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Pooh Episode Guide
Series 2 Continued and Series 3


This entire guide was prepared for you by Whisper the White Wolf, who lives beyond the North Pole, and beyond the 100 Aker Woods...

Disclaimer: The cartoon series Winnie the Pooh is copyrighted and owned by Disney. This episode guide created by me is for non-commercial enjoyment purposes only.

I decided to make this episode guide, because I couldn't find one on the net. I love this series. It's so adorable! The friendship the characters share is so special and beautiful, for adults and children alike, even if none of the characters can spell!

My favorite character is Eeyore. Every time I see him I want to jump in the screen and give him a great big cuddle, to cheer him up, cheering myself up in the process! Though I adore the other characters too.

Dedicated to:
A. A. Milne, for bringing such wonderful characters to life, light, laughter, love and friendship to the friends of the 100 Aker Woods.

Disney, for giving new life to the characters.

And all the Pooh and friends fans out there. May you find all the hunny your rumblee tumblee desires, may your friends always be near in times of need, may you bounce your troubles away, may your vegetables never wither, may you soar high, may you always find your way in the dark, may your mums not fuss too much, may your children be safe, may you play all you want, and last but not least may you always be loved and your house never fall down. Big 100 Aker Wood hugs to you all!

© 1999 Whisper

P.S. - If you think there are spelling mistakes in this guide, you're obviously not a Pooh fan!

Edited and formatted by Christopher Robin's "Winnie the Pooh Character Guide"

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Notes: * = 1/2 hour episodes / Contains Spoilers!


It is night time in the 100 Aker Wood. Pooh, Rabbit, Piglet, Gopher and Tigger are having a midnight picnic. Tigger pops Too much corn and Pooh discovers his Hunny pot is empty. He asks Piglet about if he's heard of a Hunny moon. Piglet asks him to tell the story again, but Tigger starts to tell the story about the GrabMeGotcha... The gang sleep, Piglet and Pooh sleep in the corn, and are popped away. The others wake up, and think the GrabMeGotcha grabbed them, but Rabbit insists there is no such thing. Pooh thinks he and Piglet have been popped to the Hunny Moon and wished he's brought a bigger pot for all the moon Hunny Tigger climbs a tree, but can't see hide nor seek of them, and Gopher decides to camouflage himself with mud. When Tigger bounces down with leaves. Gopher thinks he's the GrabMeGotcha. he bounces past Pooh and Piglet and pooh thinks he's a giant Moon Bee. Pooh and Piglet fall down a hole, and Pooh thinks he's down a giant Bee hunny comb. Rabbit discovers that Tigger was the supposed GrabMeGotcha... and they start again to look for Pooh. The gang can hear Pooh and Piglet and thinks he's the GrabMeGotcha, sounding like Pooh - you are what you grab, you know... Pooh decides to leave the moon, but they have to go very down. So far the monsters Rabbit have seen are Tigger and Gopher. Pooh and Piglet are atop a high rock, which crumbles and fall into Tigger's trap, scaring Rabbit silly. They left the monsters on the moon. There was one with big teeth and one with feelers that looked like Rabbit ears and the scariest one of all was the giant bouncing moon bees... Piglet hugs Tigger, glad to be home...

Again the setting is Rabbit's garden... Do you know what happens in just one more day? It's the most wonderful day of the year - harvest! Vegetables at the peak of their tastiness... But Pooh hears his tummy calling out for hunny... That wonderful harvest day is almost here... but the crow know it too. Rabbit has to keep the beasts away until after the harvest... And he can see he needs help. He gathers the others, dresses up Pooh as a crow to familiarize them with the enemy... but it doesn't go according to plan... as Rabbit gets them to guard his garden from the crows. He gets Pooh to guard the garden ad he and the others follow the crows leaving them on a wild crow chase. The crows paint themselves red and trick Pooh. Pooh thinks they're the help that's arrived to help Rabbit. They begin to take Vegetables and dance, distracting Pooh bear, as he follows them. The others are lost, still following crow feathers, as the crows take all their vegibibbles into Rabbits house and set down to eat. Pooh gets the fake Pooh, Piglet and Rabbit to join them and the crows flee thinking it's them. Rabbit is distraught when he finds his garden ruined, and is mad with Pooh Bear... But he finds Pooh with all the vegetables, harvested. Pooh was glad to help and they dance around the vege table...


