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Cereal Fashion

Cereal Fashion

One of the reasons that cereal has remained popular for more than a hundred years is that the stuff is so wonderfully adaptable. No matter what the current dietary fashion happens to be, a cereal can be devised to fit it. Changing dietary fasion gave rise to the cereal vitamin boom of the 1930s, the granola boom of the early 1970s, and the bran cereal boom of the 1980s. Even the very creation of breakfast cereal reflected shifts in dietary fashion, as men of medicine and commerce sought a palatable substitute for the dyspepsia creating breakfasts of gravy and meat that were popular in the late 1800s.

The adaptability of cereal has yet to be fully explored. Behold the Ootfray-Oopslay Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Sneaker. This is a one of a kind cereal statement. To make your own pair, just buy a pair of sneakers, a tube of Aleene's Tacky Glue, a box of Fruit Loops and start sticking. (Warning: Do not use Elmer's glue. It is too moist and tends to shrink the Fruit Loops into unrecognizable cereal shrivels.) Cereal vests, cereal ties, and cereal string ties have also been created successfully.

Remember that cereal clothing will never go out of fashion as long as the ants and the roaches don't get to it!!

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Some of us set trends, others simply follow. When you are paying $125 for cerealized Nikes remember where you saw it first.

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