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Volume 14, Number 1 Winter 2012

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Winter 2012 Index

1. "The Great American Cereal Book" - Now Available!
2. Serving Sizes - Are You Kidding Me?
3. New Product: Cereal Killers Trading Cards
4. CBCC 2012: Cereal Box Collectors Convention 2012 NYC

Cereal Reviews:
1. Post - The Smurfs Cereal
2. Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran

What's New in Cereal?
1. Quick Fact
2. Recently Released Cereal - Post Pebbles Boulders Chocolate Peanut Butter
3. Recently Released Cereal - Kellogg's Krave

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"The Great American Cereal Book" - Now Available!
by Topher

ABRAMS Books has just published "The Great American Cereal Book", a full color 368-page hardcover tome of breakfast cereal. Co-authored by Marty Gitlin and Topher Ellis (hey, that name sounds suspiciously familiar), the book features stunning photography from Rob Ritzenthaler and Don Chick.

The Great American Cereal Book350 images of cereal boxes, advertisements and premiums from 1863 to 2010 are gloriously presented along with historical information (complete with dates, ingredients, slogans, spokescharacters, and interesting facts) on all of your favorite, not so favorite, loved, and forgotten cereals.

Printed on high quality paper and strategically priced under $20, this massive (a whopping 1.5 inches thick and weighing in at almost 2.25 pounds) encyclopedia of cereal is available now online, at your favorite bookstore or specialty retailer.

This is the ultimate illustrated collection of the most recognizable and beloved breakfast cereal brands, characters, memorabilia, and vintage ads. Wow!

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Serving Sizes - Are You Kidding Me?
by Topher

Did you ever notice how small a single serving of cereal actual is? This past week, I grabbed a different box of cereal each morning from my pantry and measured the serving size imprinted on the box versus my actual serving poured directly into my cereal bowl.

Are small serving sizes really a reasonable nutritional recommendation, or are they an attempt to make the cereal appear more nutritious than what the general public actually consumes?

Serving Size
My Actual
Serving Size
Cascadian Farms Oats & Honey Granola2/3 Cup1 Cup + 1 Cup Blueberries
General Mills Multi-Bran Chex¾ Cup1¾ Cups
Kashi Autumn Wheat29 Biscuits64 Biscuits
Kellogg's Corn Flakes1 Cup2 Cups
Kellogg's Special K - Red Berries1 Cup2 Cups
Post Great Grains¾ Cup1¾ Cups
Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran¾ Cup1¾ Cups

This table illustrates that my morning breakfast is typically 100% to 133% larger than the suggested serving size shown on the box, which means I'm getting twice the nutritional values indicated. That's double the Calories, Fat, Sodium, Potassium, Carbs, Protein, Vitamins and Iron. Depending upon the cereal, I'm getting a good bit of my food pyramid built at breakfast since I'm consuming somewhere between 50% and 200% of my Recommended Daily Allowences.

It also means I can only get about 4 bowls of cereal out of the average 12 - 18 ounce cereal box.

Did you also notice that a ½ Cup of milk doesn't come close to adequetly wetting your cereal? I easily use 1 to 1¼ Cups, and none of it goes to waste.

Am I the exception? Do you eat the serviving size shown on the box? Just for fun, the next time you pour yourself a bowl of cereal, grab a measuring cup and check your actual serving size versus the box and email me your results. If I get a good sampling of results, I'll post them in the next issue of The Boxtop.

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New Product: Cereal Killers Trading Cards
by Topher
Cereal Killers In mid-2011, Castle Wax Eye released their 1st Series of "Cereal Killers" Trading Cards. Written and painted by Wacky Packages artist Joe Simko, this 55-card set combines iconic cereal box art with notable horror movies. A few of the cards you'll find include "The Silence of the Grahams", "Halloweeties", "Children of the Corn Flakes", and "Night of the Krispies Dead" featuring Vernon Grant's gnomes as cereal bowl zombies. The later is also available as a pretty cool T-shirt. You can find the cards at select Toys-R-Us stores or online at Wax-Eye. View a 2-minute YouTube Video by Ben Hess as he reviews what he found inside 3 snack-pack boxes of cards.

