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Awards and Honors - Page Fifteen

I am extremely proud to display the awards and honors this site has earned.

Tina's Fantastic Web Award
We Crawled Into Tina's Fantastic Web Award.
"Aloha Topher...Surfing the web we found your website.
Guess what, we think it's really great.
That's why we would like to offer you Tina's Fantastic Web Award!"

Kristin's Excellent Site - Tigger Award
We Were Bounced By Kristin's Excellent Site - Tigger Award.
"Please except my Tigger Award for your wonderful site."

Hotspot 5-Star Award
We're a 5-Star Hot Spot!.
"Congratulations!!! Your site has been reviewed by Hotspot, and has received a 5 star award!
5 stars are only given out to the best of sites, so show your award highly! You have earnt it!!!
Thank you, and once again well done! The staff at Hotspot Internet."

Hotspot 5-Star Award
We're rated with "Safe For Kids".

Pooh's Award
Hallo! We won Pooh's Award for Family Appropriate Pooh Sites.
"You have a really great site...a fantastic kid site with MANY things to offer,
not just Pooh...I am going to be making a link page called Great Fun for Kids
and I will be putting your link in there also. Again great job!"

ETA Global Kids Award ETA Human Rights Award ETA Global Friends Award
We Were Honored with Three Awards from ETA.
"We have visited your site and we are happy to confirm that you may display
any of the following Awards: the ETA Global Friends Award; ETA Global Kids;
ETA Human Rights Award. Aloha and kind regards, ETA Friends"

CyberEagles Web Master
CyberEagles Granted Our Cereal Guide Their "Web Master" Award of Excellence.
"Congratulations! Your site has been reviewed by our panel of judges and has received
CyberEagles "Web Master" award. Your site has exceeded the criteria outlined for the
"Award of Excellence". Not an easy task as only the BEST of the BEST will receive this award!!!
It has been a privilege to review a site such as yours!!!"

Jessi's Pooh Proud Award
We're Proud as Pooh with Jessi's Pooh Proud Award.
"Hey! We think your site is just wonderful. So many things to do and see."

Peach Pod Certification
Our Site Has Been Certified By Peach Pod - A Search Engine For Kids.
Because we believe in maintaining a quality and a safe site for our kids, we have extensively
reviewed your site contents. CONGRATULATIONS!! You are now a PeachPod Certified Web Site.
(Signed) The PeachPod Team
P.S. I Love Your Winnie The Pooh Site!!!

Marthe's Winnie the Pooh Award
We Were Granted Marthe's Winnie the Pooh Award.
"You have won my award!"

Internet World
We Were Interviewed by Kathleen Murphy for a June 15, 1998 Story in "Internet World".
Headline: "Kids' Sites Say Self-Regulation Has Strengthened Data Policies"
The story concerned the Federal Trade Commission and their efforts to get internet sites to be more responsible in how they treat personal information collected from children.
...The operator of Topher's Castle, a non-commercial Site for Everyone featuring cereal-box characters, said he tries not to collect any information about users.
"We don't collect any personal information, and we do not market to anyone," said Scott Ellis, creator of Topher's Castle. "We ask for e-mail addresses so that we can respond to any questions, comments, and suggestions that we may receive, but we do not maintain any e-mail list. No one receives unsolicited e-mail as a result of writing to us."

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