Notes: * = 1/2 hour episodes / Contains Spoilers!


Avast there, first mate Pooh, take the wheel... Although it's been taken... and a walnut left in place. They shall fight till the last man and the last bear - although it's been taken too. The must protect the treasure map, from the pesky Packrats. Christopher Robin writes a message on the map, puts it in a bottle and the Packrats go after it eager to find the treasure, but Piglet is fishing and he catches it. He's off to ask Pooh about it, but the Packrats nab it, but flee when Tigger comes. Everybody's somewhere that's not here. Tigger finds the note and thinks he's lost... Piglet goes to Pooh's house. Pooh tells him that it's very interesting. He thinks the note is from Christopher Robin and that he's in trouble. Tigger finds himself in Rabbit's garden. Rabbit tried to read the map, and they go to Owl. He says it's written in an Ancient language, likely thousands of years old. When Pooh tells him it may be from Christopher Robin and Owl declares it's Coconut Cream Pie. Tigger thinks he might be caught by canibbibbles, or kid eatin' sharks... Tigger sharks, the stripedy kind or Spookables... They try to send Chris a note, but the Packrats make off with it and they follow the rats into their tunnels. After throwing it to and fro, the bottle gets broken. The Packrats look at the map, but Pooh says they need a bottle to rescue Christopher Robin, but the Packrats give them one of their many bottles. They put the message in the bottle and follow it asking it to take them to Christopher Robin.. and get thrown off the waterfall, thinking they'll never find Chris. But he comes to them saying he found his messages. He says he was in trouble. He has picked some flowers for his mother and he didn't have anything to put them in... However two walnuts are left in it's place, but his Mum likes them too...

Rabbit is counting his tomatoes... 32... I had 33 yesterday! It can only mean vegetable napping crows! Rabbit starts whacking them with the broom, but gets his head trapped in his pumpkin head. Owl starts talking about his family, but Rabbit says he doesn't have time to hear about Owl's non existent relatives. Owl gets upset, thinking about how much he misses his family. Pooh decides to throw a family reunion. Owl over hears and thinks Pooh knows his relations are and excitedly starts getting ready. Pooh sends air mail letters to Owl's family, via balloon. Rabbit is still guarding his garden. Owl has gotten lots of food, exciting the crows. Pooh thinks they're Owl's relations. They start gobbling up all the food messily and gleefully and messing up Owl's house. He puts 'his relatives' to bed, but they want food, but they decide to meet Rabbit's garden before they meet Rabbit, though they set off the alarm and Rabbit thinks Owl robbed his garden. Rabbit is confused... crows Owl's relatives, an Piglet says he suspected all along... The crows are still flying roughshod over Owl's place. Pooh and Piglet dress up as cousin Dexter ad Uncle Torbet, but as they're walking the costumes come off. Owl is happy about the delightful prank. The doorbell rings... and it's real Uncle Torbet, Aunt Authelia, and Cousin Dexter. The crows take off in a rush, off to some other party no doubt. Rabbit thinks Owl's relatives are crows, but gets whacked by Aunt Authelia when he pulls out one of her tail feathers... and the gang listen to four times as many stories... That reminds Owl of the time...

Pooh is starting the day with breakfast... hunny... and then desert... More Hunny, but Pooh for some reason has lost his appetite. The others come to him with hunny, and try to help him find his appetite. Owl asks if he is in fact Pooh Bear. Pooh Bear's lost too? This is a job for Tigger private ear! Spill the beans, Pooh... Pooh doesn't have any beans to spill - maybe Rabbit has some in his garden... Tigger tried to find out which one if Pooh... Pooh can't resist hunny. He spills the hunny on Owl and things Owl's Pooh. Oh Bother. So where's Owl? So Gopher's Owl... So where's Gopher... So Piglet's Gopher. Rabbit cant be Piglet, what would happen to his garden? Oh d..d...d dear... They have to find Pooh's appetite to find each other, before it gets too confusing that even Tigger can't find it. Gopher... Piglet is cross - how's he going to find anything with folks dropping in on him. They discover Pooh's apatite with Owl... Gopher... Owl drops in... He takes them to a hunny tree where he thinks Pooh's appetite is... Pooh thanks Gopher for being Owl and taking him there. he calls into the tree. Tigger pushes Pooh into the tree, right into the hunny. It would be a shame to find all this hunny and not be able to enjoy it... Piglet has tunnelled under it and they get pushed by the hunny stream and pushed up a geyser of Hunny and Pooh seems to be eating a lot of it! Yet another mystical type mystery solved by the champion of the under-cooked, and general all round nice guy, Tigger, Private Ear!

