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Topher's Great Godzilla Reference Pages

We present a number of useful Godzilla pages on this site. There are also several other good Godzilla pages on the net. Many contain great information, pictures, and special features which show a lot of time went into their pages.

When you visit the other Godzilla web links, be sure to visit the rest of their website. If you like what you see, send an e-mail to the website's author and congratulate them on a job well done!

The first Godzilla movie was entitled Gojira when it was released in Japan in 1954.
It was later recut with footage of Raymond Burr added in 1956 and renamed Godzilla,
King of the Monsters
. The rest is history...

ball Links to Useful Godzilla Pages on My Site

ball Complete Listing of Godzilla Movies, Release Dates, and Alternative Titles
ball Godzilla Movie Ratings from 5 Different Reviewers
ball Listing of Godzilla Movie Monster Co-Stars
ball Godzilla Monster Name Cross-Reference
ball Godzilla Rampage Map
ball Godzilla Art Gallery: New Monsters We'd Like To See
ball Images and Summaries of our Favorite Godzilla Books
ball Hear the New Godzilla Roar! (Short "godzilla.wav" file which loads in 30 seconds)

ball Links to Specific Godzilla Pages on the Web. (A new browser window will open).

ball Barry's Temple Godzilla FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
ball Godzilla Biology
ball Godzilla Film Ratings and Summaries
ball The Godzilla Saga

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