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International Links
1999 Breakfast facts for exporters to Chile.
Supermarkets in Europe
An interesting look at breakfast foods in Europe.
Star Wars - Collectors Archive
A Huge collection of Star Wars cereal boxes from around the world, arranged by country. Do you know your international flags?
A Few German Kellogg's Cereal Boxes Featuring Sports
The link is all the description you need!

USA Links
Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide
There is a LOT of breakfast cereal knowledge at Topher's site. Pretty much every cereal ever made is here along with a picture of its mascot.
Bomis: The Breakfast Cereal Ring
No, it's not just a ring-shaped piece of cereal, like a Cheerio, but rather it's a bunch of cereal lovers sitting in a circle eating Apple Jacks and Froot Loops...
The Empty Bowl
These guys were born with silver spoons in their hands, ready to chow down on many bowls full of cereal and tell you all about each bite.
"The Boxtop" Cereal Netletter
Topher is at it again with issue after tasty issue of breakfast reports. It is truly a valuable cereal resource, including reviews on cereals new and old, comments on current cereal concerns, and other cereal stuff.
The Freakie Magnet
If you never tasted Freakies cereal, then you definitely missed out. It was hard not to love, as is the Freakie Magnet website.
Freakies Cereal Box Webpage
More homage to the cereal that everyone over 30 misses so much.
The Breakfast Cereal Page
It's amazing how many people get downright emotional about their breakfast cereal. Some of them even create websites about it.
Breakfast Cereal Quiz
Test your cereal smartness. Lets hope you don't have a case of the soggies.
So Was I Once Myself an Eater of Cereal
One person's perspective on breakfast and life.
Lucky Charms Found Not Magically Delicious!
The University of Vermont publishes it's scientific findings in this bit of cereal humor.
With a name like cereal.com, what do you think it's about?? Some guy his buddies and their garage punk rock band??!?
Cereal Box Archive
Collecting cereal boxes is kind of a fever. I can't stop thinking that somewhere in a trash dump there's a plastic trash bag with a perfectly preserved box of Pink Panther Flakes or Mr. T Cereal inside. Until I get the energy to go looking through old garbage, I'll just go here and look at pictures.

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