Tigger, Rabbit, Pooh and Tigger are going to have a piglet, but whenever Rabbit's ears waggle, there's going to be rain. Tigger bounces up into the clouds and does not come down, Rabbit races off in his vegetable masterpiece, carrot ala carte, and Pooh disappears into his hunny pot. Piglet is terrified as all his friends have gone, as it starts to rain and he runs off screaming for help... But it's just a dream and Pooh is there. He tells Pooh about his dream, hoping it never comes true. This day is coming to an end and Piglet is scared to go to bed because he doesn't want to dream. He tries to stay up all night. Tigger says when they're done, they can celebrate with a picnic, and Rabbit's ears start to twitch. Piglet runs to his house... Pooh comes to him to say good night and pleasant dreams. Piglet is afraid to dream, because when he wakes up all his friends will be gone. Pooh stays to help Piglet stay awake, but staying awake all night is hard work. Piglet says they can't sleep, because they promised to clean up Rabbit's house. The others try to find a way to get Piglet to go to sleep. They take Piglet into the cornfield to see bouncing sheep. Bounce, who hoo hoo hoo! Bounce, who hoo hoo hoo! However Tigger is bounced out before Piglet gets tired. They make Piglet think he's asleep, by Tigger masquerading as the sandman. Rabbit's ears twitch - for real! Pooh pretends to be lost. Piglet says the dream is worse than they last time. The gang get blown away. And Piglet is left all alone after the storm. Piglet bounces out of the sky. Piglet thinks he's still dreaming as he looks for Pooh and Rabbit. Rabbit is in a carrot mound and Pooh... he's stuck in his hunny pot. Piglet hugs him... Piglet's dream which turned out not to be a dream after all cane true. Piglet isn't afraid to go to sleep because he knows his friends will always be there.

Another peaceful sunny Spring Day in the 100 Aker wood... Rumble... Rumble... The gang are playing ball... Collapsing Eeyore's crisscross house... Pooh had to decide the important stuff of the games. He has the ball, then sees the others coming and throws the ball - right onto Eeyore's new house... Pooh, the referee says he's on the ball's side. Gopher, the goalie is complaining that the game is taking too long and he has things to do... Time out, but not for smackereling, for a team meeting. Gopher is arguing that they should work, Rabbit is arguing that they play. They decide to help Gopher work while he helps them play. Pooh accidentally dislodges Gopher's pride and joy boulder, which chases them through the tunnels... Indiana Pooh?... It eventually crashed out of the tunnel, and created a shortcut for Gopher. Eeyore's made a new house, shaped like a house, all the modern conveniences... but Gopher's boulder makes short work of it... Not too sturdy. Gopher gets the ball, and they start to play, but the crashing boulder takes the ball. The gang are horrified, as it's against the rules... The game's not over until the game's finished and they can't finish the game without the ball. Gopher calculates that it will come to a stop round about... there... But not before it passes through Rabbit's Garden... Eeyore has built a grand house, large with a chimney, windows... even an E for Eeyore at the top and everything... Though the boulder rolls in... But the house doesn't fall down. Pooh declares that it's a goal and finds a stick fallen from his home and sticks it in... and it falls down... Pooh's very sorry, but it collapses to Eeyore's original stick home... Rabbit asks Pooh what the score was, but he can't count... So they have to play again to figure out today's score... and Boulder rolls off in the distance...

