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Pooh Episode Guide
Series 3 Continued and Series 4


This entire guide was prepared for you by Whisper the White Wolf, who lives beyond the North Pole, and beyond the 100 Aker Woods...

Disclaimer: The cartoon series Winnie the Pooh is copyrighted and owned by Disney. This episode guide created by me is for non-commercial enjoyment purposes only.

I decided to make this episode guide, because I couldn't find one on the net. I love this series. It's so adorable! The friendship the characters share is so special and beautiful, for adults and children alike, even if none of the characters can spell!

My favorite character is Eeyore. Every time I see him I want to jump in the screen and give him a great big cuddle, to cheer him up, cheering myself up in the process! Though I adore the other characters too.

Dedicated to:
A. A. Milne, for bringing such wonderful characters to life, light, laughter, love and friendship to the friends of the 100 Aker Woods.

Disney, for giving new life to the characters.

And all the Pooh and friends fans out there. May you find all the hunny your rumblee tumblee desires, may your friends always be near in times of need, may you bounce your troubles away, may your vegetables never wither, may you soar high, may you always find your way in the dark, may your mums not fuss too much, may your children be safe, may you play all you want, and last but not least may you always be loved and your house never fall down. Big 100 Aker Wood hugs to you all!

© 1999 Whisper

P.S. - If you think there are spelling mistakes in this guide, you're obviously not a Pooh fan!

Edited and formatted by Christopher Robin's "Winnie the Pooh Character Guide"

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Notes: * = 1/2 hour episodes / Contains Spoilers!


Pooh has offered to baby-sit Roo and Dexter (owls highbrow cousin) But it's not baby sitting, they're not babies... They mess up Pooh's place with a pillow fight and would be delighted to assist in any recuperative maintenance Pooh may require, but Pooh just asks them to clean up... Pooh takes them to Christopher Robin's house - it's larger to untidy. Chris is showing them his science project... a box with holes in. It's outside... but it's inside... and there's a big caterpillar! The buggie flees, and the gang are happy that they saved Christopher Robin's science project... but the bug was Christopher Robin's science project... And they go off to find the bug. Any bug worthy of a name is usually bugging Rabbit... Rabbit is chasing them away with a broom. They go to Rabbit and ask for a bug. He tells them there aren't any good bugs and tells them they can take them, but they've fled. Roo and Dexter want to go too to find a bug. Dexter tells them that Pooh that he'll keep them safe on the quest, however they feel responsible. They go off... bug meeting and Pooh discovers he can't baby sit Roo and Dexter without Roo and Dexter. Roo and Dexter are getting worried about being alone in the woods. A large caterpillar finds their lunch... They're upset because they've lost their lunch... The bug gives it back and they happily ask him to join them... Pooh comes to rescue them. Tigger, Rabbit and Piglet have trapped themselves in their suspended net, but the others get them down. Chris loves his huge bug - the best science project in the whole class. Reluctantly Rabbit gives up some of his vegetables. Roo says the caterpillar is their friend and Chris promises to let the bug go after he's shown him in class. The other caterpillars still don't want him with them, but he gives them some of their vegetables. Roo and Dexter agree that Pooh is a most proficient baby-sitter. Indubitably, Pooh says.

Rabbit is digging a ditch with Piglet and Pooh to save work. he plans to fill it with water to fill it with water to water his garden, but Gopher fills it in... He tells Rabbit he almost ruined the work of a life time and shows them a special blackboard - an equation for The Ultimate Tunnel... His Grandpappy once accidentally tunnelled into the Grand Canyon and ever since then he's had the dream... Gopher's tunnel is to start at... Rabbit's house... Pooh accidentally smears hunny on Gopher's blackboard... Much to Rabbit's delight... And he puts some bogus equations on the board. However the equation involves Piglet's house... Tigger's house... Pooh's hunny tree... Pooh confesses to Tigger, and Piglet... They try to change the equation back... Rabbit is trying too, but he doesn't know how, but they try their hand at Tiggernometry anyway, and they try to dig Grandpappy's Ultimate Tunnel... ut is caves in and splits the earth around... Gopher says that their homes were important and they were included in the tunnel... But they can clean up after it. Rabbit's windmill collapses... and Gopher's made his dream, choosing Rabbit's house for the site of his Super Tunnel...

