanga's pouch whilst Pooh is distracting Kanga with a tree with a bird in it, or is it a fish, whilst Tigger plonks Piglet in Kanga's pouch... Kanga places 'Roo' into the tub with the bubbles. Kanga pretends not to know, whilst Tigger and Roo get down and dirty and blow the biggestest bubble gum bubbles... Boom! Pooh goes to Kanga's house and says ah-ha! Piglet is terrified that Kanga doesn't know who he is and tries desperately to say he's not Roo, he's Piglet. A gum tied Tigger and Roo come to Kanga's house to get cleaned up and unstuck. However they are terrified when the only way to separate themselves is a bath. See what happens when you get into a bath? You get clean. Squeaky clean! This is fun. It's like being dirty, but not! The End!

Piglet is depressed that he has no one to play with. Pooh is trying to gather hunny. Pooh is dressed as a sun, however he says to Piglet that the bees will get suspicious of two bees. Tigger is bouncing where no Tiggers have bounced before. Rabbit and Eeyore are building Eeyore's crisscross wood stick house. Piglet wants to help, but he accidentally knocks the house down. He's sad because there's no one else to play with. He wants to find a very small friend to play with. He decides to play with catch his shadow. Piglet says that he's happy that his shadow doesn't ignore him. The gang sees Piglet playing with his imaginary playmate and are sorry that they ignored him. They decide to entice him by going out to catch fireflies, but now the shadow's depressed and runs away. Piglet is upset. Tigger is determined to find the lost shadow. It's not in the chimney or in the closet. Pooh lets Piglet borrow his shadow. He thanks Pooh, but still wants his own. Tigger offers his shadow too. However Tigger's shadow bounces off and the gang run after it. Piglet stays home, upset feeling it's all his fault. He takes a candle into the night looking for his shadow and he tried to be brave, a small animal in the night. Piglet's shadow is being trounced by some mean tree shadows. Piglet saves his shadow by asking him to make a scary hand shadows to scare the trees. The candle goes out, and it's all dark, and the shadow is gone again. Piglet is upset that he's lost him again, but he sees shadow when he's home and goes to sleep. Nighty nite.

Piglet is singing to himself, setting a lunch table for Pooh, although he gets a bad case of the hiccups. Pooh thinks he's playing, but Piglet tried to tell him he's not playing. Poor Piglet is jumping around like Tigger, trying to tell Pooh that he has the hic... ic!... He wants to apologize to Pooh, but the hiccups come back... an unidentified flying Piglet... Tigger vows to get rid of the hiccups. Drink a barrel of water. Owl gets him to stand of his head. Rabbit sets a hiccup trap, by tricking them out with a choc/vanilla gateau, but it traps Eeyore instead. He likes cakes you see. Pooh is trying to figure out what is wrong with Piglet and decides to gibe him... hunny! Tigger decides to scare the hiccups out. He says that hiccups are cowards and Piglet says he is too! Pooh has eaten the hunny on the way to Piglet's and gets his nose trapped in the Hunny jar. The others think he's the real Stumpidy Bumpidy. Piglet's go cart goes right down the hill and he crashed into Pooh. He gets trapped in the Hunny jar. Pooh gets him out, saving Piglet and getting rid of the hiccups. The others are still running away. Rabbit can't go on. Owl stays with him. Tigger decides to stay too. They hear it coming closer, but to their relief it's Pooh and Tigger. However the others have hiccups too. Piglet suggests water because hiccups are crummy swimmers and the gang take off in terror!

It is a blustery day as some bubbles float through the forest... and blows Gopher's front door off... Thar she blows! Tigger and the others are playing with bubbles, however Rabbit is more concerned about his lecture "our friend the lima bean." Pooh says the bubbled are lovely, but don't stay lovely very long... and Tigger sets out to make bubbles... jalapeno's... glue, a dash of this, a dash of this, badda boom! Pooh gets trapped in it and it's unbreakabibble. Pooh bounced through the 100 Aker Wood as Gopher is looking for his hole. They drop Pooh off the cliff, but, he just bounces... They try firing at it with a sink unplugged... Well if it rains, Pooh will never need an umbrella. Pooh stays with Piglet, but that doesn't work out too well... Pooh goes to Tigger who bounces off him, but Pooh's bubble makes a mess there... And at Rabbits... Rabbit paints Pooh red, puts a green twig on the top of the bubble, to convince the other apples to grow big. It rains that evening, washing the red paint off. Gopher is looking for his hole. Pooh says he's got a hole in his pocket and it turns out to be Gopher's. Pooh puts it onto the balloon and Pooh falls out,, so both of them are happy, as Rabbit is talking about his delightful lima beans. Rabbit is cross with the interruption, so Gopher throws his hole, and Rabbit falls down it saying he has a whole new outlook on holes...