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CBCC 2012: Cereal Box Collectors Convention 2012 NYC
by Topher

CBCC 2012Cereal enthusiats will be gathering this Autumn in New York City in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of FREE INSIDE The Fanzine of Contemporary Cereal Box Collecting, 20th Anniversary of The Freakie Magnet Magazine, 15th Anniversary of Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide, and the 5th Anniversary of "Meet and hangout with the world's funnest cereal box collectors".

Mikal Vollmer is point of contact for cereal fans at this year's New York City Comic Convention in New York City, October 11 to 14, 2012. Highlights include a panel on cereal box collecting (with a 300+ powerpoint slideshow of superhero, science-fiction and animation cereal boxes), parties and get togethers at the various hotels in the area where we will all be hanging out.

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Cereal Reviews
by Topher, Editor

Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran
Quaker Crunchy Corn BranThese are little textured pillows of hollow toasted corn cereal. It's basically a smaller, low sugar, high fiber, version of Cap'n Crunch. This simple cereal is made of corn flour, corn bran flour, sugar, oat flour, coconut oil, salt, and added vitamins & minerals. It comes complete with 5g fiber per 3/4 Cup serving. The taste is simple too. If you love corn snacks like Fritos, you might be inclined to pick this up. Don't. It's chalky without much flavor, though it improves a little as the cereal sogs. 4 Boxtops ("We Have A Spill On Aisle 4". Feed it to your dog.)

Post The Smurfs Cereal
Post The Smurfs Cereal Post The Smurfs CerealPost has released a very attractive 2-sided box of The Smurfs cereal in connection with the 2011 "The Smurfs in 3D" movie. This puffed rice flake cereal is essentially a Fruity Pebbles variation. This is the third Smurf cereal that Post has released. Back in 1983 they brought us Smurf Berry Crunch, and then Smurf Magic Berries (with marshmallows) about 5 years later.

This is a very sweet flattened puffed rice cereal with a good crispy crunch but little else to enjoy. The blue, and white, colored crispies have no real or artificial flavor. The cereal holds up well in milk, slightly imparting a blue/green hue. While the box is a "10", the cereal rates only 5 Boxtops (Middle Of The Road. You Could Do Worse.)

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What's New In Cereal?
by Topher

Quick Fact
WalMart - General MillsDuring their 2011 fiscal year, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and affiliates, accounted for 23% of General Mill's consolidated net sales. This is up 2%, from 21% in 2010.

Post Pebbles Boulders Chocolate Peanut ButterRecently Released Cereal - Post Pebbles Boulders "Chocolate Peanut Butter"
The Pebbles "Boulders" line extension easily allows Post to add cereal ideas which aren't little flattened puffs of rice. On the heals of the less than palatable Post Pebbles Boulders "Caramel Apple", Post expands their Boulder lineup with a Reese's Pieces style Chocolate Peanut Butter cereal. This tried and true cereal taste has promise. We'll see if Post can deliver.

Recently Released Cereal - Kellogg's Krave
Kellogg's KraveKellogg's Krave Chocolate (and Double Chocolate) cereal has been getting rave reviews as folks discover this new cereal which has yet to officially launch its marketing blitz complete with cereal characters "The Krave Krusader", and cute "Chocovores" that "Hunt chocolate. Trick chocolate. Devour chocolate. Repeat." The cereal is similar to General Mill's Mr. Wonderfull's Surprise (1973) and Hidden Treasures (1993). They all feature a puffed cereal with a flavored center. Krave hides a smooth real chocolate center inside each bite.
Kellogg's Krave Krusader Kellogg's Krave Chocovore

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