Tigger is swinging into the lake! Pooh's rather take a nap in the warm sun. Tigger says there are a gazillion things to do on a Spring day... Like chasing a stripedy butterfly... But who knows what may be lurking in the bushes... Piglet emerges, adding to his very small collection of very small rocks. Tigger is worried about him saying it's days like today that they Jagulars are out collections of very small animals and Spring is their favorite time of year for springing out unexpectedly at collectibbibbiles. Piglet rushes off to his house until fall... Tigger's off to ward Pooh of the Jagulars. Pooh had woken up and leaves the sleepy spot. Tigger is horrified and thinks that Pooh had been collected by the Springing Jagular. Pooh goes to Piglet's house - by way of the bedroom window. Piglet had furniture backed up against his door. Piglet tells Pooh that they have to rescue Tigger from the springing Jagular. Tigger is afraid, but feels he had to ward him friends, despite the danger... He goes to Rabbit to ask him about Jagulars. Pooh and Piglet hear Tigger, but think he's a springing Jagular. He hears Piglet's knees knocking and thinks it's Jagular noisy type noise. Piglet and Pooh practice springing to spring on the Jagular first and spring into Gopher's tunnel. Gopher's upset - they might've hurt the floor, but he says he knows how to handle the springing whippersnapper. Tigger finds Rabbit and tells him that Pooh's been collected. Rabbit goes to Piglet's house and is caught in the Jagular trap and is convinced that there are Jagulars on the prowl - otherwise why would Piglet make a trap?... Rabbit decides to go back to the scene of the Pooh snatching to set some bait. Gopher's made a trap too... They plan to go to the water hole tonight... Piglet's to be the bait... Oh d-d-d dear... - and then they plan to grab the up-to-no-gooder! Rabbit decides to dress himself and Tigger as Pooh Bear to confuse the Jag. Anything for the Good as Pooh Bear Dom! Gopher and Tigger are there and Pooh's springing to catch the Jagular. They're all saved! The best thing, they were all rescued by each other. Those 'ol Jagulars don't have a chance!

Piglet is painting a picture of Pooh, who's wanting to eat the hunny he's holding... However, the wind blows his painting away...Tigger thinks the white sheet looks like polar bears eating marshmallows in the snow... However no one was there to steal the painting, but nobody was there and Tigger is going to find that nobody! Tigger bounces a long eared nobody... But Rabbit doesn't believe in nobodies... He turns to see some carrots disappear... But it's crows in Gopher's tunnels... Nobodies steal anything that isn't tied down... even voices... The same nobody took Tigger's voice as took Piglet's painting... Rabbit is wondering about his carrots... Gopher's tools are gone. Pooh, Piglet and Tigger fall down the hole and Gopher thinks they've stolen his tools and is going to dynamite the north and south Tunnels... And Rabbit's carrots keep disappearing and Rabbit thinks Tigger took his carrots. Pooh asks Rabbit if he's not seen a nobody, but annoyed Rabbit says he doesn't see them all the time. Gopher thinks his intruders are in the east tunnels. And Rabbits vegebibbles keep disappearing - now he's scared... The others see the crows and try to put them back, but Gopher dynamites his tunnel and blows Rabbit's garden back up. Piglet's painting blows onto Rabbit and Long ears goes a little stir crazy...

Rabbit's house... Rabbit is fussing about organizing his house for Kessie's homecoming. However there's a Woozle and Heffalump on the prowl. Pooh brings lots of hunny. Piglet brings dandelions, but they make Rabbit sneeze... He will not have the party ruined! Rabbit is delighted to see Kessie all grown up. Rabbit is upset that the party didn't go as planned, but Kessie says it's all right that she's happy to be there. Rabbit says she will always be her little baby bird. Rabbit thinks she's come back forever, but she's just come back for a visit. Stan the Woozle and the Heff, Heffalump are planning to kidnap Kessie to ransom her for hunny. Rabbit thinks it's going to be just like old times, but Kessie wants Rabbit to realize she 's grown up. Kessie approaches the Heffalump and the Woozle asking if they knew of any vacant nests... Rabbit thinks she's playing hide and seek. He starts getting worried and he finds her with the Heffalump and Woozle. Rabbit says he won't ransom Kessie, because in order for there to be an Ransom, there must be a note... The gang in the 100 Aker Wood find a note, but they cant decipher it and look for Rabbit and Kessie for them to tell them where they are, and they get captured. Rabbit is apologetic to Kessie, but she says Stan and Hef are going to take care of her and all of the gang - because if they're not happy, why should pay hunny for themselves... It's nappy time... not cold milk... now they're not thirsty... and now a story... And Rabbit discovers that Kessie is more like him... And now they missed nappy time. and now she wants Hunny... Kessie wants the hunny at the bottom... and all the hunny pots tumble down... Stan and Hef just want the gang to take the bird away! Rabbit says it was a very dangerous thing to do, but he thanks her and hugs her for saving them and realized that Kessie is old enough to take care of herself and if he can't be her Rabbi anymore, he can be her very best friend Rabbit.