Ahoy, me matey swabs! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Through the 100 Aker Wood! Yo ho, everyone knows a pirate's life is free! Pirates is what we'll be! However Rabbit doesn't want them digging for treasure in his garden. However he's not going to get mad - he's going to teach them a lesson! He decides to let them find some worthless treasure, by means of a message in a bottle... A treasure map... supposedly belonging to his Great uncle Long John Cottontail... The only Rabbit pirate... They find the 'treasure' under the black X. Piglet and the gang decide to take the treasure to Piglet's house and try to pry the lock open. What's inside? Fun stuff? Hunny? Or rocks...? Rabbit hails himself as a genius, but he has a nightmare about tricking his friends and decides to get the chest back so his friends won't hate him. He douses himself in flour and dresses up as the ghost of Long John Cottontail... However he gets flattened by the drawbridge... Rabbit is upset and decides to leave the 100 Aker Wood, as he can't stand the thought of his fiends never speaking to him again. Gopher dynamites the chest. Rabbit tries to stop them from looking in it, then he confessed, but they all love the rocks. Pooh finds a rock to prop up his chair, Tigger a nut cracker and Gopher a rock to pry up one of his thingamagigs, and they give Rabbit a rock doorstop, and Rabbit thanks them for their wonderful gift. The real long John ghost does show up... Ahar!... But he can't figure out why the gang flee. Was it something he said?

Hunny jars are only good for so many smackerels. Pooh is going to go to the tip with his old Hunny jars. Tigger thinks he's leaving the 100 Aker Wood and goes and tells everyone. Tigger decides to throw Pooh a surprise going away party. Pooh is indeed surprised. He didn't even know he was going away. Piglet gives him a jar of hunny, carrots from Rabbit, but he hides them, distracts pooh and gives him one of the hunny jars. Piglet is very upset, but pooh can hardly believe he's moving away. He doesn't want to disappoint his friends by staying. He leaves with a tribe of large and small Hunny Pots. He stays away for short while, then goes back, b finds Eeyore in his house. Pooh goes to Piglet's house and Piglet insists he stays with him. However, Pooh's hunny gobbling and snoring, talking in his sleep keeps Piglet awake, and he accidentally breaks Piglet's very small bed. When Pooh's finally asleep, Piglet tried to get some shut eye, Pooh waked up. Pooh tried to help out by doing some housework, but ends up causing chaos. Piglet tells him to be assertive. Pooh practices saying "This is my home and I want you to move out." Piglet thinks he wants him to move out, but Pooh says he was only practising. However he says he can't ask Eeyore to move. Eeyore thinks they've given him a going away party, and even though he says it's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him, he leaves to find a new house. Pooh settles back in his home.

Gangway! Tigger's skiing where no Tigger's skied before, although there's no snow, even although it's the first day of Winter, or is it? Rabbit's cleaned his house. Tigger and Piglet burst in, blowing leaves everywhere and Rabbit's house too. They want to know when it's Winter. Rabbit tells them it's Groundhog day, the day a groundhog day... It he sees a shadow, it's six more weeks of winter, but it he doesn't, Spring is here. But they missed it... They need to find a groundhog to ask him. Gopher is insulted when they think he's a groundhog. However they make Piglet into a groundhog, however his beanie covers his face and doesn't see a shadow... so Spring is here... Or is it? Piglet is pleased his friends are happy with him. It starts to snow. Unusual weather for Spring. Rabbit is cross and he blames Piglet. Rabbit puts a scarf on his scarecrow Rabbit and kisses his gently. Rabbit finds some calendar pages and discovers it's November. Nowhere near Groundhog day. Piglet has left a note saying he's looking for a real groundhog. Rabbit goes to look for him. Rabbit finds a snowman the size of Piglet and thinks its Piglet frozen solid. They try to warm him up, but the snowpiglet, but he melts to the horror of the others. Piglet comes back saying he was sorry and Rabbit is really sorry and grateful to have the real Piglet back. So what day is today. November 13. Do you realize what this means? It's porcupine day... We gotta find us a porcupine! Hoo hoo hoo hewoo!

