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Awards Your Site Can Earn!

Topher and his committee present quality sites with these nice awards.

Both the Aloha Award and the Pau Hana Award are earned.
They are not just for the taking.
Sites which earn and display these awards have something special
that sets them apart from the rest of the net.

The main differences between the two awards are these:

1. Due to stricter guidelines, far fewer Aloha Awards are presented.
2. We maintain a list of Aloha Award winning sites.
3. We provide an application form for the Pau Hana Award.
4. You cannot apply for the Aloha Award.
5. My mom thinks the Pau Hana Award looks sportier.

Commercial and Personal sites are eligible to win both awards.

Qualifying Pau Hana winning sites are automatically reviewed by the Aloha Award committee.

Our awards are being presented by a family site, and
therefore your site should be appropriate for all ages.

Note: Both awards are subject to a strict set of "Family Site" guidelines.
Sites with any adult images, links or language, or ANY references to sex,
drugs, drinking, smoking, gambling or non-cartoon violence are rejected.

Click on either award to check out the guidelines for winning the award.

Aloha Award Guidelines Pau Hana Award Guidelines

Guidelines for The Aloha Award

Guidelines and Application for The Pau Hana Award

Our Awards Were Rated
4-Stars by Award Sites!
Awards Sites

Winnie-the-Pooh Awards

We also offer four Winnie-the-Pooh related awards.
Each award has specific guidelines.
Pooh's Golden Hunny Award
Pooh's Award for an Active Web Page
Tigger's Friendship Award
Piglet's Award of Aloha

See if your site qualifies for an award you can take home today!

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