Notes: * = 1/2 hour episodes / Contains Spoilers!


Christopher Robin's mum's telling him to go to bed... He pretends to sleep... and prowls into the lounge room, tied to the pillow and is greeted by Pooh and Piglet. Pooh's over to look for something sweet and Piglet's come to keep him company and they're going to watch TV. Tigger's come to join the fun too... However the gang fall asleep, and wake up to a Slusher film, much to Piglet's distress. During a commercial break, C. R rings to order a pizza. Pooh wants a hunny one, Piglet a small one with no tomato, no cheese and no crust and Tigger wants one with the lot! However the gang are talking so loud, Christopher Robin accidentally gives them the address next door, but when he rings back, he rings a wrong number and wakes up the recipient who is not impressed. Tigger's angry at being spoken to and rings him back and accidentally gives the address to the guy. The gang flee into Chris' bedroom and barrel up the door - but what if the Slusher's already in the house? Piglet's trying not to be afraid. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. Creak. Be afraid. Be afraid. Be afraid... Yaaaaah! Tigger's sneaking about and runs into Piglet, Pooh and Chris. Christopher Robin tries to think of a plan to get rid of the Slusher. A surprise plan... Tigger accidentally floods the bathroom. Pooh digs a hole in the lounge room. Tigger sets mousetraps in the kitchen. Piglet unwittingly volunteers to be the bait... The others hide in the closet as they hear the 'Slusher.' However it's only Eeyore who accidentally sets off the trap... and now Eeyore's scared of the slusher too... All Hades broke loose, the bathroom, the water and they fall down the hole... Christopher Robin's Mum must be sleeping like a log. The 'Slusher' is apparently knocking on the next door. What has he got in the boxes? Probably where he keeps his... gasp... slushes... Christopher Robin vows to protect his home and neighborhood from the evil Slusher... with the help of his reluctant gang. Piglet's worst fear is he's about to come face to face with his worst fear... In the garden they tippytoe on the trail of the Slusher. The gang are spooked by the next door neighbour's dog. The neighbour rings the police at all the commotion. Christopher Robin and the others are up the tree. They need to distract the Slusher. It'll be a cinch, unless the Slusher catches him and slushes him to pieces. However the dog scares him again... and goes off and buries a bone. Growwwwwl... It's not a rumble tumblee. Pooh goes to the dog and makes friends... Sirens are heard blaring... The police have arrived... Have they come to arrest the gang? Tigger says it was all Pooh's idea. Pooh... the night of the 23rd he was sleeping... Piglet's young and foolish and can't remember anything. He blames society... Eeyore confesses, however Tigger confesses too... I want my lawyer... Will they be arrested for first degree making noise, however Christopher Robin's confessed and the gang defend him. I'm sorry... I'm sorry... Chris wakes up on the couch... and his Mother sends him to bed. But then the doorbell rings. Slushers can be awful trickly... Did anyone order a pizza?... On March 16th Christopher Robin was found guilty of leaving his bed when he shouldn't have and was placed in the custody of his friends. Everything you've seen has been a dream. Only the names of the animals have been changed to protect the innocent.