Rabbit, Piglet, Pooh, and Eeyore are throwing pennies into the well and making wishes. Pooh wished for more Birthdays and Tigger wants to have a birthday so he could make wishes that come true. However he doesn't know when it is? Piglet suggests to give Tigger a birthday. Tigger wants one today and bounces off wondering wish for. Piglet decides to gibe Tigger a Tigger preserver, a ducky life saver, Rabbit an unbouncy Tigger suit. Eeyore says it's the thought that counts. Tigger is busy practising and wishing for everything under the moon - oh yeah and that too! Tigger is happy on his birthday and blows his cake over Rabbit. He excitedly opens all his presents. Pooh gives an empty box and Eeyore couldn't think of what to give him, so he gives Eeyore him. Tigger likes his presents, but he's upset he didn't get anything he wishes for... No banana sticks and pogosticks... and the moon. Pooh goes to get the moon for Tigger. He drops a penny into the well and wished the moon will come down, and it does, as a reflection in the lake, but when he tried to catch it, he falls down the well... And into a stream... under the Earth full of pennies. The others find his hat outside the well and they're worried about him. Pooh is worried about Tigger finding him without a gift. The others get Eeyore to lower them into the well... Well... They find birthday hats and a birthday cake... Tigger says there's no such place of Wishland. Rabbit wishes for a years supply of carrots and Piglet a heap of haycorns. To prove that wished doesn't come true, he wishes for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a root beer - and they do come true! Tigger is excited and wished for everything under the moon. He wished for the carrots and the haycorns, a hunny for Pooh. He wishes Pooh here and for more things, even the lima beans get in there again, never mind, Rabbit will love them. However every time he wished for things, the candles on the cake go out. There are two candles left... Tigger wished for a banana split. However the other want to go home, despite all the neat stuff down here. Tigger wished them home on the last wish. Tigger is asleep... Pooh and Piglet tie string to his foot, leading him to the well... Interesting... well, really... Happy Birthday Tigger. A banana split and a pogostick! Ya hoo!!! Of course Rabbit isn't too happy when Tigger bounces his carrots out of the ground! Out! Out! Woo hoo hoo hoo!


Notes: * = 1/2 hour episodes / Contains Spoilers!


Due to the fiasco last year, all those cards clogging up the woods... oiy... Rabbit blamed Pooh for the mess. Pooh says he can't help it, loves to show how much he cares... Rabbit has banned valentines day, following the Eeyore's example by giving no cards. Everyone promises not to give Valentines. Pooh is washing his hunny pots, when he hears a knock at the door. Someone had left him a full pot of hunny as a valentines gift. Pooh thinks it's from Piglet, but it's not. He gives the pot of Hunny to Piglet, and now Piglet feels he has to give Pooh a valentines gift. Pooh is disguised as a mailbox for secret valentines. Piglet had baked Pooh a valentines cake, and is carrying it to Pooh when Tigger bounces him. The cake bounces onto Owl. Owl thinks Piglet sent him the cake. However no one wants Rabbit to find out. The cake lands on Tigger and Tigger thinks Owl gave him a cake. Rabbit stuffs all the last year and discovers in horror that someone left him a valentine carrot. Pooh's disguise appears to be working... Gopher promises he's mail ordering a carburettor... Rabbit discovers the Pooh mail box as Piglet gets blown to them with his valentines heart he made to Pooh. Rabbit blames Pooh. Piglet confesses, but it wasn't him... He's not very good under pressure. They look amongst Rabbit's cards for one for Christopher Robin, as they think he left them gifts. They decide to plan a valentines play for Rabbit who decides to take charge. Rabbit gives Tigger flowers to give to Kanga and then kiss her, but he's terrified of that... Tigger closes his eyes and kisses Rabbit instead and Rabbit fires him. Tigger decides to take over the special defects... Piglet is Cupid, Bringer of love... Gopher's in a suit... Make up! It's show time! Christopher's seat is 13 D... Rabbit's Valentines day... created by Rabbit, from an original idea by Rabbit... Cupid crashes into the others. He forgets his lines, Owl prompts him, but lets go the string... I am Cuuupid!!! Cupid bumps the fan and Tigger's wind fan makes it terribly blustery... The whole stage gets blown away... I am Cuuupid!!! Rabbit thought it was ruined, but Christopher it - the best valentines ever. He gives then all cards. Pooh and Piglet walk home together. 'Lo Pooh... Eeyore left Pooh the hunny, felt bad not joining in the fun last year, wishing he could do something like that and he certainly did.