Tigger bounces Pooh through his window to play, but Pooh is cleaning his empty Hunny pots so he can fill them again... Tigger goes off to play with Piglet... but something is mysteriously disintegrating the wood of the 100 Aker Woods... First Pooh's handle, his table... Tigger startles Piglet as he's writing out his Christmas list... It's only half past Springtime, but he has a lot of friends... Tigger goes off to find Rabbit, as Tigger finds himself with a new skylight... But Rabbit doesn't want to play either, he's very busy with his gardening. Rabbit gasps as his scarecrow crumbles to the ground, and then his fence... Tigger is upset that no one wants to play with him - even his door won't open for him. But it mysteriously disappears... Tigger wonders if it's a bug. The bug goes into a match box, which Tigger puts wheels on. He declares that he and the bug are going to be best friends and have a ton of fun and them some. Rabbit is suspicious about the wood disintegrating as Tigger introduces them to his new friend, but Rabbit is more concerned about what's happening to all the wood in the wood. Tigger leaves with his new friend to have some real type fun. Piglet wonders why Tigger needs a new friend. Pooh gives Tigger some hunny and Piglet gives him some flowers. They think Tigger has an imaginary friend. Gasp! He's gone again! Piglet and Piglet are worried about Tigger and Rabbit is worried about the wood turning into sawdust. As he falls through the floor, he discovers the problem and pulls out a book. A termite! he declares. Tigger returns with his friend saying the termite bears a remarkabibble resemblance to a blue-faced, yellow-bellied housefly. Tigger is determined to find the termite with his friend as the others try to find the termite. They follow it to Tigger's house as it goes back into the matchbox and discover that Tigger's friend is the termite and that Tigger's friend isn't imaginary. Rabbit wants to get rid of the termite. Tigger can't leave him alone and decides to leave with his friend... but he's gone... The termite eats a tree... Timber! However, Termite fashions the fallen tree into a new fence for Rabbit, a chair and table for Pooh and a statue of Tigger, then he leaves in his little cart. His friends welcome him to breakfast... Even Rabbit apologizes. Tigger finds some fleas to star a flea circus... scratch, scratch! Close friends, indeed!

The gang are going swordfish hunting, but Rabbit has too many things to do. There's no dust, but there's no dirt... Now onto the gardening, but there are no weeds, the trees don't need trimming or leaves raking and watering... a cloud appears... There's nothin left to do. He might as well have a vacation... He's never had one... he doesn't want to tell the others that he's going away, because they'll mess up his house and he'll have to work. But Pooh comes back to borrow Hunny. Rabbit tells Pooh he's going on a vacation for a day, and for no one to come near his house and garden. The others haven't caught any swordfish. Pooh sort of remembers that Rabbit was going away and for them to take care of everything. They make Piglet into a scarecrow, but he doesn't seem to scare anyone. Tigger picks the tomatoes - they're turning green! Gopher's going to replant the trees, Tigger pulls down the apple trees... He tried to water the garden, but the hose has knot... Gopher dynamites the ground for ploughing and the hose explodes. Rabbit is tired - so many relatives not letting a him do a thing for himself - he needs a vacation to recover from this vacation. Pooh remembers what Rabbit told him and the other try to clean up. They try to distract Rabbit when he returns. With welcome home breakfasts and lunch... No please... not another drop of hunny... He just wants to go home. See that leaf, it's moved and those clouds are different too. Now nice it is to be back in his beautiful garden... They have put up pictures of his house and garden... They wanted to break it to him easily... However Rabbit is ecstatic - he's overjoyed - look at all the work there is to do! What a wonderful homecoming present - he'll never have to take another vacation again!

Rabbit is mad at the weeds in his garden, when Eeyore shows up and scares him. Plants have a lot to say if you take the time to listen, the gloomy donkey says. Rabbit is trying to get a seed to grow, but he can't and Eeyore offers to give it a try. Rabbit lets Eeyore have the seed, and plants it near his house. Eeyore talks to the seed, thinking it's shy. The others want to help him. Eeyore tucks the seed in at night and sings to it. Rock-a-bye baby... Good night, little fella. The gang put Piglet there, disguises as a flower. Eeyore is happy with his new friend as he waters Piglet. Rabbit is shocked that Eeyore got the seen to grown in one night. Rabbit to he dismay thinks Eeyore is a better gardener than Eeyore and he gives Eeyore his garden - his garden deserves the very best gardener. Pooh and Tigger go to meet Piglet. Eeyore is wondering what to do first - water the weeds or feed the bugs. Rabbit is in Eeyore's house. Course, it'll probably rain, he says. Pooh and Piglet go to find Piglet. Rabbit is depressed because nobody bothered to tell him. Piglet goes to tell Pooh and Tigger that it's not working. Eeyore is upset because he thinks his plant is part tumbleweed. He goes to gloomy Rabbit for help. Piglet heard Eeyore calling for the plant. Piglet takes off the costume. Eeyore finds it and thinks his plant has withered away for nothing, but Rabbit is suspicious. They go to Eeyore to apologize. However the seed has grown into a little green plant and Eeyore sings to him a fuzzy yellow flower blooms.