The gang's playing ball... with a twist of lemonade... The gang go to find Christopher Robin. They go to find Christopher Robin to find where he is. They don't recognize him... He's dressed up for a party - a grown up girl's party! He doesn't want to go, but his Mum said he has to... And he pretends to be sick. Tigger paints spots on him... But his Mum says watercolor spots aren't contagious... Rabbit painstakingly tries to instruct Christopher on social graces. Tigger tries to help Christopher learn to dance, but first he jumps into a muddy puddle to get his feet prepared! He thanks them for all their help and says he won't feel so shy around girls. He says he can't take the gang with him. The others are upset that they may never see him again because he's going to have fun with his new friends. They are afraid that if Christopher meets a girl... he'll become an adult! This is what happens - he'll move into a big house, he'll ignore his old fiends, dressed in a suit and ask how was your day, dear - and that he won't have time for his friends, just his wife and baby... They decide to grow up with Christopher Robin... First they need a new house... Gopher has the plans... The dream home of his Grandpappy... Should take a day and a half... and plan to invite Chris to their new grown up house for their grown up party. Hunny to cement bricks... Rabbit hopes the house is finished before he is and now they have to find girl... They believe the only way to keep Christopher Robin's friendship is to act like Grown Ups... But their house falls down... Guess they know how Eeyore feels. Christopher Robin gets their invitation, but he says they he'll never be so grown up as to forget his friends. He takes Chris to the girl scarecrow. Go on, Chris, ask her for a dance...

An adventure away from the 100 Aker Woods, this time... Christopher Robin's house... Pooh and Piglet are watching Tigger's magic tricks... Making things disappear with into the land of enchantment... which looks like the Gopher's vacuum cleaner... Piglet disappears into the land of the enchantment... When he gets blown out with the handkerchief... and he gets liked by a white monster dog... Gopher takes back his land of enchantment, telling Tigger he's not responsible, but Tigger argues he's responsibibble - for them having fun. Christopher Robin comes back and says he's responsible for looking after the shaggy Sheep Dog Skippy, though Piglet is nervous. Skippy has an extensive appetite, loves walks and jumping on people. Christopher is finding Skippy a bit more than he can handle. Pooh finds a horn which makes Skippy obedient. He fetches the horn when Christopher throes it, but when he throws it over the fence, Skippy jumps over the fence, into the pond, and comes back all muddy. Christopher goes to get some soap and leaves the gang in charge of the dog. Skippy runs roughshod all over the lawn and escapes with Piglet. Piglet is scared the dog will eat him, although he feels has to get the dog back to Christopher Robin. Chris, Pooh and Tigger are trying to find Skippy and Piglet. They wish they had the horn and Tigger makes a noise like it. Skwonkee! Skwonkee! He can also do a bottle of pop... Glug, glug, glug... Christopher Robin wishes they could make the horn louder, and they hear an announcement from the Stupendo Market and decide to use their loudspeaker. Christopher decides to make a diversion, while Piglet is trying to get the dog home. Christopher poses as a father and Pooh the baby, to distract the supermarket owner asking or baby food while Tigger hopes he doesn't get stage fright in front of the microphone... SKWONKEE!! SKWONKEE!! SKWONKEE!! SKWONKEE!! The dog takes off and piglet screams he's too young to fly. The dog runs like a demolition derby through the supermarket with Piglet flying behind. The supermarket keeper traps them, but a mountain of tins collapse on him, a lucky escape. The other go home and rush to wash the dog, but on the way, Skippy is distracted by a horn on a moped and runs after it, losing Chris, and the Gang. Chris feels upset that he failed to look after the dog. Tigger vows to find the dog as he feels it's his responsibility. The moped passes by with the dog following suit. Tigger asks to borrow Gopher's vacuum to put in reverse to chase the dog. They chase the dog, but the vacuum comes out of the electric socket, as the vacuum races down the street. SKWONKEE!! SKWONKEE!! The gang see the neighbours coming home and are determined to get the dog home. Christopher, sitting on the steps, is upset that he couldn't look after the dog. The gang and the dirty dog arrive just in time. Tigger says he'll clean Gopher's tunnel with his tail... Piglet says he didn't mean to be brave... it just happened when he panicked... The gang are stunned when Christopher says his Mum said he could get a dog of his own, but he didn't say he would...