Gopher misses a turn off and hits bedrock... No time to lollygag - he's got work to do! Rabbit has made a KEEP OWT sign to keep the others out of his garden. Pooh comes with hunny pots, Piglet falls on a carrot, Tigger bounces in. Gopher declares Rabbit's garden's in his way... and Gopher dynamites Rabbit's garden... But it's not gone, it's just been tossed... Got any Tarzan Island dressing? Upset and angry, Rabbit declared himself a Rabbit unto himself. Rabbit has built a fortress around his house and garden, and surrounded it with booby traps, go away signs... that Tigger plans to un boobify. Rabbit laughs maniacally... Now no one can bother him and his garden. Tigger and the others leave, feeling unwanted. Rabbit is happy with the peace and quiet. He's frantic because he left him shovel outside, but he's frantic because he hasn't made him a door... He called the others back... and they think he's trying to trick them, but he lures Pooh back with hunny and Tigger back with saying he needs a good bouncing. They try to make a door for Rabbit. They try to bash a door in, vacuum him out, but they end up vacuuming up his garden. Gopher says he has tunnels to blast and Piglet has an idea of using Gopher's Dynamite. Gopher sets it up and says one keg'll do, however they each use one keg and blow Rabbit's fortress to kingdom come... creating a huge hole in the ground... Pooh finds a very nice rock, but no Rabbit... Tigger finds his favorite carrot... They think their Friend Rabbit friend is gone... However Rabbit has been blown up a tree. Gopher has an idea to chop the tree down, but it might fall on an innocent plant and Rabbit refuses to let them use Dynamite again. Pooh gets him out of the tree by making him wave and catches him... The gang create a new garden for Rabbit. Rabbit tells Gopher he's hidden the dynamite to it can't blow up innocent gardens again... But Pooh finds a pogostick and gives it to Rabbit... However it's Gopher's dynamite tick ... When poor old Rabbit pogos on it, he ends up blowing up his new garden... Why does everything always happen to him... Oh well, at least it rained carrots...

Tigger wants Piglet to tell a story about spookables and things that go shopping in the night. Piglet wants to tell a story about a not so scary story... Piglet wants it to happen in the day... Tigger the night... It's set in a castle... Tigger ends up telling the story because he's bored with how Piglet's telling the story... He makes a very large monster Frankenpooh... Tramping through the 100 Aker Woods for Hunny. Hunnyyyyy... Hunnyyyyy... Piglet wants the story to be not so scary... Bit Tigger makes the Pooh Monster much bigger... He almost bursts out of the frame, but the gang in the story go after the man Doctor Von Piglet... And plan to boil him into tomato juice... And the real Piglet is scared... The gang tells him they aren't really angry with him... Piglet calms down as Rabbit tells him he should know the difference between real and make believe and Pooh says he should too, as he sits with a tiny hunny pot on his hand...

Pooh is looking and looking for... It's easier losing something than it is finding it. Pooh is looking for Rabbit's hammer, while Piglet is trying to tell Pooh he's trying to learn how to sing. Rabbit comes looking or his hammer and leaves in a huff when Pooh tells him he's almost found it. Piglet wants Pooh to hear him sing... However he misunderstands Pooh when Pooh tells him his losing things upsets the others very much. Piglet leaves upset and Pooh thinks he's misplaced Piglet, Pooh tried to trap the hammer with nails... Rabbit comes to Pooh, but he still hasn't found the hammer. Rabbit comes to Pooh, but Pooh's still looking for the hammer and Piglet. Rabbit tried to help him, but Pooh ends up losing himself. Piglet's leaving with a mobile shower to practice his singing. Rabbit enlists the help of Gopher while Pooh gets Tigger to help. Pooh thinks he's lost Rabbit too. Pooh leaves Tigger and Tigger thinks Pooh's lost him too. The logical thing is for Pooh to be lost too, so he'll find them. Rabbit, Tigger and Gopher are looking for Pooh... They find Pooh counting to one hundred... till night time. Rabbit and the others find Pooh, however Rabbit's losing his mind... They go to look while Pooh counts... forty one... seventeen... They hear Piglet singing and don't know who it is. The others find him. Pooh says he's sorry for having misplaced Piglet, but Piglet tells him that he came all the way out here to practice his singing... Pooh tells him that Piglet wasn't the bother, Pooh said he was for losing things. The others want to hear piglet sing... Pooh built make a stage... Piglet now going to stay found is going to sing... Rabbit says that Pooh must've found the hammer to hammer the stage... But he didn't so don't tell anyone... Crunch... Oh bother...