Christopher Robin and Pooh are cloud watching... There's a whale... and a hunny pot... Christopher Robin tells Pooh that the clouds from a cloud machine... There's a dragon carrying a hunny pot... Cloud watching has given Pooh an apatite and he tried to whack a bee hive to get some hunny, but he gets a blue eggshell... Tigger thinks he broke the sky... They go to warn everybody... Pooh tells them how it happened. Eeyore thinks with one piece gone, the rest of the sky may fall too. The gang get scared that the whole sky will fall down on their heads. Eeyore isn't surprised that the sky is falling, just surprised the it didn't happen yesterday. The gang start preparing, Eeyore's built a house, built to withstand everything, except butterflies. Piglet has made a balloon sun... Very small animals are afraid of the dark. Tigger has made muddy puddles... Pooh's gathering hunny, not nearly enough... He has a whole mound... Rabbit has put umbrellas up all over his garden. The gang decide to move in with Gopher, but he doesn't want house guests for the whole rest of time. He plant to fix the sky. Screwdriver... Ratchet... he's built a platform to the clouds to fix the sky. Pooh thinks he should help Gopher because he's responsibibble. He feels bad about the trouble he's caused both his friends and the clouds. Gopher's platform gives way, leaving hip and Pooh trapped in the clouds. The other think it may be the sky falling, but Tigger says it's up there where it's always been. They're worried about their friends up in the sky. Pooh calls Gopher as a whale cloud jumps. Gopher is tunnelling through the cloud. He says he found the trouble, that the sky sprung a leak. Pooh thinks they've found the cloud machine. The others are trying to reach their friends... Gopher finds his wrench, but he loosens it and thinks the whole place is going to be flooded with clouds, as the others try to bounce Tigger into the clouds. Pooh and Gopher swim along the river. Pooh sees Christopher Robin's Pirate ship sinking in the ocean of clouds. Pooh climbs a cloud tree, which timbers over in the cloud storm. The float on it and see the dragon, and it's getting very stormy. Gopher decides to drain the clouds off, as the other on the ground try to get the others back... Back to the ironing board... Gopher's dug the hole and diverts the cloud flood as they go back to the leak. The others think the sky's falling when Gopher plugs the leak and the sun comes out. Pooh is happy that Christopher Robin's cloud friends are safe as the cloud whale leaps out of the cloud ocean as the other clouds disappear... Pooh and Gopher seem to have run out of places to run... They fall down... The other think the sky is falling, bus discover it's Pooh and Gopher and get the net... and all land in the mud. Can't even tell the sky was busted. It looks very beautiful indeed. Rabbit calls a celebration. However an eggshell falls in Rabbit's hand... Pooh tells Chris about the sky that broke and shows him the pieces. Chris tells him that they're eggshells. The sky isn't going to fall - not since Pooh fixed it :)

Pooh is in bed and dreaming of guess what? However when he wakes up his hunny pot is empty - his dream must've had a midnight snack without him. However he has no hunny in his cupboard... There's a pot of hunny on his table, but the 'hunny' is grey and very, very sticky... There's lots of pots of hunny outside ho house. "April Fool" calls Christopher Robin. Pooh wonders if this April Fool is someone to be afraid of or not... Piglet calls for help. Piglet has goggles and a floatee on and towels... He's terrified that his place is underwater, but his floor is not wet... However at Piglet's windows, gold fishes are seen swimming... Maybe the flood is hiding somewhere. Pooh finds out that it's a trick. Pooh tells him that this April Fool likes to play tricks and this is his day. They look for the April fool at Tiggers. However Tigger's got spots... His beautiful stripidies, nowhere to be seen, but Pooh notices it's a PJ suit... Rabbit goes into his garden and sees and enormous carrot and is pleased with himself, but it's a large balloon, and Rabbit floats up into the sky, when the carrot bursts and he demands to know what's goin on and wonder why no one's seen the April Fool. They're disguised as trees to find the invisibibble April Fool... and they scare Eeyore on the process. He thinks they've been turned into stumps, but they tell him they're pretending... They try to trap the Fool by setting Tigger traps around Eeyore's house with a pretend Eeyore. Someone's coming... He comes behind them, but it's only Christopher Robin. They've trapped themselves and accidentally trap him. They tell Chris that they're scared of the April Fool. Chris tells them that he was the one doing the April Fooling, though the tricks weren't meant to frighten. Honey for Pooh, gentle pets for Piglet, cuddly pajamas for Tigger and a balloon for Rabbit. But they played the best trick on Chris, so they're the April Fools!

