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As of 1999, Malt-O-Meal offered 18 different bagged cereals. 16 of those bags feature animated "kangaroo mother and child" characters named Cool Blue and Li'l Oatie enjoying various activities. (The other 2 cereal bags are aimed more at adults and do not feature any characters).

Cool Blue and Li'l Oatie were introduced in Fall 1998. This was a departure for Malt-O-Meal since this is the first time in their history that they have ever named a cereal character.

Chocolate Malt-O-Meal was their first cereal and it was introduced in 1961. At that time they featured a solitary brown kangaroo on the package. The kangaroo went unnamed.

Throughout the mid to late 1990's they had a number of different characters featured on their different flavors of cereal. They did not give any of these characters specific names. At that time their Marketing Department chose to keep the characters simple and chose not to use specific characters to market their cereals.

In Fall 1998, they changed tactics and removed all of the other characters from their packages, replacing them with the new and fun "Cool Blue and Li'l Oatie" kangaroo characters.

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Malt-O-Meal CerealDiscontinued Character
Toasty O'sThe Giraffe Characters
Honey and Nut Toasty O'sThe Honey Bear Character
Apple and Cinnamon Toasty O'sThe Cat Character
Crispy RiceThe Raccoon Character
Tootie FruitiesThe Clown Character
Golden PuffsThe Koala Character
Marshmallow MateysThe Parrot Character
Corn BurstsThe Corn Character
Coco RoosThe Kangaroo Character
Colossal CrunchThe Ape Character
Berry Colossal CrunchThe Ape Character
Frosted Toasty O'sThe Polar Bear Character

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