Christopher Robin and the gang are flying a red kite. He tells them how the kite flies. Pooh wished he could fly... it would be much less of a bother... Enter Pilot Biggles Pooh... Flying high over the trees in The Search for Hunny... He trips over the kite cord... His mind elsewhere... Eeyore says if he didn't have high hopes he'd be depressed all the time. He helps Pooh, putting feathers on his arms. Uncanny resemblance, almost eerie... Rabbit is on a life saver floating on the river... Not a cloud in the sky... just a falling Pooh bear... Rabbit's mornings just aren't complete with at least one major catastrophe... Eeyore puts roller skates on Pooh... What goes down must come up... 'course it's just a theory... Rabbit is determined to stop the nonsense of Pooh flying, when the roller skating Pooh collides with him, sending him into the mud. The whole idea is hippaposterous, isn't it? Tigger declares. Rabbit and the others go to Owl to ask him if Pooh Bears were meant to fly. Eeyore is inflating Pooh in a suit, but he takes off when he's full of air... don't forget to flap. Owl declares Pooh that Poohs are sound for flying. Pooh and Eeyore ,ale a kite. Eeyore is riding a bike down the hill with Pooh tied to the kite, his tail tied to the end of that... Pooh's suspended in a tree... The others are horrified that he's broken the law of gravity. Rabbit declares that he's to go to his room for sentence... for two, three hundred years. Piglet can't leave his best friend alone for so long and he goes in with Pooh. Eeyore sticks his nose out for Pooh... saying he's to blame. Owl feels responsible too. Tigger and Rabbit leave. Tigger pits Rabbit in the cell, as he feels responsible too. Pooh's about to get some Earl Grey tea, Piglet's favorite. Tigger says they can't have fun without him. Christopher Robin comes and frees them, saying the law of gravity can't be broken, because it's impossible and that Pooh Bears couldn't fly because the bees wouldn't have a chance. Eeyore says he always thought Pooh Bear could do it, as he watches Pooh try to fly off into the distance.

Rabbit is madly trying to whack caterpillars out of his garden. However the pesky critters turn on his hose and shoot him. Eeyore thinks it's a wild dance party, and thinks he's not invited. He's got twice as many feet as anyone else and he goes along, his tail keeps him back as it's stuck in the bridge. he decides to leave it behind, always keeping his back, while the bugs and Rabbit are waging war. They corner Rabbit. Rabbit backs off and grabs Eeyore's tail. The lead caterpillar is mesmerized and runs to it and kisses it. Eeyore tried to convince Tigger that he's better with a tail, but Tigger says a tail's a friend and Eeyore agrees, so they go to try and find Eeyore's tail. Never fear, Tigger, Private Ear is here! Rabbit has made Worm wrangler and sends the worms off on an imaginary dream boat cruise down the river. Pooh asks what Rabbit's think is and goes off to find an important use for Eeyore's tail. Eeyore's tail is gone. Tigger interrogates Rabbit. He's always got a tail to tell. Where does your lap go when you stand up? Impressive isn't he? Rabbit is shocked that his Worm Wrangler's gone... Tigger's on the case. Pooh has made a Bee Tickler. And loses it when the Bees chase him out of their tree. Tigger suspects that Pooh is the crimiminal mastermind of the century, but Pooh doesn't have Eeyore's Tail or Rabbit's Worm Wrangler, and he's lost his Bee Tickler... Never fear, Tigger, Private Ear is here! Tail chasing... Whoooooohooooo! He's leaving no stone underdone! Eeyore misses his poor tail. Piglet wonders where they're going in such a hurry and he sees Eeyore's tail on a bush and thinks it looks like a very small part of a very large animal. He'd rather be the animal's friend than his dinner, but Piglet finds that it's not an animal at all and decides to make a Bully Bamboozler from Eeyore's tail to protect him from spookables. Tigger tried to help the thief give him clues. They suspect Piglet for being small, pitiful and without a tail. Piglet's finished his Bully Bamboozler, a big mean looking balloon. Tigger bounces it, looking more like Piglet's Wantid poster. Owl gets the tail and uses it as a bell ringer for his door. It's Tigger's hypotenuse that Owl is the crimiminal mastermind... Eeyore sits down on his tail. Honk! They realize that their things are Eeyore's tail! Tigger's theory is that it lost itself until Eeyore learned to appreciate it. Eeyore lets his tail walk in front for a change, forgetting he's at Owl's house... With all this Private Ear stuff, Rabbit's lost his patience! So Tigger's the one to find it!