Christopher Robin's house - they're outnumbered 10 to 1! However Christopher Robin's mother is coming up, warning that she'd better not find a mess... However the Gang wish to explain their story... It all began you see... Pooh's settling down to an after breakfast, yet before lunch and nowhere near dinner smackerel of hunny when a bee eats his hunny and flies off. Oh Bother. Pooh takes precautions, but the bee seemed to be eating out of house, home and Hunny... Pooh goes to Piglets with his hunny, but the bee finds him and Pooh makes a mess of Piglet's house trying to catch it... Pooh goes to Tigger's, to find a home that the bee had not been, but Tigger's home was not that home, so off to Rabbit's, but Rabbit doesn't want them there messing up his house - but the bee perches on Pooh's mound of things he's moving with and crashes through Rabbit's house, and ends up at Gopher's... Rabbit declares war on the bee. They have made a fortress and Rabbit teaches them to know their enemy... But the bees have come out in force. Piglet sounds the alarm... Rabbit orders his troops to their posts - run for your lives! Fire! Pop guns, watermelons... carrots and deflector shields (Hunny Pots...) Gopher's almost done with his secret weapon... The weight of command was on Rabbit's shoulders... They're coming! Gopher fires his vegetables on the bees... The gang retreats a the vegies come down on them. Rabbit and his gang surrenders and so does the bees and they clean up together... Pooh and the bees suggest they celebrate over a smackerel of hunny, but...

It's a dark and blustery night. Christopher Robin is away, but he lets the gang play with his fun stuff... Piglet and Tigger are playing hide and seek... Tigger says there's all sorts of fun hiding around this place, all they have to do is seek it. Pooh finds Piglet and Tigger asks Pooh to seek some fun. Pooh says up. Piglet is scared to go into the attic, closer to the thunder... However the gang go to the foreboding looking stairs leading to the attic. Tigger says they're going to have fun just getting there. Pooh goes first... creak... The gang run off, and are spooked by lightning and run up the stairs... They hear a knock on the door... But it's only Pooh... Finally they're all there and they're going to have some fun if it's the last thing they do! And they begin playing with the things in the attic. Piglet finds a chess piece... and the way to spend the rainy day. But some of the pieces are missing... No Magician and the bishop and the knight... The gang go to look for the pieces and make an adventure of looking for the pieces. Piglet is none to thrilled about searching the spooky attic. Eeyore finds a small dragon... There are no dragons in chess, Rabbit says... Depends on the way you play... Eeyore finds Piglet... They decide to play the missing pieces themselves. You are what you can't find and so Piglet's the knight... They put pots and pans and a strainer on him for armor... He doesn't believe he's a knight - knights are large and brave... He sets off to find the knight... He hides in his trunk... There's no knight to be found and Piglet reluctantly realizes he'll have to play the knight... Here I am, Tigger, wait for me... Where am I... But Tigger's not Tigger's the BisHop of bounce... But he likes the name Tigger a spiffy name after all... The whole kingdom is dreadful searching for Piglet... How are they supposed to fight the dragon without a ka-night in shining armor? Oh d...d...d...dear... Hahooooooooooooooonk! Aooooooooooooonk!!!! though this dreadful dragon sounds more like a donkey in distress... Tigger's been looking for a knight like him all day... Tigger bounces the Great long eared Wizard, who threatens to turn him into a snail... The Wizard is trying to conjure up a wizard open.
Eye of Potato
Ear of Corn
Carrot cake and Vegetable stew
Bring us a knight that fights Dragons too...
But the great Wizard turns himself into a frog... The BisHop takes Piglet to King Pooh, one dragon slayer to go! Piglet tries to talk himself out of fighting the dragon, but they insist on his fighting the dragon. Gopher measured Piglet for new armor... notice the quality fabric, the low cut hemline... all the rage. Just look how that how shiny silveriness sets off his eyes. The Wizard enters the room, as a blowfly and then turns into himself. Gopher wants to give Piglet a shield, Rabbit Wizard insists on a magic shield. Gopher insists that his shield doesn't need magic, Great Wizard argues otherwise. Piglet tried to escape. BisHop thinks he's eager to fight the dragon. Piglet insists his horse is double parked, as the Dragon honks again, collapsing the left wing of the castle... Rabbit casts the magic... Make this shield as strong as ten shields times two... More of the castle demolishes... But changes him into a pelican... It's time for Piglet to go. The great Wizard changes back and says he has one last spell to turn Piglet into the largest most heroic knight ever. However it will only work once...
Magnificent Magic
Most Mysterious
Make Mik Me
Make Monster into a Monster out of Marmalade...
And the Wizard disappears into magic dust... and turns into a turtle... Piglet isn't uplifted. He goes back to them to tell them he's not a knight. They tell Piglet he's their only hope... Piglet decides to go to the dragon and save the kingdom... Into the foreboding forest, to the misty mountains, into the dragons cave, the entrance a crisscross of bones... He enters the cave. Not too bad... maybe some curtains and a few flowers, Piglet thinks... HAWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK... Piglet's magic shield crumbles... He sees the donkey like shadow of the dragon and desperately tries to remember the Wizard's magic words... Magnificent Mustard... MoonStruck Marigolds... Magnificent Magic Most Mysterious... Make Mik Me... Make Monster into Mozzarella Marmalade... It worked for one of them anyway... Formerly Eeyore the dragon, now Eeyore. Got himself turned into a Dragon last week. That's the trouble with this place... never know what you're gonna get turned into. The ex-dragon is eternally grateful. Pooh names Piglet the Knight to Remember for saving the kingdom and all before lunch... Pooh grants Piglet's wish, Knighting Eeyore. Words failed the cuddly donkey whilst Piglet goes to find his trunk... Here Piglet, Pig-a-let... Piglet emerges, the others tell him not to be scared. Piglet says he's not scared, although he was too timid to bee the knight at first, but he's not anymore... Piglet hears noises coming from the trunk... Was it a dream? Hooooooooooooooooooooooooonk!

