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Occasionally we come across some humorous cereal-related items.
Feel free to e-mail us with any cereal humor you discover.

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Here's an item we found on ebay.com which offered a computer with two cereal ports! Windows magazine was kind enough to publish the discovery on their "Recycle Bin" page in their June 1999 issue.
Windows Magazine / Recyle Bin / Cereal Humor
See the entire June 1999 "Recycle Bin" page from Windows Magazine
(large file: 199k)

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Cereal Wacky Packs!

Wacky Packs Wacky Packs Wacky Packs Wacky Packs Wacky Packs
Wacky Packs Here are 23 Wacky Pack cereal stickers,
and two other cereal cards to the left.

Click on the image to see larger, more detailed, pictures.

You can see more Wacky Pack images at
John Mann's Wacky Packages Web Page
Wacky Packs

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Golden Goals = Sudden Death
Lilith True of Brooklyn, NY brought this to our attention... She writes, "My brother and I have always laughed at the name of the Women's Soccer Team Cereal: Golden Goals. In soccer this type of overtime has two names --- and 'Golden Goals' is the good name. The other is 'Sudden Death'. Yeah, I'm sure that would have sold well".

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