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These sites and utilities provide great assistance in building your web page.

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Graphics Pages

Graphics pages typically include: icons, backgrounds, lines, bullets, and pictures.

Animations and Graphics For Your Website: Animation, gif animation, software, javascript, fonts, html helps.

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HTML Pages

These pages will help you learn to build your own web pages.
Most offer great hints or scripts you can use in building your page.

HTML Code Tutorial: Guide to creating web pages.

HTML Goodies: Lots of help with everything HTML.

Meta Tag Analyzer: Check your meta tags for errors, conflicts, and helpful suggestions.

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Java Scripts

The JavaScript Source!!
A large and growing collection of fun and useful Java Scripts.

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Are All Of The Links On Your Site Valid?

We test every link on our site to help ensure that your experience at Topher's Castle is a good one. If you have a large site like Topher's Castle, this software can be a really time saver!

Xenu's Link Sleuth

We used to use BiggByte Software's InfoLink product, but it was discontinued. We now recommend Xenu's Link Sleuth which is easier to use and gets the job done in a fraction of the time! If any link has changed, Xenu's Link Sleuth will report the new address to you, report that the link is dead, or indicate in some other helpful way that the link may require some attention.

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XML Sitemaps.com

Google requires websites to include a "Sitemap.xml" file in the domain root
folder of your site in order to be properly indexed by their search engine.
XML-Websites will create a file for you and give you instructions on how to activate it.

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