One upon a time there were three little Piglets... and a Hunny tree. Rabbit tells Pooh about putting hunny in every story. The first little Piglet lives in a house of straw... next to a hunny tree... There was a big bad bunny... In a baggy black bunny suit... This bunny's not being very bad, Tigger says, Rabbit says the story is getting off track. The second little Piglet lived in a house of sticks, resembling the Eeyore residence... or maybe it was a house of cards... Then the papa bear said... Rabbit is annoyed that they're mixing up the story as Tigger huffs and puffs and blows the house down. Now the three little Piglet's all together. The pleasure is all mine. No, it's mine... Rabbit is back... The Masked offender to the rescue! Rabbit is annoyed again. Maybe the big bad bunny wants to borrow some hunny... or to get out of the rain... Rabbit takes over in annoyance! I'm going to huff and puff and blow your tree down! However he's blasted away by a stream of hunny from his picnic basket and the three little Piglets got all the hunny they wanted and lived happily ever after, as for what happened to the big bad Bunny, don't ask...

Piglet is putting a small brown shoe and displays his favorite daffodil. The gang are curious about it and wonder what it is. Owl says it's a running trophy, everyone thinks Piglet is a champion Runner. They decide to have a race. Piglet wants to tell them the truth. Pooh says he's seen Piglet run away from things when there aren't any things to run away from. Owl suggests there should be a race. Piglet wants to give the trophy away. The gang go off to train. Piglet doesn't want to put things right, but the gang think he's a fantastical runner. Even Eeyore enters in blue running shorts. He doesn't want the trophy. Just the flower. Piglet wants to set things straight, but Owl says go before Piglet can say anything, and they're off! Pooh sits minding the trophy - he doesn't think it will hold much Hunny. Piglet thinks the others will be so disappointed if he doesn't win. Rabbit falls into the river and surfs, Eeyore looses his tail, when Piglet puts it on, he takes off. Gopher's running shoes have a blow out, but he has a spare. They don't want Piglet to cut them any slack. The gang is now stuck in the swamp. whoever he helps first will have an unfair advantage and so Owl says he has to maintain impartiality. Piglet takes the finish line to them, but they take off again - they hit the finish line and all think they've all won. Piglet is moving away, in dismay and the others say they saved him with the finishing line - not only did he win, but he helps all the other come in second. The running trophy he has just won will look very good on his shelf, next to the trophy he won for weight lifting... Just kidding...

The gang are having a fire drill... Tigger is playing the big bad fire and Piglet has to jump... He can't act any more scared, as they fumble around with Gopher's ladder... and now the net... But Piglet bounces off. Pooh Bear is late to the drill and the gang are angry that he's late again. Pooh never knows which is the last minute. Gopher plans to get the Bear movin' begins construction of... something. Rabbit gives Pooh a schedule that blows away. Piglet advises him to take shortcuts, but it confuses Pooh... Oh dear... Tigger gives Pooh racin' stripes. Gopher ties a pillow to Pooh and a helmet with a spring on his head... and Sets him off... Ohh boooooother!!!! Pooh speeds all over the 100 Aker Wood... but on the other hand... The fast Pooh Bear rockets through the 100 Aker Wood. Gopher tries a stop sign, a rickety bridge... a mattress blockade. Beautiful day, says Eeyore, birds, flowers. Pooh crashed into Eeyore. He stops and the fast stuff comes off him and Pooh apologizes for being Late. Eeyore says the sooner you arrive at a place, the sooner they ask you to leave. Gopher's plan is to speed the others up, triple time! Rabbit rushes his harvest, Piglet, his spring cleaning, Gopher, his tunnel digging and Tigger says he'd have to bounce his tail off to be as fast as Pooh. They discover that they don't have to speed up because Pooh has slowed down to his normal self. Not being on time is being on time for a Pooh Bear, as long as he's not late for breakfast...

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