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These two ideas are courtesy of Jennie Bales, Teacher Librarian, at Summerdale Primary School in Launceston, Tasmania.

Teacher's Internet Lesson Plans

IDEA #1: 100 Aker Wood Birthday Party
Family-safe Site for Students to Access: Winnie-the-Pooh Character Guide

You are helping to plan a party for Christopher Robin and his friends. Roll the die to find out which part of the organization you are responsible for.
dieWrite a guest list for the 100 Aker Wood Birthday Party and include the guests' addresses.
dieWrite a shopping list for the food and decorations you will need to cater for all of the guests.
dieSelect a site in the 100 Aker Wood for the party. Write directions for the guest that lives furthest away.
dieName the most feared creatures that live in the woods and devise a strategy to stop them from upsetting the party.
dieCompile a dictionary of 100 Aker Wood quotations to use in a party game.
dieMake a list of party games and activities to suit all the guests at the party.

IDEA #2: 100 Aker Wood Portrait Gallery
Family-safe Site for Students to Access: Winnie-the-Pooh Character Guide

You have been employed as an artist to draw a portrait of one of the inhabitants of the 100 Aker Wood. Roll a die to select your subject. You need to include a name on the frame and show some of the things that make this character special.












Note to Teachers and Educators!

If you would like to share your ideas with other teachers, please e-mail us at Topher. We would also be very interested in any comments you may have.

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