Yipp-yi-oh bother! The gang and Christopher Robin are playing with his train set... but the thing had no rudder or propeller... Chris doesn't want them to touch the train until he gets back from lunch. But Piglet suggests a sleeping game. Piglet and Rabbit go off to sleep. Tigger says he's not touching the train, just the controls! Tigger puts more tracks down... but the train runs off. Piglet and Rabbit come back from sleeping and discover that Pooh and Tigger have taken the train. Train robbers... Dressed in bad guy like black threads, running away with the train... Gopher gets chased by the train, running through the mountain tracks... Rabbit runs off to find Sheriff Piglet. Tigger asks Pooh to feed the train's furnace until he figures out how to stop the train. Rabbit tells Piglet he has to catch the desperados. He makes Rabbit and Eeyore his deputies. The train runs through the cactus covered land and through the western town, of which Piglet demands they stop, as Sheriff of this fantasy. Piglet tried to board the train... and goes after it with his deputies. Tigger is still trying to stop the train. Pooh finally pulls a lever, the carriages get thrown free, but the engine is still one the loose chasing Piglet, Rabbit and Eeyore... And they collect Gopher along the way. Tigger tried to grab his lost hat, but gets caught on the hook, as they others get thrown free of the train, which ends up caput, and Eeyore's happy the others didn't fall on him. Piglet reluctantly decides to take Pooh in. Pooh doesn't know what he's supposed to have done. Gopher's the judge... with his swingin' gallows... But Pooh just loves to swing... Tigger comes in the night and tried to jail break Pooh Bear, to ride into the sunset and live the happily ever afterlife. Tigger confesses that he only borrowed the train... They put the train together... and thy only have to use half the parts... But the thing takes off... Piglet, Rabbit and Eeyore find them. Tigger tries to show them the train. It was right there. Outlaws honor. Tigger wants out of the cell... even though he's only been there five minutes - seemed like six. Eeyore is surprised that their lives look more depressing than his. Pooh wants to be the first to swing... Tigger says that Pooh is innocent. Rabbit wants to know what happened to the train, which smashes through Gopher's swing... and runs roughshod through the old west town... Terrorizing every time, especially Piglet. Tigger vows to bring back the train and Piglet and paints tracks on the ground. Trains can't resist followin' tracks, you know. It slips on the banana peel Tigger threw onto the track... Piglet thanks Tigger for saving the town even it if did take two weeks. Tigger's not a train napper. He's a train borrower. They decide to give to let him off with a warning. Chris comes back and lets them use the controls... But they all say they want to play the "Guess Who's Sleeping" game...

Christopher Robin's Mum won't let him go out to play until after he's cleaned up the living room. She tells him she's going shopping for an hour, plenty of time for him to tidy up and to be extra, extra careful around Great Grandfather Youstas, a head and statue of him on a pillar. It's a kid's right to go out and play... Oh bother... there's no sadder sight than the bottom of an empty hunny pot, Pooh says. The gang were expecting Christopher Robin to go and help them catch a blue faced yellow bellied house flies. Time's fun when you're havin' flies... Chris tells them he has the clean up. What's the use of havin' a mess if you've gotta clean it up? Tigger asks. The gang offer to help Christopher. He tells them to be careful around his Great Grandfather. Tigger gets the toys to march to tidy places, however it seems that they want to play... and the mess is slightly messier than it was before. You've got to make cleaning fun... so it'll be fun... Kick soldiers in the place, train the train to help... toss the toys onto the shelf and crash into Great Grandfather Youstas... Oh Bother... The other plan to fix him. But hunny doesn't make good glue... Christopher is sure his life is over. They bury Youstas... and Christopher is scared to go back home. The gang want him to stay with them, but it doesn't work out. Tigger's house is now outside and Chris is too big for Piglet's house... Pooh's house is full of Hunny pots, and Rabbit is too fussy. Eeyore comes and tells Christopher he's just finished his stick house, using all the finest timers, built to last the ages... Unless a butterfly sits on it first... Oh well, nothin' lasts forever. Christopher says he can't go home and he can't stay and so he decides to leave. Eeyore thinks he needs help finding a home. The others decide to build him a house. Christopher is leaving with the classic sac on a stick. Eeyore comes to him and says that home's the kind of place you run to. Chris hears his mother calling, rather worriedly and runs off. The house is ready... Pooh goes to find Christopher Robin. He decides to leave with Pooh. Rabbit, Tigger and Piglet decide to go after them, after reading Christopher's note that they've runaway form home on this rainy day. Christopher tells Pooh that they won't be going back... Pooh stops for a small smackerel... Eeyore has come after them and sees an empty hunny pot. It's still warm. Chris and Pooh wait at the bus stop. Eeyore comes to them and brings them a black umbrella. Eeyore tells them that there's no running away from mistakes. Christopher Robin wants to get Pooh back where it's warm and dry. Rabbit, Tigger and Piglet are worried about Pooh, though Tigger hopes they're having fun at the ends of the Earth. Pooh, Eeyore and Christopher Robin comes back to them, and they're very happy to see their friends. Rabbit and the others show Christopher his new house. Chris says it's very nice, but he says he has go home to his own home to face up to what he did. Poor Eeyore has no home. He's always dreamed of having a house like this. A few holes in the roof, they'll let in the rain, 'course they'll let the sun in too... The gang let Eeyore have the house. He settles into it, just as the yellow butterfly sets on top of it... collapsing it, but Eeyore smiles as the gentle creature rests on his nose. Ahh home, no place like it...

