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Crossword Puzzle

Winnie-the-Pooh Crossword Puzzle

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Here are your clues.

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2. Frequently Asked Questions(abbr.)
3. Eeyore's favorite food
5. Pooh gift to Eeyore: a _____ Pot
8. An old grey donkey
9. Tiggers are good at this
12. First objects used as Poohsticks
16. Fowl which first had the name of Pooh
17. Author of "Winnie the Pooh"
20. Piglet's favorite food
23. A beetle friend of Rabbit
24. Can spell "TUESDAY"
26. Make hunny
27. A Very Bouncy Animal
29. Build this to catch Heffalumps
30. Tigger's favorite: Extract of ______
31. Where Roo plays
33. Voice of Tigger: _____ Winchell
34. A beetle: Henry _____
36. A small timid pink character
37. A beetle friend of Rabbit
39. How Owl spells his own name
41. Pushy and decisive character with a brain
43. They nibble fur off of other animals to make nests for their young
46. Where Poohsticks is played
49. Proper spelling of "Hunny"
50. Bear of Very Little Brain
51. Illustrator of classic Pooh books
53. Sign above Pooh's door
54. Topher's _____ - A Great Site for Everyone!
55. Number of days it rained during the great flood
1. Pooh's favorite food
2. Pooh is stuffed with this
3. Pooh's middle name
4. Eeyore's disposition
6. Type of party
7. Place at Rabbit's house where Pooh got stuck
10. Character not in the books by A. A. Milne
11. Hostile Animals that jump down on you
13. Master Robin's first name
14. Short for "Very Small Beetle"
15. A beetle who is afraid of danger
16. Number of Rabbit's family members
18. Only Owl and Rabbit have them
19. Eaten at parties
21. Type of tree Owl lived in
22. Short for "Smallest-of-all"
25. Tigger saying
28. Author's initials
32. Lost often by Eeyore
34. Color of balloon given to Eeyore for his birthday by Piglet
35. Discovered by Pooh
36. Storage jar for hunny
38. Son of Kanga
39. Short for Trespasser's "William"
40. Only female main character
42. Type of tree Piglet originally lived in
43. Close kin to Woozles
44. Pooh expression
45. They twitch when Piglet gets nervous
47. Eeyore is stuffed with this
48. _____ Aker Woods
52. Color of Christopher Robin's door

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Here is the Crossword Puzzle Solution

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