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Awards and Honors - Page Nine

I am extremely proud to display the awards and honors this site has earned.

Yahoo!'s Picks of the Week
We were featured in Yahoo!'s Global Village "What's New In Cyberspace?"
and were named as one of Yahoo!'s Picks of the Week for July 14, 1997
"While some people are stuck in the past, the folks at Topher's Breakfast Cereal
Character Guide seem to be stuck at the breakfast table. They've compiled a veritable
smorgasbord of cereal mascots, including Tony the Tiger, the Quaker Oats Man, and
the Trix Rabbit. Characters are divided by manufacturer and include graphics and
brief histories. If you're like us, you have trouble distinguishing Snap! from Crackle!,
and you occasionally forget just what Dig'Em Frog thinks you should eat to start your day."

"With the discovery of this site, we can stop hanging out in the cereal aisle (the store
began to call it 'loitering') whenever we're plagued with such questions. We can now
relax knowing that Snap! is the one in the baker's hat, although we admit to being
somewhat concerned that a character named 'Robo-Squirrel' has joined Sugar Bear,
Cap'n Crunch, and the gang in the cereal business."

The Chart! - Guide to the Best of the Best
We hit The Charts! - Guide to the Best of the Best
for the Week of July 15 - 22, 1997
"Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide: Over at Yahoo! this week,
simultaneous awards to The Polyester Network and Style Experts collided in a
matter-antimatter fashion and exploded, leaving us quaking in fear under the breakfast
table. We emerged after some time to discover this absolutely silly but very fun site
dedicated to all those cereal mascots that made Saturday-morning TV a nutritional nightmare.
We're tickled that someone else remembers Freakies! One question, though: Isn't there
something redundant about the phrase 'fictional cereal mascot?' "

Hope's Award for Site Excellence
We received Hope's Award for Site Excellence.
"You have a great place for kids. I am pleased to present you with
Hope's Award for Site Excellence, as my appreciation for all your work.
Thanks, and keep up the great work."

I Hate Computers Newsletter
We received a nice mention in the popular "I Hate Computers" on-line Newsletter,
and our site is now on the IH8PCS Approved List available from their main site
"Are cereal characters your heros?
Then Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide is your WWW site.
Check out the brief histories and graphics of cereal mascots like Tony the Tiger,
the Quaker Oats Man, and the Trix Rabbit. But who is Robo-Squirrel,
and what right does he have to join Sugar Bear and Captain Crunch?"

Vol. 4, No. 24, 07/18/97 by Thomas R. Fasulo

WorldVillage Family Site of the Day for July 18,1997!
Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide was recognized
as the WorldVillage Family Site of the Day for July 18, 1997
"Tony the Tiger. Captain Crunch. The Leprechaun. Snap, Crackle and Pop. The list goes on
and on. If you recognize these names, then you will love today's site. It you don't, well, then
you are in for a treat. The site, Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide, is a trip down
memory lane. It is a site dedicated to the history and chronicling of morning breakfast cereals."

"Here you will find just about any face that ever graced the cover of a box of Post Toasties,
Maypo, Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, in fact, just about any brand and name of cereal can be
found here. Even fictional ones are listed, along with their characters. I saw quite a few
that I remember eating, along with a few that really blew me away, thinking I would never
have to see them on a box of cereal."

"There are links to several other morning cereal sites, which leads to all sorts of
interesting area, including the 50 Best TV Commercials of All Time. This is a fun site here.
You can see the sociological development of our civilization through these cereals.
Characters and themes that were popular as recent as 15 years ago would not be politically
correct today. But it is still a fun,nostalgic site to visit. Be sure to bring your kids."

CyberConch Zine - What's Kewl on the Net
CyberConch Zine - "The Cyber Voice of the Conch Republic"
Selected Us As "What's Kewl on the Net"
"This guide to cereal box cartoon characters will take you back to the time
that breakfast foods actually had the word 'sugar' in their titles."

Issue #122, 07/18/97 by Todd

Alexandra's Magical Award
We were enchanted with Alexandra's Magical Award.
"Just been to your site, Topher, and I think that it is really really nice!
I enjoyed my visit very much...Please accept my top award, the REAL MAGIC AWARD
which has already won 2 awards for being an Excellent Award :)
This award was designed for me by artist Sondra Seeger."

Cyber Code's 5-Star Choice Award
We earned Cyber Code's 5-Star Choice Award.
"Cool Site! I like the Breakfast Cereal Character Guide :)"

Out of this World Site Award
We universally accepted the Out of this World Site Award.
"What a fun site!!! We loved every part of it! And the tunes are super duper too.
Thanks once again for making such a fun and safe site for us kids."

The Wild Award
We took a walk on the wild side and picked up The Wild Web Page Award.
"Congrats! Your page has been selected to win The Wild Award!
You have done an excellent job! Your page is great for kids of all ages,
you have a bit of something for everyone!
Thanks for making your page a safe place for Everyone!."

Rainbow Raccoon's Great Site 4 Kids Award
We were awarded the Rainbow Raccoon's Great Site 4 Kids Award.
"I like your Winnie-the-Pooh Character Guide,
and it is an excellent Site for Everyone.
Just your Breakfast Cereal Guide was incredible!!!
You seem to be quite an expert and historian on some really cool stuff!
Congratulations on a TRULY GREAT WEBSITE!"

Great Work Award
We were humbled with the Great Work Award.
"I love it! I love it!
It is with great honor that I present you with the Great Work Award
for the outstanding job you have done on your site!
I am a big Pooh fan even though I am approaching 50 years old!
My daughter (a true-blue Pooh fan of 18) and I had so much fun at your site!
It will become one of everyone's fav links from my page, I know!
Again, congrats on a thoroughly fantastic site!"

SillyGirl Super Site Award
Silly us! We won the SillyGirl Super Site Award.
"Congratulations Topher!!!
Your Super Site has won the SillyGirl Super Site Award!"

Cool Site of the Day
Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide was named the
LightSpeed Net Cool Stuff - Cool Site of the Day for July 27, 1997

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