A large box had arrived... Gopher's package. You have to unwrap them just so, careful... rip, rip, rip! Lucille! He's about to propose to her. She's an electronic shovel... Piglet suggests he digs with her. Gopher excitedly makes Rabbit a carrot cellar - a hole in the middle of his house. He's going to build Pooh an olympic sized swimming hole... Of course you have to fill it first... He's off to renovate Tigger's house... Tigger comes to them, bandaged up. Piglet wants to talk to Gopher - he's only trying to help... He's only doing what he's supposed to do with a shovel... Piglet's house disappears beneath the earth... Maybe this has gone too far. Gopher is sleeping and dreaming about Lucille when Piglet sneaks in and takes the shovel - but an alarm sounds as he makes off with her to Gopher's horror. Piglet decides to bury her then explain to Gopher, but Lucille digs a really big hole... Gopher gets the gang to help him. Tigger thinks it's the tracks of a yellow bellied shovel and Piglet stealer. When Gopher learns that Lucille is down there, he jumps down there. Piglet confesses and Gopher realizes he was digging where he didn't belong and vows to make things right. They trick the others into thinking there is a yellow bellied shovel and Piglet stealer. They climb out of the hole and leave Lucille down there... But wait till you see what he ordered next...

Tigger is bouncing, bouncing and bouncing... He could do it blindfolded with his ears in his mouth. he's trying to teach Pooh Boy to bounce. You don't become a skilled bouncer overnight. It takes at least twelve hours, you know. He is about to bounce a large tree - and it's just the right light. He gets ready to bounce, when a little cloud appears, casting a gigantical shadow. Shoo, go away! Amscray! Don't show your fluffy face around here again, Tigger says. However the cloud gets angry and turns grey with rage. He tried to bounce the tree and bounces into the cloud. The cloud starts to rain on Tigger, or is it crying? It starts following Tigger around, raining only on him. Tigger goes to Rabbit clad in yellow rain gear. Maybe the cloud wants to be a storm when he grows up. Rabbit wants Tigger to stay in his Garden, watering his garden. Tigger is disguised as an apple to hide the cloud and he apologizes to Pooh for not being a cleverly disguised bee hive... The cloud finds Tigger him and snows on him. Tigger bolts up his house, but Cloudy comes in through the stove and rains in Tigger in his bed. Man the life boats, we're goin' down! Tigger has come to stay with Pooh. He's come up with a plan and he needs his friends help. He dressed Piglet and Pooh as Tiggers as he tried to lasso the cloud. He plans to take the cloud anywhere he's not... But the cloud ends up taking him! And blasting the string with lightning, disintegrating it as the others run and hide, but the cloud blasts their hiding spot... Do they roast marshmallows? Or head for the logs? They hide inside a big hollow log. Pooh suggests talking to the cloud and apologizing. The cloud was just doing what clouds do. he might have hurt the clouds feelings. You never know what's going to upset a cloud. Clouds are very sensitive. He does apologize for calling him names. He promises never to upset any other cloud ever again, cross his stripes. A rainbow pours out of the little cloud. Tigger bounces up to it and into the cloud, softer than fluff... And he makes friends as the cloud helps him execute his bounce, and the cloud hugs him. Tigger promises to look him up next time it's stormy as he goes to bounce a really, really tall tree he saw from his cloudy friend.

