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Our Favorite Internet Discount Shopping Sites

One reason we use the internet is to buy merchandise at a discount to retail. Do you know how to find the lowest prices? Did you know that internet coupons, rebates, and codes are available that will make your purchases even less expensive?

I have assembled my favorite sites on one page to make your discount internet shopping easier.

General Questions and Answers

How reputable are the sites we are buying from?
I have used all of the sites I am recommending here. However, I can not guarantee that the sites they link to are always 100% legitimate or even worth dealing with. (If you do come across a bad site, be sure to notify the discount shopping site I list here so they in turn can investigate and remove the offending site link).

I'll be the first to admit you have to use your own common sense and diligence when buying online. Here are a few reasons NOT to complete a purchase online: 1. the online store does not provide a secure site when collecting your personal or payment information, 2. the price is too good to be true, 3. something just "doesn't feel right", 4. the purchase experience drags on from page to page to page (or is very slow), 5. your total costs are not shown in the early part of the buying process, or high shipping and handling fees are added right at the end.

What is an internet coupon, discount shopping site, or code?
  • An "internet coupon" is like a regular print coupon, but you actually print it on your own printer and take it to a retail store.
  • A "discount shopping site" is a internet site whose sole purpose in life is to find bargains for you.
  • A "code" is like a coupon you can use at an online store. Once you know the code, you can enter the code when checking out and get free shipping or a discount off the total purchase.
How do the discount shopping sites make money? What's in it for them?
They usually make their money by selling advertising, or from referral fees. (They earn a referral fee if you buy something from one of their links).

Discount Shopping Sites

Discount Site NameWebsite AddressSpecialty
Amazon.comAmazon.com PrimeAmazon.com of course sells almost everything. Their "Amazon Prime" deal allows you unlimited free 2-day shipping (or faster) anywhere in the U.S. for an annual fee of $119. You also get access to over 2,000 streaming movies and shows, streaming music, as well as a large library of Kindle books, for free. Trial Offer: They allow you to sample Prime and use the free 2-day shipping at no charge for one month to try it out. Why not?
Bidding For TravelBiddingForTravel.comBidding For Travel promotes informed bidding when using Priceline.com. In other words, if you like to bid for travel bargains at Priceline, go to this site first and learn what's being offered on Priceline and what in range other bidders have been successful.
HoneyJoin Honey.comHoney finds you the Internet's best discount codes. Join Honey and install their browser extension.
TechBargainsTechBargains.comSites track daily bargains with an emphasis on technology.

Information is from sources believed to be reliable but cannot be guaranteed. The information presented is an opinion intended to assist internet buyers in locating legal retail goods at a discount. Since we do not have complete control over the "Ads by Google" appearing on this page, we do not directly endorse their sites or products. Please notify us if you find any of the advertisers to be misleading. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases through Amazon links. Enjoy.
Feel free to contact me to correct any information in this article or to alert me to additional information one should consider.

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