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You are interested in getting a new phone or a new phone plan. Who has the best plan or phone to fit your needs? Thankfully there are a few good websites that can help you answer this question. Once you get your phone, you'll soon find you want personalized ringtones, maybe some additional accessories like a car charger or bluetooth headset (or speakerphone), and if you bought a smartphone you'll want some great free apps. We can help you find those too! You want to get in touch with customer service? We've got your number!

Sites Which Help You Find The Best Cellular Phone Plan
These sites also have competitive pricing on new phones. (You don't have to buy the phone through your carrier. It's easy to activate any new phone and even keep your current phone number). Amazon, Costco and Best Buy are also good sources for new phone deals. eBay is a great source if you want to replace your old phone with the same model.
Web AddressCompare Service PlansCompare Cell PhonesRingtonesFind Accessories
Good site if you already know which cellular carrier you have an interest in using, or if looking to purchase accessories and ringtones.
Quickly narrow down your list of plans and phones with their handy interactive cell plan filtering chart.
Another good filter to help find the best cell phone rate plan.

Cellular Phone Reviews
These are by far the two best places to get reliable information on cellphones.
Web AddressNotes
CNet.comDetailed cellular phone ratings and reviews, plus user reviews and cell phone specifications.
TechRadar.comGreat site for detailed cellular phone reviews and new phone news.

Cellular Phone Company Contact Numbers
Cellular Service CompanyCustomer ServiceCustomer Service
AT&T Wireless
Cricket Wireless
Boost Mobile
Verizon Wireless800-922-0204*611
*Note: 611, *611, and *VM are for current customers only via your cell phone

Our Favorite Bluetooth Speakerphone
Jabra Freeway Bluetooth SpeakerphoneThere are several good bluetooth earpieces on the market, but if you prefer not to "stick it in your ear", there is currently only one great answer for a car speakerphone: the Jabra Freeway. The unit is pleasantly small and securely attaches to your visor.
Activate the bluetooth connection on your phone and you're good to go. It offers up to 14 hours of talk time and 40 days of standby time with a built-in motion sensor. Use your voice to make, answer, end, redial and reject calls. It has a built-in FM Transmitter to send music and calls from your mobile phone to your car radio (but I use the built in speakers for my calls). I upgraded the free firmware quickly and easily from Jabra's website. I found this to be a great hands-free solution for me and used it until I bought a car with built-in bluetooth. Jabra's Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone can be bought online from Amazon for under $75.

Our Favorite Free Android Apps
You can find most of these apps in Google Play Apps, and Amazon. Amazon also offers a "Free App of the Day" every day. (I've gotten some great $1 to $4 apps for free this way, but you have to expect most of the free apps are kids games, so check back daily).
Android AppWhy You Want It
Angry BirdsThis problem-solving physics game is just plain fun
BubbleA handy level
Disney ParksInteractive maps, menus, events and current wait times at your fingertips
FlightBoardAirline arrival and departure boards for any airport
GasBuddyFind the cheapest gas near your current location
GateGuruAmenities that are available at all airport gates
Google Maps NavigationGreat GPS navigation system with voice guidance
Google Sky MapIdentify stars and planets in the sky
Google TranslateInstantly translates words, phrases, pictures, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages
iExitDetails about all the services (gas, food, stores) on upcoming highway exits
IngressLocation-based, augmented-reality mobile game
Life360Family locator and tracking tool
Password SafeEasily create a secured and encrypted user name/password list
PolyClockOur favorite travel alarm clock
QuellFun puzzle game
Relax MelodiesRelaxing sounds and sleep meditations to help you sleep
Should I Answer?Get rid of the unsolicited calls
StocardMobile wallet for storing store rewards cards
TuneInListen to any streaming radio station in the world
Turkey SeasonAn addictive game of turkey hunting
UberCar hailing service
WazeGreat crowd-sourced GPS navigation system with voice guidance
WhatsAppSimple, secure messaging and calling all over the world
Wi-Fi AnalyzerGraphical views of the WiFi signals in your vicinity
Wi-Fi FinderFind free Wi-Fi hotspots nearby

Cellular Phone Information Sites
Web AddressNotes
CellPhoneInfo.comExplanations about how cell phones work, the different types, tracking, and news.
FDA.govFDA and FCC rules, regulations, and cell phone safety information.

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Information is from sources believed to be reliable but cannot be guaranteed. The information presented is an opinion intended to assist buyers find cell phones and service providers. The charts are not intended to show all of the features available. Be sure to read all of the terms and conditions of any program before you sign up. Since we do not have complete control over the "Ads by Google" appearing on this page, we do not directly endorse their sites or products. Please notify us if you find any of the advertisers to be misleading. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases through Amazon links. Enjoy.
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