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Roo introduces Pooh Images
Visitors have asked us to add more pictures of Winnie-the-Pooh and friends on our site for you to download. Our site policy has always been to provide great information that can't be found anywhere else. Since other sites provide images, we felt no need to duplicate their efforts here. We will tell you where to find the images, however!

Note: we do not allow the downloading of images or information from our site for use on another web page.

Here are links to sites where you can find images which you can download. All are great sites, and are simply listed alphabetically. They may require you to add a special graphic or link to their site in return for the image. Please use good netiquette, and follow site rules. Thank you.

When you click on a link, a new browser window will open.
Stephanie's Thoughtful Spot A high-quality site with hand made sets of Pooh graphics.
Tara's Pooh Page Large image collection of all of the characters, plus animated graphics and link buttons for your website.

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