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Overall Rating (1-10) = 7.75
Flavor = I'm guessing someone at Kellogg's has been whining for years about how they don't have a knock-off equivalent of Cocoa Puffs. Well, problem solved !!! It helps to remind us that the folks who call the shots at the cereal companies are not kindly old immigrants or our grandpas or anything like that. They're just sniveling little empty-headed corporate copycats.
And did they copy the good old Cocoa Puffs, the one with the light dusting of white sugar glaze over crispy chocolatey corn puffs ??? No, they copied the new Cocoa Puffs, the one with the sweet chocolate varnish on the outside that gets stuck in your teeth. The taste is decent, but it gets masked somewhat by the odd texture.
Affected by Milk = It takes several minutes for the milk to soak into the corn balls, and even then it seems to remain confined to the outer layer of the balls. The chocolate color of the corn balls fades quickly as the milk washes it off.
Effect on Milk = The milk gets chocolatey pretty fast. You'll have to recharge with fresh milk after every bowl unless you like eating your cereal in chocolate sweet milk.
Mixable With = unknown
Dry Value = pretty tasty when dry, though it sticks in your teeth...
Olfactory Stimuli = nice chocolate mell
Why It's Not a 10 = feels odd while you're eating it, and the stuff gets stuck in your molars too much.

Overall Rating (1-10) = 9.7
Flavor = Doesn't necessarily taste like apples, but I can't identify the taste with anything else so I guess apple is close enough. The cinnamon flavor is also quite distinct while not overly strong. It is pretty sweet, so if you don't adjust well to ample doses of sugar, watch out.
This cereal is delicious. One of my all-time favorites.
Affected by Milk = It doesn't get soft unless you leave it sitting in the milk for 15 or 20 minutes. I usually let it soak for 3 or 4 minutes to avoid cutting the roof of my mouth.
Effect on Milk = It doesn't muck up the milk at all unless you make it to refill number 5 or 6, which you very well might. By then, though, the milk will have gotten really sugary, so I usually add fresh milk after every second bowl.
Mixable With = Froot Loops or Apple Cinnamon Cheerios
Dry Value = Very good when eaten dry
Olfactory Stimuli = you can almost smell the sugary sweetness...
Why It's Not a 10 = I'd almost give Apple Jacks a perfect rating, but sometimes I wish there were a few more of the little red cinnamon nuggets attached to the loops. Also I hate the idea of all the variations they occassionally come up with (green, swirled, etc.).

Overall Rating (1-10) = 8.2
Flavor = Froot Loops is good stuff, don't get me wrong, but they have overdone it with the colors and fruit flavors. I'm not sure if it's the mixture of all the artificial flavors, the sugar, or some other chemical additive, but sometimes I detect an odd taste when I eat a bunch.
Affected by Milk = same as Apple Jacks
Effect on Milk = same as Apple Jacks
Mixable With = Apple Jacks
Dry Value = This stuff is great eaten dry. Be sure to try the giant sized snack version. These might not be in the cereal aisle. Try looking over by the pretzels or the fruit rolls.
Olfactory Stimuli = smells sweet fruity, though I've detected chemicals...
Why It's Not a 10 = Too many colors and too many flavors in there... I miss the good old days when they were orange, red, and yellow.

Overall Rating (1-10) = 9.2
Flavor = If you haven't already eaten some Frosted Flakes, then shame on you. The classic sweetened corn flake taste is definitely one of life's must-haves. I should say that after eating a box, I usually feel like I've had enough of that particular flavor for a few months, but I always get the craving again soon. It really is great.
Affected by Milk = It can't sit in the milk for much more than a couple minutes before beginning to lose its crunchiness. I wouldn't want to change that, though. Sometimes I like it soggy.
Effect on Milk =
Mixable With = Cocoa Frosted Flakes or Frosted Wheaties
Dry Value = I could eat this stuff dry all day.
Olfactory Stimuli = no particular smell except the cornflake smell when milky...
Why It's Not a 10 = I think it has to do with the sweetening part of the manufacturing process. Sometimes it occurs to me while I'm eating it that the taste is a little off. I suspect the quality control of the sugar.

Overall Rating (1-10) = 9.0
Flavor = I can remember my dad eating shredded wheat cereal that came in giant sized cubes that got laid in the bowl one at a time and broken to bits before eating. I tried a cube one time, and I remember shaking on spoonful after spoonful of sugar to make it palatable.
This stuff takes care of that with its thick sweet frosting. And the taste that's brought out by the glaze is very good.
I actually like the Post version of this a little better for some reason.
Affected by Milk = The bite size cubules soak up the milk fast and will be soggy within a minute or 2. This is supposed to happen, and it's part of the charm of the cereal. Enough crunch remains in the thin crust of the frosted side to hold it together long enough to eat.
Effect on Milk = I'm not a sweet-milk drinker, but if I were I think I'd pass on this one because of all the little bits that have managed to escape from the larger nuggets and float off alone, having avoided spoon capture as well.
Also, there isn't much milk left after a bowl or 2 anyway because it all gets soaked up by the cereal and you consume it as you eat.
Mixable With = nothing discovered yet
Dry Value = not good dry
Olfactory Stimuli = no particular smell...
Why It's Not a 10 = The tasty white frosting on one side of each piece is not spread at a uniform thickness. Some pieces will have very little while others have thick blobs of the stuff on them. I've even found hunks of the frosting floating around in the bowl unaccompanied by cereal matter.


Cocoa Fruity Pebbles
Overall Rating (1-10) = 6.8
Flavor = I don't know why these are still so popular. The Cocoa Pebbles taste OK, I guess, but Cocoa Krispies are far superior. The Fruity Pebbles are just funny-tasting. Not as bad as the new Kaboom, but not good.I should also mention that the Cinnamon Pebbles variety is practically flavorless.
Affected by Milk = Milk turns Pebbles into mush within 3 or 4 minutes. The only way to eat them is fresh fast.
Effect on Milk = Pebbles make the milk a soggy, flavored mess.
Mixable With = ??
Dry Value = Actually better when eaten dry.
Olfactory Stimuli = I've never noticed the smell of these.
Why It's Not a 10 = It gets too mushy in milk and wears out the milk too soon. It also tastes less than good.

Overall Rating (1-10) = 9.2
Flavor = Honeycomb is one of my favorite cereals, and I've been known to sit and eat it till I was bloated. It's also economically priced, and a big box is good for lots of munchies.
Affected by Milk = It stands up to milk well. I like to let it soak for a minute or 2 before eating.
Effect on Milk = Honeycomb is pretty good to the milk. It's good to let it soak up a bit before eating, but for the most part one bowl of milk will last through 3 or 4 bowls with very little diluting required.
Mixable With = Alpha-Bits
Olfactory Stimuli = mild honey sweet aroma...
Dry Value = Not bad dry, but I prefer to at least dump milk into my mouth at the same time.
Why It's Not a 10 = I guess it could stand just a light dusting of additional frosting.

Quaker Oats

Overall Rating (1-10) = 9.6
Flavor = One of my all-time favorite sweetened breakfast cereals... It's delicious.
Affected by Milk = You have to let it sit and soak up milk for a few minutes to avoid the dreaded shredded upper mouth, but it's worth it.
Effect on Milk = Milk stays fairly freshish for several helpings.
Mixable With = Quisp and/or King Vitaman
Dry Value = Excellent for dry chomping. I take it hiking with me all the time.
Olfactory Stimuli = brings back memories of breakfast sugar rushes from decades gone by...
Why It's Not a 10 = It's too darned expensive!!!

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