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Topher's Great Macaroni and Cheese Page

I love Macaroni and Cheese.

On this page you'll find my personal rankings,
and links to the best macaroni and cheese sites.

Here are my personal rankings of Macaroni and Cheese meals.
The rankings are based entirely on appearance and taste.
Price is not part of the rankings since I do not pay for it. (My folks do).
Boston Market (All locations)9
Annie's Homegrown Microwavable Mac and Cheese8
The Crab House (Orlando, FL)8
Garden Grille - EPCOT (Orlando, FL)8
Golden Corral (Charlotte, NC)8
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (White Cheddar)8
Stouffers Macaroni and Cheese (Frozen entree)8
Outback Steakhouse (All locations)7
Elwoods BBQ (Charlotte, NC)7
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (Three Cheese)7
North Carolina Middle School Cafeteria7
Ponderosa (Sandusky, OH)7
Velveeta Shells and Cheese7
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (Regular)6
Lonestar Steakhouse (Orlando, FL)6
TGI Friday's (All locations)5
The Crab House (Myrtle Beach, SC)5
Borden Shredded Cheese and Macaroni (4 Cheese)4
Hawaii Public School Cafeteria3
Ryan's Family Steakhouse (Columbia, SC)2
Western Sizzlin' (Columbia, SC)2
Ponderosa (Orlando, FL)0

Did you ever notice that kids sometimes get served old (or less than fresh) food in restaurants? I see it all the time. Don't let them get away with it! If you ever get served anything at a restaurant that doesn't look good or taste good, send it back!

Send me your rankings for any macaroni and cheese meals you have eaten,
and I will include them on this page.

Here are visitor rankings of Macaroni and Cheese meals.
Adam's Street Club (London) Macaroni and Cheese10
Amy's Organic Macaroni and Cheese10
Annie's [Various kinds with the bunny image on the box]10
Arby's Mac'n Cheezers10
Boston Market10
Cascade Resort in Vail, Colorado10
"Chat'n Chew" near Union Square in New York City10
Delta Cafe (Oregon)10
"Doug Fir" restaurant in downtown Portland, OR10
Kenny Rogers' Roasters restaurant10
Kraft "Cheesy Alfredo"10
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese [original blue box variety]10
Kraft "Three Cheese"10
Munchies Deep Fried Mac and Cheese (Sarasota)10
Noodles and Co (Wisconsin)10
"Pappas" BBQ in the Houston Airport, Concourse E10
The River City Brewery (Wichita, Kansas)10
Stouffer's Macaroni and Cheese10
Verti Mart (New Orleans)10
Red Robin (Michigan)9.5
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese [shapes - hold the cheese better]9
Patti LaBelle's Cookbook 4-cheese Recipe9
Liberace's Cookbook Recipe8
Wolfgang Pucks Macaroni and Cheese8
Prince Macaroni and Cheese0
Additional Visitor Rankings Will Be Included Here?

Here are my favorite Macaroni and Cheese links.
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese RecipesClick on the "interactive kitchen recipes" logo and then type "macaroni and cheese" into the search box.
Top Secret RecipesOccasionally has recipes for Macaroni and Cheese.

There are lots of ways to enjoy Macaroni and Cheese. I like it extra cheesy (with real cheese) and with lots any add-ins like chopped onions and broccoli. My sister likes cut-up hotdogs or ham bites added to hers. Some people bake it like a casserole (sometimes adding all sorts of things including vegetables). Most cook it on the stove top. One site visitor suggested "cut down the milk and add some Velveeta in it's place. Also adding some extra Mac N Cheese topping (sold separately in a shaker)".

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