Piglet is worried that he's forgotten Pooh's birthday. Rabbit is upset about his tomatoes looking more like olives when he's jumped by Tigger. Piglet goes to them and they decide to throw him a party, with games and a birthday cake, and balloons and a birthday cake - a birthday without a cake is positively unbirthdaical. Rabbit and the others all have spare candles and put them all on the cake... They think that The Bear of very little brain must be very old and smart with all these candles... Pooh didn't know he was so old or so smart. Rabbit is both sceptical and cross. Rabbit asks where he should plant his tomatoes. Pooh says it depends on how the tomatoes feel... Tigger asks him how to cover more ground with his bounce... Pooh tells him to spend less time on the ground. Piglet asks him how long he would take with his spring cleaning. Pooh tells him a very long time because there's an awful lot of it out there... They all go about Pooh's advice. Pooh's now a bear with a very large brain. Owl thinks he can converse with Pooh on a higher plain. He tests Pooh's newfound intelligence. If you take two pots of hunny away from five, you don't have enough for dinner. Rabbit is frustrated that his tomatoes aren't talking and has piled some of them up, listening. Piglet puts some of the tomatoes away... However Tigger falls on them, creating a large mess. Rabbit is cross, discovering Pooh's very smart advice is not so smart after all. Pooh gets a piece of cake with one candle on it to share with each other. Pooh ate the cake because he was hungry and placed the candles in the hunny jar... This means that the hunny jar is antique... Pooh is the poohiest bear... Now let's all enjoy this birthday slice...

Rabbit is watering his prize Rutabaga Potato. He puts an umbrella up fir him to protect him from the sun, he fans him, gives him something to read... The most wonderful plant he's grown... Gopher's tunnelling under the garden... and popping up all the carrots... Rabbit is frantic about his Prize Rutabaga Potato and stops Gopher just in time - with a shovel. Gopher is angry at the doozy of a roadblock at first, but excitedly tells Rabbit he's got a letter from his Grandpappy, the Gopher to end all Gophers... Rabbit is fretting about his fragile plant, while Gopher is rambling about his Grandpappy, who's going to build an above ground/underground city and win the pewter pickaxe award this year... Rabbit is fretting about having two Gophers about. He warns the others. Pooh suggests giving Gopher's Grandfather a party, but Rabbit wants him kept busy so as not to run roughshod all over the 100 Aker Wood. Pooh Bear's in charge of keeping Grandpa happy by doing nothing. Tigger hugs Pooh sayi ng that nobody does nothing like he does nothing and that's saying something. Gopher is preparing to welcome his Grandpappy and has given the others welcome signs. Rabbit is frantic when Gopher wants to start building right away. Pooh is fishing... Do you wanna go picnicking Grandpappy? Yep!... Care for another smackerel? Nope? He's a Gopher of two words. Gopher keeps popping up and waiting to star building, but Grandpa doesn't seem interested. The next morning he's collecting hunny with Pooh, while Gopher is determined to carry out Grandpappy's plans for he above ground-underground city and win the pewter pickaxe. Rabbit throws himself over his Rutabaga Potato, while Gopher begins construction of his city. By dingy... it's done... The first underground city built above the ground... but the thing collapses. Gopher is upset, but his grandpappy says he's not disappointed, that he knew it would never work... The fun part was writing it out, if he's built it, he wouldn't have anything left to dream about. Gopher is embarrassed that his grandpappy is a dreamer... The others help Gopher by saying he could put his doing with his grandfather's dreaming... However Gopher still says 'the plant' still has to go. At that moment the Rutabaga Potato's speckled pink budded flower beautifully opens, and Grandpappy says the city needs some flowers, to Rabbit's relief... but the rest'll have to go... ;)

Piglet comes to Pooh and Tigger at Pooh's house to read his poetry, much to Tigger's dismay. Piglet starts to read his poem, but Tigger finds it too sissy and begins to rewrite it, having Piglet fall down holes, chased by bumblybees and off cliffs... Now the poem i done, thank old Tigger for all the fun. Piglet runs off when Pooh asks him to read another. Later Piglet reads a poem about being small to Rabbit, Pooh and Eeyore. Piglet's blocked the house and locked himself in a cage to take precautions against Tigger who saws himself in through the roof, breaking Piglet's cage and he invades Piglet's poem again, but makes himself small instead... is chased by bugs and falls into the raging sea... Suddenly he's grabbed by a big bird beak... High in the sky he does soar... and falls onto an Eeyore ... And falls into Pooh's hunny... Tigger grows smaller... But Piglet says for him to grow tall and Tigger promises never to mess in Poohetry again... And now Tigger, you can go far, far away... and ends up in the stars. Was it something he said? Nah...

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