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LaserStrike and WormWorld
"New Level Library"

All of the "new level" files can be downloaded as "freeware". However, these levels cannot be sold, either individually or as part of a collection. You will need the full version of LaserStrike for the new LaserStrike levels to work. Similarly, you will need the full version of WormWorld for the new WormWorld levels to work. The full version of LaserStrike and WormWorld can be downloaded for free.

If you have made cool new levels which you would like to share, you can e-mail them to us. We will test the new levels and post the best ones to this page.

LaserStrike New Levels for LaserStrike
File NameFile DescriptionFile Size
topher-a.zip The Topher Levels 01 - 10 2.86kb / 3.68kb unzipped
topher-b.zip The Topher Levels 11 - 20 2.61kb / 3.71kb unzipped
gionni.zip Giovanni Vangone Levels 01 - 11 2.99kb / 3.39kb unzipped
gionni2.zip Giovanni Vangone Levels 12 - 20 2.79kb / 2.99kb unzipped
lloyd.zip Chris Lloyd Levels 01 - 09 2.40kb / 2.95kb unzipped
ls-coral.zip Coral Levels 01 - 10 2.35kb / 3.12kb unzipped
chrisx.zip ChrisX Level 01 1.00kb / 1.00kb unzipped
einam.zip Einam Levels 01 - 03 1.00kb / 3.00kb unzipped
new filename Future New Level File Description File Size

WormWorld New Levels for WormWorld
File NameFile DescriptionFile Size
ww-bestofstu.zip Best of Stuart Belcher6.44kb / 14.1kb unzipped
ww-restofstu.zip Rest of Stuart Belcher3.85kb / 10.1kb unzipped
new filenameFuture New Level File DescriptionFile Size

Q. How do I download and install these new levels?

A. All the new level files are small files that won't take long to download. To download, right-click on the file name (above) and "save file" or "save link as". Be sure to make a note of the file name and in which folder you save the file. Click "Save". The file will quickly download to your hard drive.

To install the new levels, you will simply double click on the file (to unzip it) and allow the file to expand. Be sure to expand/unzip the files into your LaserStrike or WormWorld folders. Once expanded, simply run the game as you normally would, and load the new levels one at a time from within the open game. Note: if the .zip file does not unzip when you double-click on it, you will need to download an unzip utility from the net.

WinFiles.com offers a large number of the latest unzip utilities. Some are shareware and some are freeware. WinZip and PKZip may be the most well known. Do not download a beta version of any file. (Beta versions are products still undergoing testing).

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