Rabbit wishes the snow would fall neatly. Piglet wished it would fall in the Summer when it's warmer. Pooh wants to stop for a small smackerel. Tigger bounces them, looking for fun! Rabbit angrily says they're working... and wishes there was something to make snow shovelling less work. Tigger vows to invent some stupendous thing! Accepting a challenge is what Tiggers to the best! Woo hoo hoo hoo! He's off to invent something the likes of which nobody's never seen! He's been inventing for seven whole days... Now it's Spring and he's still inventing... But Tigger has no time for picnics. He's been inventing all Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn... Now his invention is invented! Behold the dawn of a new error! He unveiled his contraption! No more back breaking work for 'ol Long ears... No more picking vegebibbles! No more climbing hunny trees for Pooh... It beings the tree to you... It house cleans... House messes more like. Rabbit calls a meeting to do with you know who... He derails Tigger's invention as a menace! Is it Tigger who's who? Pooh asks... Tigger thinks they like his invention and thanks them for finding the inventor in himself. He presents his new improved invention. His invention invents lots of little inventy things on wheels, with diasters, sink un-blockers... brooms and the like, terrorizing the others. One of them brings Pooh a bee hive, with the bees buzzing around it... The other two are terrorizing Rabbit and Piglet. Rabbit and the others go to Tiggers one night and Rabbit demands that Tigger come out, but his little inventions are terrorizing him, giving him... gasp, a bath! The others go and free Tigger and get the contraptions into the mother contraptions. Rabbit tells Tigger his invention has caused nothing but trouble form that start. Upset, Tigger agrees... He feels he's a failure and decides to leave the 100 Aker Wood. TTFG... Ta Ta for good... The others don't want him not to show his handsome face again... Three days later Piglet is snowed in and would be very grateful if someone had a few moments to save his life. Tigger wants to help, but he's been moping for three days now and he's just getting started. he blames his machine and kicks it, it spurs into life, as Pooh and Rabbit try to dig Piglet out as the machine comes... and digs Piglet out... and then falls apart... giving it's all to save Piglet. He built it to clear snow in the first place. So it's oblivious what Tigger's got to do next, invent another invention. It's going to be stupendeous, colossical... and monumentous, so incredibibble, so unbeleivabillbe, even he wont believe it.

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