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Awards and Honors - Page Six

I am extremely proud to display the awards and honors this site has earned.

HeyYouSir's Seal of Approval
We won HeyYouSir's Seal of Approval.
"I recently visited your web site.
It is a distinct honor to present to you, "HeyYouSir's Seal of Approval" award for your homepage."

The Best of American HTML
We've got The Best of American HTML.
"Congrats, You have an outstanding page.
You as the author are being awarded and can use the award as you see fit on your cyberspacial creations.
I Thank you for your contribution to the Net!"

The Hunnybee Award
We've got a buzz from The Hunnybee Award.
"Congratulations! You have won the Hunnybee Award!
Your site is a great place for kids to visit."

Out of this World Graphics Award aka The Sparky
We landed the Out of this World Graphics Award aka The Sparky.
"You have a cool site and you've earned our award.
We were very impressed and had a great time."

JAUP Award
We've Been Jauped by Master Jauper Rayden.
"Jaup stands for Just Another Useless Page, but, if you would view some of the pages
you'd see that its quite the opposite. Congratulations you've got a great page."

Galactic Galaxy Star Search
Our Quadrant Has Been Mapped by The Galactic Galaxy Star Search.
"Great job for a good looking site."

Lady Shel's Shining Star Award
We Wished Upon Lady Shel's Shining Star Award.
"You've done an excellent job! I really enjoyed your Winnie the Pooh pages!
I looked at the other pages in your castle too, and they're done well also. Great job!!
Congrats! Keep up the super job on your pages."

We are Featured in ToonaCat's Kids Club.
"I think you did an outstanding job with your site!"

The Globalkids Cool Site Award
We were humbled with a Globalkids Cool Site Award.
"It is one of the coolest sites a Globalkid could sight.
I had the most wonderful time looking around your excellent pages.
A lot of hardwork brings a lot of rewards - visitors are definitely rewarded by your rich site.
May your site continue to enrich all of us.
A Thousand Congratulations on being a very worthy winner of The Globalkids Cool Site Award."

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