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Awards and Honors - Page Four

I am extremely proud to display the awards and honors this site has earned.

Enchantment Award
We were enchanted with an Enchantment Award.
"Beautiful children's site, wonderful and informative.
It's nicely laid out, easy on the eye, very creative and unique.
I can tell you have worked very hard.
Yes, you certainly do deserve our Enchantment Award. Keep up the wonderful work!"

Rubber Duck Award
We bagged a Rubber Duck Award.
"You have been chosen out of millions of candidates to win
the one and only Rubber Duck award for good web pages! Congratulations!"

Cool Hummer Award
We caught the Cool Hummer Award.
"Your new page is WONDERFUL!!!!
My Grandson will be over for a visit I am sure, he is 4 years old :)
Congratulations!! You have won the Cool Hummer Award
for all your hard work in creating your page."

We were granted the Gifted Fox Award.
"Very sweet site. You are talented as well as gifted.
I present you and the Pooh the Gifted Fox Award."

Abby's Awesome Site Award
We were presented Abby's Awesome Site Award.
"I am happy to announce that you have earned Abby's Awesome Site Award!!
Your pages are very well done and attractive:). I enjoyed my visit to your pages very much!!"

Gold Beanie Award for Creative Excellence
We won the Gold Beanie Award for Creative Excellence.
"Call me sentimental, but I think your page is wonderful.
I would be happy to present you with a Gold Beanie Award! Good job and congratulations!
...willy, nilly, silly old bear!"

We won Chase's Award for Pooh Page Excellence!
You have been chosen to receive the very first Chase's Award for Pooh Page Excellence!
Keep up the great work Topher!! Thank you for your neat pages, Aloha!"

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